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To doubt or to despair

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Cartaphilus: Despair is deeper than doubt. That is why kaeli suffers worse than than I do.

Thoth: If death was the only absolute that couldn't be doubted, then doubting immortals like us are paradoxical.

Cartaphilus: Yet we're not truly tragic because doubt is far less intense than despair. Through despair, Kaeli suffers more intensely than I do with my doubt.

Thoth: Abstract doubt involves only a part of ourselves and occurs more often....

Cartaphilus: Despair on the other hand involves completely and comes from the deepest well. The most serious form of doubt hardly begin to touch the intensity of despair..

Thoth: Skepticism is for the superficial & dilettante. We smile contemptuously at everything but we will continue to eat, sleep and breed without giving it a second thought.

Cartaphilus:For Kaeli, whose depth cannot be understood by anyone, except those who also despair. Any act requires tremendous effort. Sleep is no longer a right. Her despair doesn't allow the tragedy to be forgotten, for she will always remember the painful actuality of subjective torment.

Thoth: Doubt is nothing but discomfort about problems and objects, and it comes from the fact that big questions are not answered. Once they are, we return to normal.

Cartaphilus: Despair is indifferent to problems, even if they're solved, for Kaeli

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Thank you for this, Campanella. I don't have anything to add, but I realise that by nature I'm not much of the despairing type, more surface and all superficiality :p

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