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philosophy,psychology, literature and dissolving edges

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By finisterre,

Hello. I read a lot of philosophy, but am more interested in applying methods of thinking to actual life; an interest in psychology, art, literature, politics and 'mental health' point towards proposed 'content'. I don't like systems or metaphysical theories of everything. I don't like borders, edges, classifications and the separation of 'bodies of knowledge'. One near exception to this is that I do tend to separate out an 'area' for psychology and philosophy as where these apparently separate entities assume other than a superficial acquaintance the 'area' reveals itself as an epistemological quagmire.

I'm as likely to bring in Wallace Stevens as Wittgenstein, and Deleuze more than Plato. Most certainly I'll be contrary, contradictory, inconsistent, doubling back, and discovering what I mean when I have written, if even then.

I'm not setting out to be obscure, just setting out. It'll be easier next time. I do like the idea of wandering where thoughts lead, and so often they're led by conversation, meetings, chance. The sense of time changes utterly when there's no goal to reach, when wandering around is all.

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