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  1. makc added a post in a topic Self-contradiction in STR is revealed   

    he owe me Nobel prize.
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  2. makc added an answer to a question A few notes on logical validity   

    I have just made a long post on this here. The summary is that logic alone does not work for solving real-life problems 99% of time, perhaps, and we jump to conclusions and otherwise think illogically so often that it is rather weird that people reject arguments on the basis that they are illogical.
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  3. makc added a post in a topic What is Justice?   

    justice (as a punishment) is approved revenge
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  4. makc added a post in a topic Movies i've seen...   

    What about Fan 4 2?
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  5. makc added a post in a topic To Catch a Predator   

    wow, I never noticed a requirement.

    you were saying, "it is a total non sequitur", as if it was some sort of problem with my statement or whatever. let me resort to my usual tactics this once, and give you another irrelevant example of non sequitur: "I did X in the past, and had Y as a result, therefore if I do X now, I will have Y as a result again". an interesting thing about it is that you (let this time you mean YOU PERSONALLY, for the sake of it) are using it a billion times per day, or more, and do not feel that there is something wrong at all.

    what I was trying to say with the above, is that if my thinking was possible to reduce down to predicate calculus, or even aristotle logic, I would be nothing more than my pentium computer. but I am. and I find the above resort to B, B -> C |- C just for the sake of formal winning this argument somewhat insulting my intelligence. I could just as well remind you that I didn't claim "full rights to underage girl lovers follow from " full rights to gays" anywhere, but instead was asking a question (starts with "maybe" keyword, AFAIR). but this would be just as lame, of course.

    So. To get back on topic and to your question, I officially state that I bow to your logic skills and do no longer hold my "claim" about it. You are right. You win cookie. End of game.
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  6. makc added a post in a topic To Catch a Predator   

    could you please don't strain too hard showing politically correct "do not understand" face? just one century ago I wouldn't be asked any questions about it. both are perversions, but one is no longer frowned upon. edit: maybe it's just me, I mean I was born in ussr where sodomy simply was criminal offense, just like sex with minors.
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  7. makc added a post in a topic To Catch a Predator   

    Without being accused (again) of personal attack, can I say that I have seen many people claiming to hold some opinion, and subsequently demonstrating totally incompatible behavior. Let me explain before you think I am calling you liar or something?
    For example, I may say that I wouldn't want to kill for money. From what I know from killing animals, I do not enjoy it. Main reason being that animals tend to look far better outside than they do inside to me. But. Under some circumstances, for example, no other way to cancel serious debt or feed my family, I would probably do it. Or, if there is a war and they force you to protect your fatherland's capitalists wellfare by killing folks like yourself on the other side. As irrelevant as it may seem, the example is supposed to demonstrate that your* opinions and judgements are not absolute.

    I could give you more relevant examples, but I already have ban warning, so I will not.

    *By "you" in this and previous posts I actually mean "everybody/anybody".
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  8. makc added a post in a topic To Catch a Predator   

    ridiculous you say... ridiculous is that people demonstrating "open mind" against whole range of issues like gay rights or drug use, become very "conservative" when it comes to foundations of morality.

    the mere fact you can't handle the comparison (no matter how invalid, if you want) without being outraged shows your mind is not so open as you (might) want to think.
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  9. makc added a post in a topic To Catch a Predator   

    Consider this again:
    This either means a) you are living in a "there is enough pedos for everyone" country, or "operation" is a tv show with script and actors.
    I vote for , but if a) seem to be more likely for you, think also, maybe it is time to stop prosecuting them and recognize this growing community of underage girl lovers full rights, as you already did with gays, for example?
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  10. makc added a post in a topic The veracity of fiction   

    I often witness this situation:

    A: Descartes said: X.
    B: cool. he is right|wrong because... blah blah

    And at the same time

    A: Morpheus from Matrix movie said: X.
    B: you bring fiction character to prove your point? good bye.

    It seems people do not really care about X, but merely seek convenient excuse to make others (and perhaps themselves) believe in that they were right in the discussion, even if that is not the case.
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  11. makc added a post in a topic Paradox Of Nothingness -short version   

    Neither do I, but I wanned to be clear on that.

    IMHO, 'a logical explanation for' being of the word is called cosmogony and, given our limits of knowledge in physics/etc, it can't be pushed any further at the moment, within the limits of logic.

    Somehow, I still think it is not what OP author had in mind.
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  12. makc added a post in a topic Paradox Of Nothingness -short version   

    oh, you see there's even more options. and which one was used in OP?
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  13. makc added a post in a topic Paradox Of Nothingness -short version   

    Ok, let me try again, please.

    Some background 1st. My primary language is russian, but there are few words in english that I use, but have no idea how to translate in russian. Recently, someone asked me how to find some stuff on the net, I suggested adding "tutorial" in keyword list; when he asked what a hell is "tutorial", I had to open a dictionary.

    Back to my question, I can only know the meaning of word "reason" from the way it used, since dictionary translation to my primary language coincides with that of "cause". Other way around, some uses of the word indicate that the meaning would be closer to that of "purpose". For example:

    What was the reason to do X? = What was the purpose for doing X?

    Hence my question. If you mean something else by "reason" please explain in layman terms.
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  14. makc added a post in a topic Paradox Of Nothingness -short version   

    hmm, okay, I guess I will have to live with the fact that this thread is above my head.
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  15. makc added a post in a topic Problem of Insufficient Evidence   

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