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Interludial Recollections

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After surviving the insidious Indiana-Jones styled traps in the lobby of the labyrinth, Nietzsche and I take a break in a small enclave.

Moi: "So, Nietzsche, my esteemed German philosopher, what did we learn?"

Friedrich: "Ah, let's see. First we deciphered the hieroglyphs on the floor to indicate a horrible monstrosity that has been slumbering for so long that its true name, its very meaning has been long forgotten, and we must reawaken it. Philosophers have buried it deep with three erroneous spells in order to avoid the creature altogether."

"Right, that was on the inside of the entrance door."

"Indeed. Had we not learned of that, we would've fallen prey to the traps by now. Then we learned something about such mazes in general: the entrance always has the same form of the question: the questioned and the object of question. We end up thinking that the questioned is what is meant by the question, & the object of question is that which would suffice as an answer to the question."

"I sure did, Mustachioed one."

"The question of the monstrosity is directed at itself. Its object is its being. Therefore, there can be no ordinary definition for this being, but that definition must be something utterly different from defining, say, "Wagner" or "that slattern Lou." Heidegger also explains what he meant by Dasein, that something that is and capable of asking questions like you, me, and poor Carnap before he was crucified.

"Heidegger also gave us a hint that the meaning of the monstrosity would somehow be found in the way it shows itself to us & in the way we look at it, rather than some logical inference through premises. Thus, regardless of how it may seem at first, there is no circle in asking for the name of the nameless Being."

"Not a bad summary, Fred!"

"But of course. I've been stuck in this lobby for weeks!"

"Well, we have each other's backs. Let's go on deeper into the mystical maze, and find that nameless beast!"

With my left hand in the hand of Nietzsche, & my right hand securely in the same pocket where I keep my Gotzendammerung, I will bravely move on in my journey, that even though we just began, already seems have gone on forever.


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