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  1. SteadyState added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    One of my professors used one of the essays about ethics that was posted on the Galilean website library. After having interest in the website itself, I snooped around and found this forum. Being an already seasoned political forum poster, I was excited to find a community that wasn't dedicated to unproductive jibber jabber and instead promoted meaningful commentary and learning in the field of science, the arts and humanities.
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  2. SteadyState added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Hi all. In at attempt to sustain anonymity, I came up with an alias that first came to mind: Steady State. However, my real name is Steven and for now I will leave it at that.

    My story: Currently I post on a few political forums trying to get my voice heard but in the complexity of ambiguity that is the black hole of political babble, I sometimes get lost in trying to say what I really want to say. That, or I really just post something for the sake of posting without seriously critiquing my posts and whether it actually fits what I am trying to say. My intentions since the beginning of registering for such online communities was a) to establish some sort of congruence with like minded people and more importantly to work on my writing, vocabulary, phrasing and articulation of arguments. Lately I have become deeply discouraged on whether the things I want to say or that is actually written make sense. Could it be bad grammar? Or I was tired during the time of writing? Or that I dove into a topic that I just was not ready to argue? Anyways, before I continue to ramble on, the reason I have came to this forum is its strong presence to promote the assistance for those who wish to learn everything about the world. I feel as if philosophy is the best method for working on my dialectic with others and will help me better internalize what I actually say in my posts and help work on others have a better understanding of me as well as vice versa.

    So if any of you have decided already to not continue to read this book of an introduction, or you are still with me because I have genuinely not lost you, then kudos! I look foward to reading posts, asking questions and learning about the extension of one's own ideas into the great ethereal sphere that we all in this world deserve to share.

    About me: I am currently an undergraduate student in the United States studying Economics and plan on going into a research position either for a private firm or Academia. I am dedicated to learning in all spectrum's that include others, the world and my self. I am always open to change, keep an open mind and always strive for improvement of my greatest gift ever received; my brain.
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