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Death and Dying

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Note: I had intended to post all my blogs to this category :il n'ya pas de hors texte, but still haven't figured out yet how to transfer the six blogs that are uncategorised into this one.

If desiring is desiring because one fears the loss of desire(click here) , then in the act of desiring there is already the spectre of death.

She says: Do you know the mayfly lives about 24 hours? sometimes three, but, yeah...

He says: But why? I mean...

She says: What? What do you mean...?

He says: I mean, why 24 hours? What's the purpose of that?

She says: to lay eggs, to propogate, to continue its species.

He says: yes, but why?

She says: You mean why 24 hours, or why continue the species?

He says: I mean why has the eco system sustained such a pointless exercise.

She says: Our life spans are relative. Nietzsche himself has said that every being thinks they are the centre of the universe. You are humanising the lived experience of the may fly.

He says: This is true. In which case...

She says: In which case...?

He says: In which case I would prefer my adult life to be a day long.

She says: But why?

He says: What do you mean....?

She says: I mean why a day?

He says: so that my desires are proportionate to my capacity to desire.

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Like "she" says in the passage, we have biases to compare other beings to ourselves. Humans make humans the measuring stick. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, we toil after goals which may take 24 hours or a lifetime of 70 years. In the end, the result is the same, and temporal. We continue to do so because we continue to desire.If the Gods were merciful to Sisyphus, they would give him the desire to roll rocks, for all eternity. Putting aside our biases for what would be considered a meaningful life, suddenly the story of Sisyphus, who only wanted to roll rocks for eternity, would not be a tale of despair anymore.

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