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    I just finished The Mind of the Market: Compassionate Apes, Competitive Humans, and Other Tales from Evolutionary Economics by Michael Shermer, Wandering God by Morris Berman and Three Days To Never by Tim Powers.

    Shermer's book is worth reading if you don't mind digressions into an authors personal history, condensed overviews of complex fields of socio-political study and some very tenuous justifications for contemporary market capitalism through its "naturalization" via evolutionary theory. There was some interesting information to be found in this book but nothing new will be acquired if you already read the work being produced in the fields Shermer covers (and i do). There is also some serious issues of contention i have with people who retroactively apply presently observed behavior unto our species as if there has been no contextual changes since the Paleolithic. You find this kind of behavior in Sociobiology/Evolutionary Psychology everywhere you turn. It's frustrating and unfounded, often amounting to nothing more then pure assertion.

    Berman's book is dense and full of ideas worth revisiting save for the Freudian themes. His study of Hunter-Gatherer/Nomadic cultures, their philosophies, their worldviews, in comparison to sedentary, agricultural societies is stimulating. If you have any interest in this kind of inquiry then this book comes highly recommended.

    I took both books from the library and, of the two, i want to purchase a copy of Berman's book to have on hand for reference use.

    Right now i am reading Bruce Sterling's Distraction. I was given a paperback copy some time in the distant past and have only recently taken it off my shelve. I needed something to read and it was at hand.

    As for non-fiction, i'm reading Nowtopia by Chris Carlsson. We just hosted a lecture with Chris at the collectively run bookstore i work at and the discussion that followed the talk was comprehensive and inspiring. Every one of the 30 or so odd people that attended ended up purchasing a copy of his book (including myself). I don't necessarily agree with his analysis of "class" or the futility of labor organization but many of the ideas presented thus far seem sound and obvious to me. It's been keeping my interest and attention and that's always a positive sign for any non-fiction book as far as i am concerned.
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