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The Galilean Library - Determinism Resource

Posted by Michael S. Pearl, 21 June 2010 · 558 views

One topic which is rather frequently revisited in this as well as other forums which delve into philosophy is the matter of determinism. Sometimes determinism is considered in terms of free will; sometimes determinism is investigated in and of itself. It is a good topic in which to engage in order to discipline the mind and in order to begin to learn how to cut through the opacity common to so much philosophical writing.

When trying to get a grasp of such a topic, many of us are accustomed to seeking out books and online articles, but we tend to forget that we actually have great resources right here at TGL.

For instance, speaking of determinism, this essay, while pertaining to both determinism and free will, actually gives an excellent introduction to the problems associated with determinism in itself.

Since we recently had some of our members trying to better develop their understandings of determinism during a Chat engagement, I thought it would be a good idea to from time to time remind ourselves of the good information which we may have forgotten that we have readily available to us right here at this site.


Excellent reminder, Michael.  I abhor the reduced frequency of my visits, so for me this is especially helpful because I know there is quite the iceberg below the waves.  This also bears specifically on something I've been tinkering with for some time, regarding how we make decisions (you could say this has been the topic of almost all of my posts since entering the Library), so double-thanks.

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