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New features

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There are a number of new features now available and this entry explains some of them. The main improvement is increased social networking functionality, which you can use to tell your friends about content here. To facilitate these features, first navigate to your settings by using the drop-down menu in the top right:

blogentry-4-008368000 1275838022_thumb.p

Choose the "Settings" option:

blogentry-4-098635800 1275838024_thumb.p

Now select the "Profile" tab:

blogentry-4-042639400 1275838023_thumb.p

You will then find an option to manage your Facebook Connect settings:

blogentry-4-005797200 1275838018_thumb.p

Click on this option should prompt you to sign into Facebook (obviously you need a Facebook account first), after which you will be asked which features you wish to allow. When you have finished you will be brought back to this site and given the chance to select what information (if any) you wish to share with Facebook:

blogentry-4-027793900 1275838015_thumb.p

You do not need to choose any of these but, for example, you can link your profile at TGL with your Facebook account so that any status update you make here is also copied on your Facebook profile and/or vice versa. The important thing is that once your account here is linked to your Facebook profile, you can share TGL content by clicking on the "Facebook like" button at the bottom of each thread:

blogentry-4-065456600 1275838016_thumb.p

Doing this will post an update to your Facebook account, letting your friends know about the content here that you liked. This will mean the site gaining a lot of new traffic as your friends follow the link to see what you were interested in. If they wish, they can also join you here and can even sign in with their Facebook account, making registration simple:

blogentry-0-006404800 1275840933_thumb.p

If you have a Twitter account, you can also link it to your profile here:

blogentry-4-056646700 1275838019_thumb.p

You will see that each topic now has a number of icons that allow you to share it:

blogentry-4-034911900 1275838026_thumb.p

Clicking on these will prompt you to log in to Facebook or Twitter, or take you to link-sharing services like Delicious or Digg in order to bookmark the topic or page. You can also email links to friends. If you are already logged into some of the sharing services then clicking on them will make a bubble appear for you to add a comment before sharing:

blogentry-4-028609300 1275838013_thumb.p

Another improvement is the inline management of notifications:

blogentry-4-085411600 1275838020_thumb.p

When you have a notification, it will appear both as a notice in the top right and, when on the forum index, in a block on the right-hand side:

blogentry-0-078068300 1275840929_thumb.p

Clicking on the drop-down arrow in the top-right will provide detail of the notification:

blogentry-0-006588900 1275840931_thumb.p

You can adjust your settings for your notifications on the "Settings" page. Of particular note, you can now choose to be notified when someone quotes one of your posts:

blogentry-0-024825500 1275841326_thumb.p

Status updates have also been improved. If you link your profile to Facebook or Twitter you can select tick boxes to indicate whether you want to copy your status update to your other profiles:

blogentry-0-097396700 1275840927_thumb.p

Members can also add comments to status updates:

blogentry-4-021575800 1275838050_thumb.p

A further improvement is that the search feature has been expanded to include a drop-down option to search particular areas of the site:

blogentry-0-027913600 1275840932_thumb.p

Finally, you can now check which members have given you reputation by clicking on the reputation number on your post:

blogentry-4-081930300 1275838048_thumb.p

The static content of the site (essays, interviews, etc) is still being overhauled and a further update on this will be posted soon. Please help promote the site by using the social networking features when you can.

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Can we comment while giving out reputation points? Or is that permanently disabled?

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That was a modification I'd added; the upgrade improved the rep system but doesn't include comments, although lots of IPB users are asking for this. The mod now no longer works so we'll have to wait for a subsequent version.

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Crap! What's the use of a rep point without a follow-up, be it a zesty zinger or a big wet smooch?

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You'll have to follow-up with a profile comment or a post! :)

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