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  1. Scotty added a comment on a blog entry Victimology   

    I am sorry to hear about any abuse you have taken.  It is far too common that women are abused, and it just seems that no matter how much it is brought to the forefront, it is very common to accuse the victim. 
    Although I can't speak from my own experience of abuse, I can speak to what my wife has gone through.
    Besides physical abuse, the most damaging for her is the mental abuse, and that quote above is exactly what she has gone through.  She doubted herself, and still does.
    All she really wants is a family, and wants the love of her mother and sister.  No amount of "you can't expect love from a crazy person" she still pines over this.  It is especially difficult at the holidays.
    Over time it has gotten better for her, with years and years of therapy (which I have been in on ).
    I am not sure if she will ever get over this, so what I can suggest when dealing with it, is that it helps to talk and get it out.
    If you want to private chat, you are welcome to start a conversation with me.
    Or come up with some other things in this thread and I will do my best with the years of therapy under my belt.
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  2. Scotty added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Very nice to have you back.
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  3. Chato added a post in a topic Richard Dawkins, asshole   

    One of the recent actions on the part of Dawkins and his followers is their religious need to prove that Jesus Christ the "man" didn't exist. And they go about proving this using the same kind of tactics that religious fanatics use. For example, one meme I've read stated that in 227 contemporary books of the period Christ is not mentioned once. Now that's an out right lie, and what's worse is that they know it's an outright lie. Certainly it's possible to make a case that Jesus didn't exist. Having read the contemporary literature I don't buy it. But it's their tactics that annoy me no end.
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  4. JaspertheHippie added a blog entry in Brutal Honesty   

    From what I've noticed and lived through, the victims of abusive situations are typically painted out to be the bad guy. Well I'm here to make a stand for all the unheard victims out there.
    Abuse can come in many forms. The most talked about are sexual and physical abuse. But we shouldn't forget emotional abuse which can be just as, if not more, detrimental and crippling. 
    Abusing someone is not ok. Abusers going without punishment or consequences is not ok. Abusers pretending nothing happened is also not ok. Punishing and blaming the victim for what happened is wrong.
    How do I know? I am a victim. And I'm the one who's had to live with the consequences and blame. People told me it was my fault I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Which is wrong. It's not my fault. The only thing I did wrong was not stand up for myself and leave the situation before it got as bad as it did.
    Abusers will often willfully ignore or forget the ways they've abused people. They will also make it out to be the victims fault. Far too often people will remain silent about the things they've been through because they are terrified people won't support them.
    I don't think I can add too much more to this without having to get way too personal so I'm going to leave this as it is. If anything more can be added, perhaps it would be the question of why. Why do only victims suffer?

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  5. JaspertheHippie added a topic in Photography   

    Creation of Life
    Really just looking for a chance to share the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever created in my life.
    My daughter Addison! She was born October 2014 and has been a blessing in my life ever since. 
    I'd say I'm pretty creative. 

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  6. JaspertheHippie added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Thought I would come back now that I've gotten a bit more life experience under my belt. 
    It's been a crazy few years and maybe I'll have something a little more educated to offer this time around! 
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  7. The Heretic added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 17 Picks   

    Typically, my picks ended with a resounding thud, and the playoffs promise to be no easier.  
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  8. The Heretic added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Proof that once a Galilean, always a Galilean!  
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  9. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    We remember Alvira and the other Canucks as well.
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  10. JaspertheHippie added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Hi, I'm Jasper. I used to be a member of this site, but that was a long time ago and I doubt anyone remembers me. My old username was alviraofdeath. Well, I'm glad to be back!
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  11. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 17 Picks   

    One of the worst secondaries in recorded history?!?!?!?!?!?! Yeah. You're right. But that's irrelevant!!! Name me the team that put the Falcons on their half-season long skid!!! That's right. Your New Orleans Saints!!!! Anyhow, I really think the problems with the secondary starts with the d-line, Well, then there's the case of Brandon Browner who is playing because of the number of CB injuries the Saints have had. Still, if I were the coach, I'd start special teamer Dixon in place of Browner: he can't get beat more often than Browner does, and Dixon would likely have fewer penalties. With regards to the Falcons, nearly everyone thinks Roddy White has nothing left to offer. I disagree. Sure, he's quite a bit slower than he used to be, but in the past couple of weeks he has shown that he can still produce. Here's what you do if you're Shanahan and if you want to win: expect the Saints to put Breaux on Jones; that leaves Browner on White; that means White will be open at least as often as the TE will be; so, go to White and the TE early and often; that should be enough to get you the points, and it will help open up Jones as the Saints defense tries to think about trying to help out on White and the TE. Yet, none of that will matter, because New Orleans wins.
    On to the less important contrarian picks.
    One word captures everything you need to know about this game: Mettenberger. To put it into a complete sentence: Because Mettenberger, Indianapolis wins.
    Okay, this is not a contrarian pick. I simply want to exclaim that, based upon last week's game against the Saints, I think the Jacksonville coaches are idiots. Who insists on a game plan that goes after Breaux not only right out of the gates but often when you have Browner on the other side and when the TE gets open so easily? Has Bradley not noticed how poorly his former CB in Seattle has played all year?!?! AFC South teams and fans have to be thrilled with the Jags bringing Bradley and his staff back for another year.
    And that's all I have until it's time to force feed some contrarian picks for the playoffs.
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  12. The Heretic added a topic in Play   

    2015 NFL Week 17 Picks
    This week promises very little in way of excitement and anticipation, due to a glut of 6-9 teams.
    Another season in the books, another round of playoffs to look forward to. As always, I enjoy writing about the NFL, even if I'm proven wrong, just like every other prognosticator out there. And as always, thanks for reading!

    Game of the Week
    Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals (-4.5)
    Despite clinching a first round bye, Coach Arians does not believe in resting his guys. No risk it, no biscuit. But I think the Seahawks have revenge on their minds, eager to redeem themselves for  that choke job earlier in Seattle. The Seahawks were healthy, playing in Seattle, and their defense scored a touchdown. It wasn't enough. And this Sunday? The 'Hawks lack a running game, and are playing in Arizona, and will not be as lucky to score a TD on a return. Unless RB Lynch suits up...
    Arizona by 3

    Rest of the Week
    Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-3.5)
    Even though both teams are already in the playoffs, there is nothing like a division title on the line during the last week of the season. Expect a good old fashioned brawl, a slobberknocker of yore. A steady diet of All Day Adrian Peterson, and checkdowns on third and short. While Rodgers is nearly invincible on the frozen tundra, in a division game, the Packers' offensive line is a joke.
    Minnesota by 3

    Lame of the Week
    New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills (+3)
    This matchup already writes itself: former Jets Coach Ryan plays spoiler, eager to knock his old team out of the playoffs. But are the Bills actually capable? After all, QB Fitzpatrick was the Bills' starting quarterback for 4 seasons before they dumped him. No matter what happens in the playoffs, this has been a great year for rookie Coach Bowles and the Jets.
    New York by 3
    New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins (+9)
    After blowing last week, the Patriots need this game to clinch the top seed throughout the AFC playoffs. Then again, perhaps they didn't exactly blow last week - it effectively eliminated a more dangerous foe in the Steelers.
    New England by 7
    New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons (-4)
    Having beating the hitherto unbeaten Panthers, the Falcons are still basking in the afterglow. But the Saints are rolling behind QB Brees' hot streak. Then again, we are talking about a great WR in Julio Jones going up against one of the worst secondaries in recorded history.
    Atlanta by 3
    Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears (-1)
    The Disappointing Bowl between two consistently inconsistent team, led by streaky quarterbacks. Due to a bunch of bad breaks, the Lions are better than their record. Then again, according to the immortal words of Bill Parcells, you are what your records says you are.
    Chicago by 1
    Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants (-3)
    The Eagles summarily fired Coach Kelly for being a tyrant, but it's too late for the team since he threw away 5 good players. The bigger question is whether if this is the final game in Coach Coughlin's illustrious career. I fully expect the Giants to actually show up collectively. After all, the loser gets London next year.
    New York by 3
    Washington Racial Slurs @ Dallas Cowboys (even)
    What a difference 12 months make. The Cowboys were hailed as the next great team, and now look at them. The Slurs were a laughingstock, and now every DC citizen worships at the feet of Coach Gruden and QB Cousins. HOW YOU LIKE THAT? Then again, this is a game that neither team really needs to win.
    Washington by 1
    Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts (-6.5)
    There's no reason to watch this game, stuck with mediocre backup QBs and coaches on their way out. Then again, Chuck Strong is notorious for regrouping his team against all odds. The Football Gods may be cruel enough to allow the most screwed up playoff berth in NFL history.

    Tennessee by 6

    Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals (-7.5)
    Although the Bengals are playing after a short week, it's hard to believe that the incredibly short-handed Ravens will pose much of a challenge. Their QB is Ryan Mallett, for chrissakes! The Bengals are still kicking themselves for blowing a 14 point lead in the first quarter over the Broncos. It might have cost the Bengals a first round bye, forcing them to play against a dangerous opponent in the Chiefs, Steelers or the Jets.
    Cincinnati by 6
    Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns (+10)
    Even though the Steelers shat the bed last week, they will not have the slightest problem focusing against the Browns. After all, the Steelers have won 21 out of the last 24 matchups. I expect Big Ben to drop 400 plus yards and 4 to 5 touchdowns over the hapless Browns.
    Pittsburgh by 11
    Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans (-6.5)
    The Texans are one victory away from nailing the AFC South division title. Moreover, QB Hoyer will be available to lead the team to a shootout victory over the upstart Jaguars and their fleet of quick receivers.
    Houston by 4
    Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs (-7)
    While the Chiefs are incredibly hot, they actually perform inconsistently. After a close call last week, the Chiefs are due for a better performance.
    Kansas City by 6
    San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos (-8)
    Thanks to that incredible comeback Monday night, the Broncos are poised to seize the first seed in the AFC, assuming the Patriots stumble again. As for the Chargers, they're horribly decimated beyond all reason. I expect the Broncos to run the ball, and then exploit the Chargers with play-action passing.
    Denver by 11
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers (-10.5)
    The Panthers no longer have to worry about the undefeated season, thanks to the Falcons. Which means they can focus on the team in front of them, rather than some mythical goal that lies with the 1972 Dolphins and the 2007 Patriots. Totally bad news for the Buccaneers. I expect fresh roadkill.
    Carolina by 13
    Shame of the Week
    St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 40 Whiners (+4)
    Even though the Rams have won three in a row, they're still impossible to predict. However, the 40 Whiners stink to high heaven.
    St. Louis by 6

    Last Week: 11-5
    Season to Date: 150-89
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  13. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 16 Picks   

    Them Dirty Birds shouldn't get too excited. Or, in the alternative, they should relish their brief moment of fun. Because the Saints will pluck them come Sunday!!!!! (That is, if the Falcons make the same mistake as Jacksonville did and fail to go at Browner early and often.)
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  14. The Heretic added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 16 Picks   

    How about them Dirty Birds?!!  
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  15. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 16 Picks   

    Read that Ellerbe is out -- yet again. He kinda played the last game looking like he was hurt. Bortles should have a big day tomorrow.
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  16. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

     We can of course write a space opera.  Or at least a spacey story.
    More comments on TFA, no tractor beam, I was expecting it and didn't get it.  They copied so much of the first movie, why when they escaped in the Tie Fighter they didn't get tractor beamed as it were (I might have missed a reference though).
    Abrams does not like OSHA standards, there are never any guard rails anywhere.  At least sometimes in the original Star Wars they had railings!
    Star Trek had zero railings too, and looked like the inside of a steam ship.  The flying Titanic.
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  17. davidm added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Scotty and I need to write a sci-fi space opera.
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  18. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 16 Picks   

    Brees, of course, wants to play. Payton is saying they're taking it day to day. The question is, if Brees does not play, do the Saints start Flynn? Or do they go with rookie QB Grayson? Betcha they go with Flynn. After all, he has been deemed the back-up since he was signed. In the end, it doesn't matter. Brees was obviously hobbling during the game on Monday night, and that foot can only feel worse since then. The Jaguars like to throw deep; the Saints still don't have a FS. Well, yeah, they have Byrd, and that's at best like not having a FS. So, Jacksonville wins.
    On to the contrarian picks.
    I understand the thinking behind this upset pick, but it's always risky to rest starters this early. So, Rivera throws the other pair of dice, risks starters' health for one more week, and Carolina wins.
    Here's my upset pick: Although McCarron is an Alabama product, it is possible that he will improve with every bit of added experience; so, I'll go with the expectation that Osweiler continues to deliver his now standard second half performance so that Cincinnati wins. After all, it's not like the Bengals defense is bad. In fact, statistically, they are far better than what Osweiler faced last game. Denver is a pretender. Cincinnati might win a playoff game if Dalton comes back.
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  19. The Heretic added a topic in Play   

    2015 NFL Week 16 Picks

    There seems to be an inordinate amount of Lame games this week, what with the playoffs right around the corner. Even though the playoff picture remains unsettled, there's just too many teams dead in the water, polluting the schedule.
    Hopefully you all will have a great Holiday break this week.

    Game of the Week
    Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals (-4.5)
    Both teams have already qualified for the playoffs, but the Cards can nail down a bye week with a win. The Packers are still chasing the NFC North division. It's just too bad that the Cards' top defensive back, Mathieu won't be back until next season. And here comes QB Rodgers!
    Arizona by 3
    Thursday Game of the Week
    The Next Los Angeles Team @ the Retro Los Angeles Team (-5.5)
    Will anyone even show up for these teams, with their feet out the door, bags packed, etc.? However, the retro LA team has plenty of talent that promises to improve next season. The Next LA team rode a wave of nostalgia last week in their blowout win over the Dolphins in San Diego. Also, this will be the great Charles Woodson's final game at Oakland.  
    Retro Los Angeles team by
    Rest of the Week
    Washington Ethnic Taunt @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5)
    With the NFC Easy title on the line, the Taunt need this game, while the Eagles need this and next week. After all the Taunt ran allover the Eagles back in week 4, and the defense got to QB Bradford easily. WR DeSean Jackson will be back to terrorize the Eagles' secondary. Advantage to the Taunt. Then again, they're back on the road, and QB Cousins is overdue for a letdown. Advantage to the Eagles.
    Washington by 3
    Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons (+7)
    What is nominally a Lame of the Week is actually a historic game: can the Falcons, who, shockingly, are still in the playoff race, play David to the Goliath of Carolina? Last week was a classic trap game for the Panthers, as they blew a 28 point lead to the Giants. But they survived. Now it is a matter of health vs momentum, whether the Panthers keep playing hard or play it safe and rest certain players. However, the Falcons are intimately familiar with the Panthers.
    UPSET POTENTIAL: Atlanta by 3
    New England Patriots @ New York Jets (+3.5)
    While the Patriots need this for the first seed, the Jets need to keep apace of the Chiefs and the Steelers for the wild card. It's just too bad that the Jets have won only twice in their last 9 games vs the Patriots.
    New England by 6
    Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos (-3.5)
    Backup QB McCarron didn't shit himself last week, but the Broncos defense will not be kind in the slightest. However, the Broncos' replacement QB, Osweiler, has had trouble scoring in the second halves of games for 3 weeks.
    Denver by 3
    Lame of the Week
    Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens (+10.5)
    What used to be the best and nastiest rivalry is now a standard Lame of the Week. If the Steelers could drop 34 points and 354 yards passing on the number one ranked pass defense, what records will be broken in this game? They're fielding a M.A.S.H. unit out there with third stringers and castoff against the most powerful passing attack in the league. It will get ugly real fast.

    Pittsburgh by 21
    Dallas Cowboys @ Buffalo Bills (-6)
    Backup to Backup QB Kellen Moore wasn't so bad last week, but the Bills are much better at home.

    Buffalo by 6
    Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
    While QB Winston is having a great rookie year (3000 yards passing and 20 touchdowns), the Buccaneers are too undisciplined (first in NFL with 134 penalties). Both teams are stuck in mediocrity - not quite good, but not quite terrible.
    Tampa Bay by 3
    Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs (-12.5)
    As the first team in NFL history to blow their first 5, but win their next 8, the Chiefs are the team that nobody wants to play - or talk about, either. They still have a shot at the AFC West division, thanks to the backsliding Broncos, and will not lose focus. Not against a suckass team from Cleveland.  
    Kansas City by 10
    Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins (even)
    QB Luck can come back and help the Colts win the last two games for the playoffs. No matter who wins this game, both coaches will be fired.
    Indianapolis by 3
    The Current Houston team @ The Old Houston team (even)
    Both teams will be playing their backup quarterbacks in Weeden & Mettenberger. The current Houston team needs this game to stay ahead of the Colts in the AFC South. As for the Old Houston team, cursed with the incompetence of QB Mettenberger, they will not be able to do anything against that ferocious defense spearheaded by J. J. Watt.
    Current Houston by 7
    Jacksonville Jaguars @ New Orleans Saints (-3.5)
    No, the Jags haven't won in the Superdome, but this is a perfect opportunity: the Saints have blown 9 of their last 12 home games, and given up 40 points and near 450 yards a game in their last 4. Plus the Jags deploy a competent passing machine with Bortles and a fleet of receivers. Hey, is QB Brees even suiting up after a torn plantar fascia?
    Jacksonville by 6
    St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks (-13.5)
    After 7 wins in the last 8 games, the Legion of BOOM Seahawks are officially back, baby! With QB Wilson at MVP level, and owing the Rams payback for that upset back in week 1, the pick is easy. FYI, the Rams have checked out mentally. If I was forced to resort to Case Keenum at CenturyLink, I'd mentally check out too.
    Seattle by 17
    New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings (-4.5)
    The Vikings can nail the NFC North by grabbing both final games. As for the Giants, they still have a shot at the NFC Easy division, but they'll have to go without ODB, Jr. Luckily, the Vikings don't have the tools to exploit the Giants' pathetic secondary. Then again, their passing attack is below average without the presence of ODB.
    Vikings by 4
    Shame of the Week
    San Francisco 40 Whiners @ Detroit Lions (-7.5)
    While the Lions are still kicking themselves over two clutch defeats to Seahawks and the Packers, the 40 Whiners have mailed it in.
    Detroit by 6
    Last Week: 12-4
    Season to Date: 139-84
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  20. Michael S. Pearl added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 15 Picks   

    That did make the game more enjoyable, but the Saints are defensively hopeless for the foreseeable future.
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  21. maddog added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 15 Picks   

    I actually enjoyed the Lions vs. Saints, bc the Saints made a run at tying or pulling ahead at the last minute.
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  22. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Seemed like it was for die-hard fans for the most part, but again attempting for the lowest common denominator.  Can't have a complex plot, (or any plot) otherwise people might get confused as to who is good and who is bad and who is playing Obi-Wan this time.
    The more I think about it, the worse it is, but that is just me I guess.  If it wasn't exactly the combination of the original movies, I guess I would think it was better, but it was just pandering.  Oh well, why I worry about these things I don't know, just want something good I suppose.
    I really hope you aren't saying that a high Cinemascore or box office records means it is a good movie?
    I am sure it is more to do with marketing and brand loyalty, and director blindness.
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  23. The Heretic added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Aye. Saw it Thursday night, had a few days to digest. Fell asleep in the middle cuz I had been up since 3am that morning. 
    In a nutshell: Where the original was mostly a homage to Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon, pulp adventure books of the 40s, SW7 is more like a SW remix. 
    However, it's less for die hards and more of an event film, one that satisfies: hence the high cinemascore grade and box office records. 
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  24. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Okay, I watched it accidentally on purpose.
    Well, to say it was an exact copy of the first movie wouldn't be totally fair, but it basically was.
    The plot "twists" were telegraphed at least an hour before they happened (in fact I figured them out before I even saw the movie, so 6 months before, that was how obvious they were, no really, I am not kidding).   Pretty much a boring movie.
    They used the same sort of stupidity of experience they did in Star Trek.  I think it is the writers problem because they always have to make their characters better than anybody else's.  It was exactly the same as Star Trek, just with less cocky because their wasn't a cocky involved this time.
    I suppose die-hard fans that can only live with the original story will love it.  The dialog was okay, I will give it that.  Acceptable dialog and acting.
    So if I rated it, probably a C to C+ for a movie in general, as an original Star Wars movie?  F.
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  25. Chato added a post in a topic "Does Fascism lurk around the corner for the US?"   

    Whether a country accepts or refuses to accept refugee's has little or nothing to do with what it's ruling political system is. My country, is slowly being taken over by Corporations and Banks. The establishment Democrats have not opposed this policy, as they once did. on the other hand, they oppose the mechanics of Corporate rule. The Republicans on the other hand have now come out openly for such a State, obfuscating this with appeals to the most basic fears inherent in Human Nature. People like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, are now openly calling for violations of the Constitution. Naturally, they do this in the name of "preserving freedom." But Fascism has always been a Populist Right Wing Ideology.
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