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  1. The Heretic

    Actually, it's bullshit-hate-bullshit-violence-bullshit-death-bullshit-suffering-bullshit-hate....

    Justice/Hope/Redemption is all bullshit. :deal:

  2. Peter

    Are the color casts in some of these chosen by you or are they just the way the digicam dealt with poor light?

  3. Peter

    When I was your age, I also took photos like this of myself. I grew out of it. Don't worry. You will too. my humble suggestion is that you work on (i.e. take a hell of a lot more of) the "room" type photos, some of which you example later in this set.

  4. ...



    This is the best of the bunch. I like the stark b/w. Drop the title, it's more mysterious that way...

  5. chad3006

    Cool hawk pics. I love to watch birds of prey. We've got a small, brightly colored type around here. I think they are called an American Kestrel.

  6. AllBlue

    Looks almost tropical. Who'da expected that behind a Wal-Mart?

    I know, right? I've let a tiny wild area the back of the yard just keep growing so even though I hear a lot, I don't see much of the Wall.

  7. Merryn



    This, THIS is a beautiful photograph!

  8. Life is hard



    Love them. Give them a kiss on my behalf in the little pit where the corner of the eye meets the upper base of the nose (the spot I prefer in cats).