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  • Real name: Scardanelli Salieri
  • Interests: Holderlin, Novalis, Dostoevsky, Bloy, Apophatic Mysticism, Archetypal Theology, Antinatalism, Anarcho-primitivism, Degrowth, Entheogens
  • About me: I'm 37. I used to think I was a type of genius, savant, or visionary. I've self-published a book of aphorisms, and another of fragments and homilies. My website link shows excerpts.

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    Hey guys,
    37, American male (of English and Russian descent). I think Western Civilization, so called, is a catastrophe. I wish I was born to the Hopi, or the Sioux, or the Ashaninka, long before they encountered Europeans.
    Book: The Brothers Karamazov
    Film: The Elephant Man
    Music: Roky Erickson
    I'd call my thinking a blend of the Apophatic, Shamanic, and Archetypal. 
     In my 20's, I thought I must be some odd species of genius, visionary, or savant. More recently, I've largely let go of any notions of being special. I have self-published two books; one of aphorisms, another of homilies and fragments. You can read excerpts here:
    Pleased to meechas! 
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    I was Googling about Empedocles (I'm a fan of Holderlin, who wrote The Death of Empedocles) and found a summary on here of Gore Vidal's Creation. Site looks interesting.
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