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notes from the twilight

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Back to basics

By Pgalaxy,

In the early days, blogs were called weblogs, and were used by developers to annotate and share

notes about their coding. They turned out to be a massive hit, and became a way of people to share

all sorts of things

In my life I must have started dozens of blogs, in relation to work, projects, teaching, community building etc

But never kept up with any of them, after a post or two the thing would die, other priorities would take place

And I really don't have that much time for writing, even less time for making sense or being accurate

Two reasons why I am starting a blog here today - unsure as to its faith, but so are most things in life :-)

1) I need a place to start annotating and possibly sharing many of random thoughts that come to mind, before they leave me,

so that I can attempt an analysis of and how they are intertwined with my to do list. There must be a connection between all the

things that I think about, and my daily life, and sometimes i cant see it.

I seem to live a life which is divided into different threads, and I know that somewhere there is a logic that

binds them all, but I am not aware of it other than in occasional satori moments, maybe a systematic annotation will help me

observe what's going on

2) I am fascinated (and sometimes disturbed) by the complexity of the mind in generally, what i see is lots of different

people inside myself, which is scary. I am convinced that every thought, and every act, every word, is an act of discovery

and learning about the world, and most importantly, about how we relate to the world. So this blog aims to be an experiential account of whatever happens to be on my mind on the day, its not about any particular topic, or agenda, I am not going to try to keep this blog to keep anyone entertained. However feel free to interact whatever way

I am not going to try to make sense, nor to be accomplished.

I seem to notice that POL is underdoing a posting crisis, btw - is that so? In a strange way that would be good I think

maybe he is just rebuilding his index of constructs I am sure there must be still a lot of thinking going on in his head, which i would like to hear about.

A true diary of my life experience is likely to be of too personal nature to be shared, I really keep my most private thoughts so hidden even from myself, but a diary of my most superficial layers of my consciousness should be possible.

I am not promising anything worth reading, starting from my to do list for today.

I am not sure how this blogging platform works, so it will be some trial and error before I find out how to make use of this medium

Thanks TGL- maybe this time I can turn into a proper unintentional blogger

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