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Christianity Part One

Posted by AlviraofDeath, 16 September 2011 · 1,948 views

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important. " As C.S. Lewis says, if God is real and you are a christian, than you are safe. If God isn't real and you are a christian you are still safe. But that brings us back to the question of is Christianity real, and if so, what is it. From my experience with Christianity I have to say that it is an intimate and personal relationship with the Lord Almighty, King above Kings. I also have to say that I believe it is a very true and real thing that many people have the opportunity to experience.

Whether true or false, Christianity (and other religions) do impact on the lives of not only the believers, but also the non-believers, so I wouldn't say that it is, at least for now, of no importance.

I'm interested in reading the rest of the essay. Are you studying Pascal's Wager in R.S class, or have you recently studied it, BTW?
actually I am in Christian Studies 11
Just out of curiosity, Alvira, do you attend a private Christian school of some sort? What you've reproduced above is Pascal's Wager. Does the class offer an analysis or critique of the wager, down to its logical structure? If not, your teacher is doing you a disservice. You should know that this argument, in addition to being logically flawed in its internal structure, is a terrible advertisement for the supposed nature of the Christian God. In any event, I'd be interested to hear in Part 2.
Actually I do go to a christian school and the views above are more my school's then mine
In that case, I will post a critique of Pascal's Wager and I invite you to show it to your teacher. :)
Ok will do
I remember when we did Pascal's Wager in secondary school, the teacher (working from the curriculum, to be fair) made it seem as though it were a perfect, irrefutable argument.

It was during the time when we were learning about arguments for and against the existence of God. There was Pascal, Aquinas' Cosmological Argument, The Blind Watchmaker argument, and one about human beings inventing God in their own image (the name and thinker of which I forget). For the other arguments, we were also taught a standard counterargument; however, for Pascal, no counterargument was even hinted at.

I was hoping that theological education would have progressed in that regard since I was snoring through Religious Studies as a teenager. :nono:


one about human beings inventing God in their own image (the name and thinker of which I forget)

It was Feuerbacher!

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