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My cyberspace conversation with the world over a cup of coffee

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17 years 9 months and 8 days is how long it took for my life to reach this moment. Not just this particular moment in writing in this blog, on this site I just discovered this morning. This moment in who I am and what I've done. I know it sounds really outplayed and cliche. It was supposed to sound outplayed and cliche. A nerdy and nostalgic part of me likes those kind of things. They seemingly boring and stereotypical cliches most people find pleasure in making fun of, I take pleasure in themselves. If that made sense. It did in my head.

I have been looking into my future this morning, like I always am. I found out the courses I want to take for university are obtainable. This put me at great ease. I leaned about a group of new subjects within philosophy. As I was researching them I came across this site.

Something about leaving high school scares me into infant-hood again. I want to fall to the floor and just cry. I have this amusing vision in my mind of actually acting it out. I wish I could describe my feelings and thoughts better. I'm not too good at that sort of thing. I guess it'll have to be something I'll work on.

I'm not 100% sure what to say. I just feel this apathetic need to blog. Something about other people "hearing" my thoughts, but not actually seeing my face or knowing who I am appeals to me. I'm sure somewhere inside most bloggers, they understand this. As i sit here and listen to my favorite Three Doors Down album, and think of profound things to say, and try not to get too boring.. I'm really just thinking a few thoughts. Fuck this I'll just tell the truth, I hope someone reads this, and I'm singing out loud.

I suppose I should also tell something about myself.. I'm not going to go into much detail. A little mystery never hurt anyone. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Kinda scared to open up.

God, I've been spending too much time alone. By the way, I'm in a very dramatic and joyfully sinister mood, if your thinking I'm crazy or weird or something.

Basically about me: I'm 17, body of a teenager. Mind of an adult, most of the time. Emotional stability of a child. Proud Canadian. Even more so Proud Albertan. Future Philosopher, Scientist, Mother, Wife, Model, and Teacher. Model for Mode and Chan international. Singer, Song writer, Guitar player. The last living Ferrier in my family. Reject-er of all Religion. Practitioner of The Law of Attraction. Superstitious.

Anyway, I sat here sipping on my bitter black coffee, cause were out of sugar, when I got the idea for my blog title. I am learning about philosophy and science of all types. I'd love to have a cup of cyber coffee with someone, and discuss... well life. At least that's what life is to me. Philosophy, Science, Music, Love, and Friendship. Of course I'm open to other topics of coffee talk as well. I guess I'm really just here to learn.. and maybe discover.. granted they are two different things. ok I'm gonna shut up now.

By the way! Read these EBooks! They are fantastic! I felt so empowered after reading them.

Google the name followed by ebook

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Mind Surge The Consciousness Revolution by

I have a bunch of other ebooks but I haven't read them yet. Ill only share them after I read them. I don't really want to share crap with other people ahah. I promise though, these two books will defiantly give you something to think about.

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