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  1. AlexFrau added an answer to a question Beginner Questions: Citizens Duty to Military Personnel   

    Lets break it down:

    Soldier = Killer-by-trade.
    War = Mass killing, for a cause.

    So, If you support the cause a particular soldier is fighting for, then you support the soldier.

    In my opinion, war can only be justified for defense of the Homeland, IN the Homeland. Call me a non-interventionist if you will. Don't call me a pacifist.

    I personally feel no duty to the soldiers if they are not fighting for a cause I consider just. Oh, but "they're just following orders"..... bullshit excuse.
    Every person has free-will. Follow your own moral compass and don't be such a sheep Mr. Soldier, you murderer!

    Most soldiers have been lied to and brainwashed to such an extent that they actually believe they are fighting for my right to say what I'm saying right now!

    Soldier worship sucks! Murder and War are not necessary for us to live free.
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  2. AlexFrau added an answer to a question To what extent do you live in a philosophical world?   

    Arrrgh! Philosophy, such a cruel mistress. She will open your eyes to new realms of thought....and then you realize that most people are Ignorant and don't get what you're talking about. Me: Ayn Rand thinks that... Them: who the hell is Ayn Rand???

    Good thing I married a sharp woman!
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  3. AlexFrau added an answer to a question On Self-Education   

    Speaking from the point of view of someone who left High School at 16, went to city college for 2 years and has absolutely nothing to show for it, I can say that the ONLY reason I did poorly in school was because I had NO INTEREST in what was being taught. I had great teachers, they tried to motivate me to no avail. My parents thought I was a failure.

    Well, now as an adult, guess what? I'm better off financially than both of my brothers who got college degrees. I'm actually better off than most people I meet who have college degrees. The reason for this is that after I left school at 16, I was FREE to do as I SAW FIT. Yes I still lived at home for a while but I immediately got a job and have been working steadily since then.

    What I'm trying to get at is that The educational system is here to make you conform, to make you classify yourself into a field, which better be a good one so you can hopefully work in that field when you finish school.

    Any system that is affiliated with the State, has no purpose other than to mold and control.

    In conlusion, self-education is the only real education.
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  4. AlexFrau added an answer to a question Philosophy of desire   

    Hmmm, philosophy of desire?

    Is desire a biological drive?

    ie. I'm hungry (chemical and electrical signals create hunger)
    Hunger could then be defined as a psychological desire for food that is brought on initially by biological (physical) processes in the body.

    Desires could also be psychologically rooted and aimed at things we have no true need for (a new TV) I agree with the previous poster who said that death and desire are closely related. If we were immortal beings, we would probably desire less since we would have all the time in the world to achieve our goals.

    Rusty, I know you are looking for books on the subject, If you think about your question enough, you will come to the answer you seek.
    No need to refer to a book IMHO.
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  5. AlexFrau added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    I define free will as our ability to go against our biological instincts and drives. Since I am a smoker, I'm currently in the middle of a battle between my free will (which wants to stop smoking) and my bodies addiction to nicotine.

    We can continue this elsewhere.
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  6. AlexFrau added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Yes, I see myself as an entity controlling a biological machine. I cannot say wether I'm:
    A actually inside my body
    (a driver in a car)


    B somwhere else and simply perceiving through my body (a person operating a car by remote control from a distance)

    I believe we all have free will but our physical bodies, being analogous to a prison, keep us from exercising our free will 100% of the time. This is accomplished by many methods, including routine, addiction, emotions (chemical reactions in the body), etc.
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  7. AlexFrau added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm interested in learning to think better.

    Being an engineer by trade, I've spent my whole life filling my mind with knowledge of technical subjects, statistics, signal flow and other such things.

    Well, I'm almost 30 and I'm coming to realize that my knowledge of "thought"
    is quite lacking! While I know I exist and I am capable of free will, I also realize that if I spent more time reading philosophical subjects, it would allow me to express myself more clearly, IMO.

    If anyone is wondering, while I have attempted to read what is commonly reffered to as Philosophy literature, most books I have started to read, bore me. I must say though, my brother lent me "The Stranger" and it held my attention!

    Anyway, hello again.
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