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Hawk on the breezeway - 1

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Hawk on the breezeway - 1

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This afternoon around 1-ish an immature hawk (not sure but it may be a Cooper's Hawk or Northern Goshawk) crashed through the storm door window and into the breezeway between the garage and house. It sat on the floor stunned for a minute or two but then got up and, after some attempts to get out through another window and breaking that one with its beak (it looked like a bullet hit it), it figured out what to do and zoomed out the door my husband had sneaked around and opened. I didn't see any blood and all its feathers seemed to be in place so I don't think it was injured. A few minutes later we saw a couple of hawks circling overhead so I think it found its parent.


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Cool hawk pics. I love to watch birds of prey. We've got a small, brightly colored type around here. I think they are called an American Kestrel.

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