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  1. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Faith   

    Thank you for your arguments. However, you are putting to much emphasis on hope and faith.

    It's time to move on.
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  2. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Faith   

    OK, let's say you doom-sayers are right, that capitalism will collapse because of the depletion of resources and thus will not be able to continue, because of the lack of growth it depends on. Well, I say society would have collapsed years ago if it wasn't for capitalism. The growth that capitalism depends on depends on new ideas and technologies it encourages.

    Capitalism is a converse situation. Without the free market capitalism has made possible, the new ideas and technologies capitalism needs to sustain itself would not be there. One resource that is ignored in this conversation is the prime one, the human capital which the free market and capitalism unleashes. Without that resource capitalism would not have the brainpower or the knowhow or the new ideas and technologies it needs to continue and survive.
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  3. 123Picasso added a post in a topic "We get the government we deserve"   

    Societies can not live without some form of overarching governance. Government is the conduit that connects the individual players in society. It is the facilitator of an open society, applying the rules and regulations of conduct.

    Government also makes possible and supplies the environment and the infrastructure that makes a functioning society possible. A catastrophe like Katrina could not have been dealt with by people self-governing themselves. Where would the central organization come from to deal with such an event if it weren't for government? Some think that corporations like Wal-Mart could have done a better job than government in dealing with Katrina. But corporations would soon lost interest in such a rescue because there is no sustaining profit in it. Government aren't guided by profit.
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  4. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Faith   

    What do you call reason, Parody.
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  5. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Faith   

    davidm is more right than me because he has discover a contradiction of capitalism? Nonsense. Capitalism is full of contradictions but they have not yet proven fatal. In fact, capitalism has come to terms with it its contradictions, one reason why it survives.

    davidm believes capitalism in it is drive for growth will deplete the resources of the planet and thus collapse. What proof does he have of this happening? Past experience? Well my past experience tells me that capitalism will discover alternatives, because that's its nature.

    Nobody has mentioned the real reason for capitalism's triumphalism. It is the only economic system that can achieve sustainability for this world. Growth, which is mentioned here as its raison d'etre, is really just a means to an end, sustainability.
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  6. 123Picasso added a post in a topic "We get the government we deserve"   

    What I am saying is that if people were more like me, more self-reliant, people would not need so much government to look after them. If people's expectation of government were not so high, perhaps we would get better government because it would be leaner and more focused. The more society expects from government the more likely people will complain about government.

    What makes me enlightened is that I know I am not always going to get the government I want. I understand that politicians are human and thus are sometimes exceptional and other times not. Some people think politicians should been something really special, super human, which is unrealistic. So part of being enlightened is being realistic about the type of people who run for office, sometimes the charismatic and opportunists. However, sometimes there comes along some special who runs for office but they are criticized and ridiculed for trivial thinks like being stiff, non-personable and too smart for his own good. Instead, the more charismatic person is picked, picked not for their smarts but for the simple reason he would be a nice person to have a beer with.

    Why I also think of myself as enlightened in matters of politics is because I know that strict or extreme ideological beliefs no longer have a place in today's politics. Developed democracies have reached a consensus on most of the major issues that concern them and how things in government should work. We have discovered methods of governance that are mainstream and acceptable to most of us and any major divergence from that trajectory is unwanted by society in general.
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  7. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Faith   

    I too find your arguments uncompelling and shifty, relying on something you think will happen in the future, not on hard facts.
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  8. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    Capitalism is free market economics. Is that vague?

    A lot of life is vague no matter how much definition you put to it. Anyway, one of the things that make democracy and capitalism interesting and endearing is a certain aspect of vagueness and ambiguity. It makes for a flexibility which these two systems rely on to be worthy and workable.
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  9. 123Picasso added a topic in Influence   

    I have been lambasted on another post for having faith, an irrational faith. I don't call it faith but having an acquired Reason. It is not faith that tells me something makes sense but Reason, acquired by thinking things through and using other peoples experience. Reason is also something that makes sense.

    I have responded that capitalism is the ultimate economic system, considering the nature of those who participate in it. And more and more people are participating in it. It and democracy are the only know systems of governance that can address and satisfy the needs and aspirations of individuals and society. I belief these things because "the proof is in the pudding" and in these systems. These systems became number one naturally and through a process of elimination, not through faith

    Before Bush became president I knew he would be incompetent in his task. I didn't base that on faith. I based it on what I heard from him, his body language and the people around him. I knew he was too ideological for the good of America. America had basically found its center politically. But Bush, in his ideology and lack of wisdom, wanted to move America to the extreme right. I knew he would falter in this endeavor because America is basically a liberal nation. I also knew that Bush and his administration lacked diplomatic skills, something that is becoming more obvious every day. Now, all these things I sensed about Bush&Co. weren't born of faith but on what has and has not worked in the past. Bush&Co were ignoring the experience of the past. I didn't base my knowledge on faith or my dislike for him but by putting two and two together. This is what I have done in my beliefs about capitalism.

    Faith ignores reality, as Bush&Co are finding out. Basing things on faith is a sign of ignorance. I would never base anything on faith alone because I don't want to appear stupid. I want to make sense.
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  10. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    One assertion I made and is perfectly clear to everybody is the capitalism is the preeminent economic system in the world. There is no obvious alternative to it if we want to live in our modern world. China and India have gravitated to it because they have discovered this, having tried other systems. If you think there is an alternative to free market economics, prove it.

    And who says that capitalism will not be able to handle or overcome the "finiteness" of our world. I would argue that capitalism has developed in anticipation of the world running out of things, so that it can develop alternatives. Seeing the technological developments of the past shows me that this is possible.

    Speaking of Faith, we live everyday on faith, that we will not be killed, crash the car or that our house will not burn down. We have faith that there will be a tomorrow. We develop that faith from experience. The experience of capitalism tells me that it will be around for a long time. Call it speculation on my part. But that's life. Always speculating. But it is not blind faith, as you would have me believe.
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  11. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    davidm said: Please do not post in this manner again. It does not fly here. I also strongly suggest you engage with the issues, and answer the questions, in detail, that I have put to you. Thank you.

    I don't much care for your tone either, davidm. Just because things aren't aswered your way or to your satifaction dosen't mean that you have to get huffy.

    What was your question again?
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  12. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    I'm sorry, but that's no statement of faith, that capitalism will always find new frontiers. The evidence is there, during capitalism's existence of some three hundred years. (During the Great Depression it had its opportunity to collapse, but it didn't. It got terrific competition from communism and survived, to move in and collect the spoils.) It is a system that begets itself because it speaks to the disposition of those who participate in it. Capitalism makes sense as an economic system and that's why it keeps on rolling along. That doesn't mean it's perfect. What human endeavor is perfect? There is always room for improvement.

    No. I think it is your faith hoping that capitalism will not endure.
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  13. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    I haven't undercut anything davidm. Capitalism is still basically about sustainability and growth is an integral part of it. And stop it with the finite stuff. You sound like a broken record. Capitalism will always find a new frontier (even if that means turning back on itslef). How about outer space, an idea you constantly poo poo.
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  14. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    As I was wondering what else I could contribute to this post I thought of a saying "Expand or parish". Has this been mentioned, that one of capitalism's growth strategies is to continually expand and fine new markets in order to survive and continue. In its tradition places of operation e.g., the U.S. and Britain, its area of activity became saturated and thus had to go forward and fine new areas of endeavor. After WWII capitalism engulfed Germany and Japan and later in the 20th century it insinuated itself on India and China.

    I am of a Darwinian thinking, humankind like nature has directed itself to be as efficient as possible in its enterprise and thus is why it chose capitalism as its economic system, since it is the most efficient system possible.
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  15. 123Picasso added a post in a topic Basic Macroeconomics   

    According to what I read here everybody thinks nobody knows what the others are talking about.
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