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The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

Sep 11 2010 08:35 PM | davidm in Book Reviews

By David Misialowski (2010) A Myth for Our Time In his new book, The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking has generated the most heat and light for his statement, found on the next-to-last page, that “it is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touc...

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The Omniscient Book

Aug 10 2010 02:20 PM | davidm in Philosophy

The Omniscient Book By David Misialowski Oct. 3, 1991, San Francisco This morning I fed yellowcake to the pigeons in the park. They strutted about like diplomats, obsequiously bobbing their heads up and down at my feet as if I were a potentate to whom...

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"Consciousness... the dagger in the flesh”

Jun 17 2010 11:00 AM | The Heretic in Philosophy

By Awet Moges (2010) After 7 years, I was burned out by philosophy, yet I continued to haunt the philosophy section in search for anything radical and profound. Amidst the expected titles commonly found at any bookstore, sat A Short History of Decay....

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Sisyphus Shrugged

Jun 13 2010 05:00 PM | The Heretic in Philosophy

By Awet Moges (2010) At the end of the 1949 film, Sands of Iwo Jima, after the US soldiers survive a battle, Marine Sergeant John Stryker (John Wayne) tells his fellow comrades in the trench that he's never felt so good in his life. He asks them...

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How to do research

Apr 12 2010 08:00 PM | Godot in Articles

By Steve Nakoneshny (2010) All research begins with an idea. Whether the idea arose as a result from previous research, from a suggestion/direction provided by someone else or a eureka-like intuitive leap is ultimately irrelevant: the idea is the...

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Borges in his parallel universes

Jun 28 2007 08:00 PM | nivenkumar in Literature and Film

By Niven Kumar (2007) Where does one begin with Borges? What meanings, if there is any at all, do we glean from his work? Who is Borges? And how many? One? Three? Five? Is he Everyman? Or is he No Man? Where do his labyrinths take us? These are mere...

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The Galileo Affair, Part 1: Introduction

Jun 26 2005 07:00 PM | Hugo Holbling in History

By Paul Newall (2005) The trial and resulting abjuration of Galileo before the Holy Congregation of the Catholic Church, which occurred at the convent of Minerva on the 22nd of June, 1633, has been studied by scholars and laymen alike for several hund...

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Ockham's Razor

Jun 24 2005 09:00 PM | Hugo Holbling in Philosophy of Science

By Paul Newall (2005) Ockham’s Razor, otherwise called the principle of the economy of thought, is invoked often in debate, usually to discount one or more theories on the basis that another exists which is simpler or more parsimonious. In this essay...

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8. Reading Philosophy

Jun 08 2005 08:00 PM | Hugo Holbling in Philosophy for beginners

By Paul Newall (2005) In this article we'll expand on the second discussion in our series on Doing Philosophy and take a look at reading. Although we can all presumably already read tolerably well, it is well-known that some philosophical writing...

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Wag the Dog

Jun 07 2005 09:00 PM | mosaic in Literature and Film

By Chen-Roy Simpson (2005) Abstract: Wag the Dog is a film about media manipulation. In the first section of the paper, some relatively unknown "Wag the Dog" cases are explored. In the second section, the complicity and lack of vigilance of th...

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Stephen D. Snobelen: Newton Reconsidered

Jun 01 2005 09:00 PM | Hugo Holbling in Interviews

Stephen David Snobelen is Assistant Professor in the History of Science and Technology at University of King's College, Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a founder member of the Newton project and author of many fascinating papers on Newton's alchemy...

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