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  1. Woody added a post in a topic Transgender?   

    Wow, thanks everybody. My quest for ridicule can be officially concluded. And to think, I had expected to come across responses with guiding sympathy or reasoning that would abstruct my true ambitions. Good thing that never happened, saved me loads of time. Well, it's farewell then bretheren may your journey's lead you into bewilderment and chaos! If you wish to be part of my next adventure I'll be bloging on the Disney site.

    Peace out kiddies.
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  2. Woody added a post in a topic Transgender?   

    I feel you missed that I was inquiring upon the possibility of the idea.

    To clarify best possible as best I can; When you build a house you follow blue prints or exactly what is ment to be built. Sometimes parts can be left out screws, bolts, bathrooms, whatever. The best possible would be the closest to the original blueprint.

    To reiterate
    Is the idea of a best possible "male" specimen and a best possible "female" specimen that genes are supposed to create but may fail to mimic an impossibilit?
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  3. Woody added a post in a topic Porn as a commodity   


    Is implies certainty

    I must mention that, If I understand you correctly, I agree with you. In that I feel as though men and women should not allow themselves to be objectified.

    I just bring an argument of possibility.

    That emotions are not part of objectification, but can you not look at these faculties in an objective manor under a theory that they evolved similar to how our hands evolved. In essence you could look at your emotions the same way you look at your hands. Our mind in motion could be leveled with how the cells and particles form our skin.
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  4. Woody added a post in a topic Transgender?   

    I suppose I've misled the masses here with my choice of words.

    What I'm reaching for here may be more along the lines of statistically more likely and not what is "normal".

    Please consider that I am attempting to understand a subject I do not understand completely. Instead of hazing my phrasing, may we attempt to achieve clarity?

    My question now may be more like this: Is there evidence of something resembling a sliding scale, where when born some are anatomically built more "male", some more "female", and some right in the middle?

    Is the idea of a best possible "male" specimen and a best possible "female" specimen that a child is ment to be born as but genes may fail to mimic, an impossibility?
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  5. Woody added a post in a topic Transgender?   

    Well, is it right in saying that it is more normal to be of one sex wholly? Added to that it is more normal for one to be attracted to the opposite sex?
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  6. Woody added a post in a topic Porn as a commodity   

    I believe we must consider wether or not our emotions and thoughts aren't part of the object itself.

    To root the idea of ourselves being objects so we can justify our feelings/morals/ideals of the porn industry consider these thoughts.

    Is it possible that how we act relates more to a computer that can update itself.

    Geoffrey Miller (in The Mating Mind) intimately discusses (much to fully to discuss here.) the theory of sexual evolution where our emotions and thoughts have been developed through history as better qualities spawns better babies. (i.e. big muscle, power, smarts)

    As far as the draw to porn, could it be that if we as bodies are driven to reproduce, it would seem any representation of that act would be attractive.

    Used in the feminism argument, evolution would make it seem that these women are embracing who the are.

    My thoughts are organized thusly, if evolution is truth, if our emotions thoughts are evolved, why then discern between a body part and the way you feel? If the the body is an object why not your feelings? If objects are viewed as a simple being with no attachments of good or bad or right or wrong doesn't this lay foundation for whould could be our views on porn? (aka, a theory)

    To Niven, If this is the case could it be that it is human, just as it is ape, just as it is fish? Also, who's to say culture wasn't driven by sexual evolution, culture thus being objectified through evolution as well.

    (When I say sexual evolution it is to refer to two mates who have chosen each other for certain things concious or subliminal to procreate and those prefered trates are what is transfered into the offspring.)

    FTW, I like looking at girls... alot.


    P.s. please let me know if this was unclear...
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  7. Woody added a topic in Extend   

    Greetings Galilean community,
    I've been enjoying this site from the Intro to Philosoph, to the origin of your screenames. Now I have decided to salt these pages with my own inquisitive seasonings.

    I bring this topic up so whoever wishes may help me delve into the subject.

    As it is, a good friend of mine brought up his recent troubles with the idea of being transgendered. Not phisically necessarily, more so mentally. If the brain has been abnormally wired (so to speak) at birth, if you were a male/female to sight but female/male in thought, what path then is one to travel? If one is female minded in a male body, and they prefer the relations of a woman, does that make them lesbian/homosexual? How can one discern what thoughts are dedicated female/male thoughts? (if at all)

    There could be other questions that arise from this that I haven't asked yet and hopefully y'all will help me find them.


    P.s. May all my posts be free of misspellings*, for it is very common for me to do so.
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