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  1. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    I can see this. I thought when someone got an education that it somehow added to what you know, not that it completely replaces it. What I know is far to valuable to me to have it replaced by what others think. You probably think that you think for yourselves but you really don't. All your capable of doing is repeating what you heard or read. You don't have any original thoughts of your own. Whats more, you can not agree on anything in its entirety. You do not work as a whole to achive a goal of anything. You accomplish nothing. You just talk and talk and talk, the same things over and over slowing forming your distorted beliefs. I have tried to help but all you want me to do is comform to your standards and forget what I am trying to say. An education does not have exclusive rights to great thoughts, as a matter of fact it probably hinders it. Although I do wish I had a masters in English, I now want nothing to do with philosophy as you know it. If you can't deal with the "truth" then don't reply to me. I don't need to hear it. I believe I have discovered things you do not know or even understand. I don't explain it very well maybe, but that is why I came here. Do you try to help me explain it, no. Well, Listener you have shown some response in this matter. I fail to see how your educations have helped you, you can only talk to yourselves. I can only now guess from your responses that you would believe the first philosopher was a true idiot as he was not educated in philosophy. So, philosophy was built upon idiocy.
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  2. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    I believe you had no choice about your genetics, no choice about your environment or what influenced your development, you have no choice about what impression external influences - like Hobbes, Locke, TGL members etc have on you.

    I believe you have beliefs, history, values, desires and motives.

    I believe that there are factors that control you, like your beliefs, history, values, desires and motives. I believe these factors are manufactured [made by, your enviroment, experiences, thoughts (observations, assocations, teachings), absorption from sight, genetics, natural abilities, cravings, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, comprehension, chemistry, habits, phobias, personality, memory, likes and dislikes, wants and needs, beliefs, addictions, to name a few].

    This has no bearing on whether or not free will exists. But to answer it anyways, you kick the old lady because you have no choice about your vicious nature and you deserve to be held accountable for your actions, but not punished. Being punished is for being bad, I would rather see some form of help as to not do it again. This could end up being more extreme than punishment. It's just a different way to look at how to deal with what you have done. I believe that help should happen at a very early age, at the first sign of trouble, to catch it early.

    Where this might be true I also believe that you have illusion. The illusion that you are in control. The illusion that you have control in the things you do. The illusion that we are somehow free. We are perfect in design of being controled but also perfect in making us believe that we are not controled. Well almost perfect.
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  3. TheCDF added an answer to a question How to say it!   

    If something did create us, 'it' did a good job at making illusions seem real. Soup is a concoction that is created. Depending on the ingredients you get different types of soup but they are all soup. Our internal factors are our ingredients and we all end up being human but different types of people. You were made to be human. Internal factors were put in us to control us. Your values are yours but were made from the ingredients of internal factors, such as genetics, hormones, environment, thoughts and other such things, that only makes you an individual. Would I have to name every factor and how it controls you before you could understand? You do understand factors don't you? Why do you think your values are different than mine?
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  4. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    What are you talking about, I only said they were the same in that they both restrict. If I said otherwise please post it.

    I fail to see your problem. So what if they so not have the same restrictions, I do not care if they don't, for my purpose they don't need to be. They both restrict, get it?

    Now you have lost me. Did I misunderstand this quote from you?

    What is obscure about "they". Are you saying you don't know what I mean when I say they?

    Conclusion: Only to get you to understand something is it useless.

    I don't know what an existentialist is. Are you trying to act ignorant? A "factor" is anything that can restrict you. So, yes, character traits are factors.

    Then you need to give me a new meaning for the word. It really doesn't matter, if it restricts you then its a factor, if not, then it is not.

    Because I have never taken an english class does not diminish what I know in the slightest. How could you even think such a thing. "They" must have taught you that in school. The pedestal you have placed yourself upon must be pretty damn high, don't fall.

    Again back to your post.

    Are you just having a bad thought day or what? Chill out, it's not the end of the world here. You can make a mistake as well as I can. Mistakes are are a human trait, so take a deep breath and relax.
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  5. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    Did I say they were?

    They both restrict, what's the important part?

    I know they are not the same. I lump them in sofar as they are factors that can and do restrict you. Simply because they are negative or positive does not mean anything for my useage.

    He can only do this if his factors allows it, or I should say makes him do it.

    I agree.

    No, all I have to do is show that they both can and do restrict and feel you already know this.
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  6. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    They are both the same in that they can and do restrict you. Where a body of people can prevent you from doing something (external factors, negative freedom), internal factors (positive freedom) can also prevent you from doing something.

    A prisoner at Auschwitz can not be free on both accounts, a body of people (negative freedom) and internal factors (positive freedom). The arguement of not being free on account of negative freedom (external factors) is not a valid one because one is already not free due to positive freedom (internal factors).

    Have I now understood? Have you?
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  7. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    My guess would be this one is negative. I call it external factors or forces. They can affect you but not always. Looking at external factors show you that your not only controled by internal factors but also external ones.

    What does this have to do with anything I have said? I think I have only heard definitions without point.
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  8. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    Your wanting to do so is not your choice either. You have to read it and be influenced by it.

    The point of the gun story was that if you do what he says to do, are you free in doing it. Like the stroy of Hobbes and Locke.

    What is negitive freedom? Can you give an example as I do not understand it as you have put it. How am I confusing them.
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  9. TheCDF added a post in a topic Hobbes and Locke   

    Hobbes position is crazy. It's like saying that if I hold a gun to your head and make you do something, that you are free if you then desire to do it.

    He is only, as free as he can be. He can not be any more free than he is. When you are as free as you can be, then you are in the illusion of being free. Maxiumum freedom feels like being free, totally free.

    Could a prisoner at Auschwitz be free if they wanted to be there? Crazy huh. Could a slave be free if he wanted to be a slave? Crazy huh. If you were in one of our prisons, locked in a 6x9 cell, would you be free if you wanted to be there.

    The last one here you could have the illusion of being free. I know that some prisoners who have spent most of their lives there can not function on the outside and want to go back. Then you can clearly see that that person has lost all the illusion of being free and has withdrawn from life. He gives up and becomes a mindless robot. He no longer has to make a choice.

    Do you know how you will be influnced?
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  10. TheCDF added a topic in Explore   

    Hobbes and Locke

    Does anyone know if there is more to this scenario? When did he decide that he wanted to be in the room? When did he desire to be in the room? Why does he desire to be in the room? Does his future wants have any bearing on it. Would he ever want to leave?
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  11. TheCDF added an answer to a question How to say it!   

    I would again like to comment on this. If you are made to want what you want are you still free. If I hold a gun to your head and tell you, you have two options, either piss your pants or comb your hair. Suddenly you have a strong feeling to comb your hair, you want to comb your hair, are you free because it is now something that you want to do?
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  12. TheCDF added an answer to a question On Self-Education   

    I would like to say that you have mastered talking to your self.
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  13. TheCDF added an answer to a question How to say it!   

    I also believe this as I think anyone would. I know some people believe that people would just give up if it was the case. Some people like to give and some like to take, I like to give.

    As do I, but a few abilities are needed to be able to do this. Like understanding and wisdom.

    I don't think it would be to bad, I would the know it all.

    I think it might be in the questions one asks themselves about it. The more the questions the better the image. The more questions you can think of the more answers you can get.

    I just got a brain storm from reading some of what Hobbes and Locke had to say. Thanks for the link. I will now have more to say, as soon as I can condense and organize it.
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  14. TheCDF added an answer to a question Why do we like and dislike the things that we do?   

    I have finally figured out what you have said here. I saw the movie A Clockwork Orange but did not get any philosophy from it. May be to young at the time or just in a different world. I will see what I can find out about the books. I do have some scientific studies on nature and nuture and will have to read them again. I forgot I had them. Thanks!
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  15. TheCDF added an answer to a question How to say it!   

    Looking back over the posts I have to say even though I argued againest this, I am not sure what it means. The concept makes no sense and does not mean anything as far as free will goes. You have to be you, you can be nothing else. If you could change some of your makeup then I might be able to see it, but you can't. Why would anyone believe this is beyond me. Sorry I just can't.

    So I am to believe that you are Hobbes here and I am Locke and you can not see Locke's belief as true.

    It's going to take some time for me to read though all of it, but eventually. Does the CDF not prove Locke's position? I think it does.

    This is what I have againest education: you read what someone else thinks and it feels like it is what you believe, but what do you have to base it on if you have not any experience in the matter.
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