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Fellowship of Beings

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After I spend the night stabbing my Kant voodoo doll, just to stay awake, a feeble cough wheezes from down the hall. I found myself dismissing it as a threat. After tip-toeing around the corner I find a man huddling his knees, shivering on the cold marble floor with torn clothes.

"Sir," I ask hesitating. The shriveled person hacks once more and looks up with a faint graying remnants of a once-proud mustache. "My Zod!" I gasp, "Nietzsche? Is that really you?"

He nods curtly and gets up unsteadily on his feet. "My good philosopher, what the hell are you doing here?" I exclaim and loan him my leather jacket.

"He... he..."

After a couple of violent coughs later, Nietzsche snaps, "He stole my ideas!"

Eh? Well, you can't say Heidegger was ignorant of Nietzsche while writing Being & Time. After all he did lecture on Nietzsche not too long after.

He continues: "I came here to take them back, but I got lost between existentiell and unhiddenness."

"Now, who would've thunk it?" I think to myself, and ask "What ideas did he steal, my good Ubermensch?"

"Many ideas! But in particular, the ambitions of shattering the subject-object dichotomy of Western philosophy, and a flowing philosophical ground. Also, a fetish for early Greek philosophy. Don't act surprised. I'm talking about the pre-Socratics."

"Where Being only shows its truth. I see now. I hadn't thought of that before. You say he ripped off other ideas too?" I wondered what else these two giants of philosophy could share.

"Well not as much ripped off as borrowed and forgot to return. I once borrowed Schopenhauer's pistol and sold it when I hit a rough patch. Chalk it up to the Eternal Return of bad Karma. "

"Well then, maybe you would care to join me in my mission to uncover the truths of Being & Time?" I asked, encouraged by Nietzsche's returning vigor, and somewhat unsurprised that he stole from Schopenhauer. Now there's an even bigger asshole.

"Certainly. Let us go forth and find this terribly serious Oedipal son of a bitch!" he exclaimed.

And thus we did, marching resolutely to the Prussian militant beat, to sally ever deeper into the conceptual labyrinth of Being and Time. Exhausted, but with a glimmer of Hope. Tho arational puzzles and other torturous devices await, there is a scent of wisdom in Heidegger, and there is faith in me and my newfound companion that I shall solve this maze! :yup:

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