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The Resources area has now been overhauled and brought within the new functionality made available after the site's software upgrade. Clicking on the "Resources" tab will take you to all our essays, interviews, articles and reviews:

blogentry-4-098386300 1276382952_thumb.p

The content has false times of entry due to being added en masse over the past few days but each resource is dated and links to the author's TGL profile, if applicable. The resources can be navigated by using the menu on the right, which shows the categories:

blogentry-4-084208700 1276382948_thumb.p

Resources are ordered according to the time I added them rather than their actual date of authoring but I can go back and amend the dates if anyone finds this confusing. On the right you will also see a block containing the latest comments:

blogentry-4-017098200 1276382950_thumb.p

This only contains a test comment at the time of writing but comments can be added at the bottom of every resource, where you will also find options to share records. The most recent resources are displayed on the Resources entry page and also in the block on the right, which is repeated on the forum index:

blogentry-4-056605900 1276382951_thumb.p

Anyone can add a resource, although submissions must be approved before they appear. There is also a button on every forum post that allows you to turn the post into a potential resource:

blogentry-4-018662700 1276383825_thumb.p

If you are new to the site or not aware of just how much content we have in the Resources area, please take the time to investigate it and consider adding something. :)

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