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  1. Pgalaxy added a topic in Explore   

    St. Augustine, Confessions
    In elementary theoogical matters, it helps sometimes to read the writing of those who experience the pangs of
    spiritual discovery before us

    This morning I opened a tiny Penguin pocket excerpt of St Agustine's Confessions which I keep on the toilet
    (I have a whole shelf of inspiring books in the loo) and found some passages relevant to some of the threads
    currently live on this forum

    I then found an online extended version of the same,
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  2. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Does God have the right qualifications?   

    I'd e more cautious there.You have no evidence that unicorn and fairies do not exist, that does not mean (under open world assumption)
    that they dont exist, rather that you havent seen the evidence for it. LOL

    I am not even tempted a bit to reply to this (deliberately provocative?) thread, since the ignorance of humans of divine affairs is there for a reason.

    meditate more deeply to see more clearly #haiku
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  3. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Evil   

    I just want to say, briefly, thanks for the post and raising the issue.

    I have been observing evil, whenever I come across it, including when I observe it
    in myself, mainly because I see it as an intriguing aspect of reality, which could be responsible for the interferes with what I consider the state of union with the divine, or a state of perfect happiness, nibbana if you want to all it that way

    I had no idea what I was looking for at first, as evil is often a given part of the world, and it comes embedded and disguised and entwined with parts of human nature and this plane of existence we are on

    Some 'evil' may also be necessary to some extent. (another discussion) So we put up with it.

    I do not have the time to write a dissertation on evil, which would be a good idea btw, but let me just say that I have started to see patterns and connotations
    and have slightly become obsessed with this topic in recent times.

    I have started looking at evil as an 'entity'. which is aggressive, it exploits every opportunity to make ppl do wrong, its viral (it spreads quickly without people knowing they are acting on its behalf passing it on to others, and yes it does feed on weaknesses of human beings, especially ambition and pride.

    I admit I never believed in the devil, I had always thought it was some concept invented to scare people off and keep them in fear.

    Til I saw the devil in my face, staring right at me. Every lie, every action carried out to serve selfish motives, everything that enlarges our personal ego
    is a tiny small little bit of evil which however, I learn, is feeding into a bigger evil which ultimately is 'the devil' , the sum of everything that is evil.

    I can also say with some certainty that there lack of knowledge (ignorance) is the main fertile soil for evil to latch onto, and grow

    I therefore have some issue with biblical representation that 'search for knowledge' is associated with desire to be like God therefore an evil desire.
    I don't know the Bible well enough but i remember some 'rubbish' of the sort being taught to me at catechism as a child.

    One of the reasons why 'advancing knowledge' is at the heart of my personal and professional interest, as well as participation in this forum

    Lets attempt a taxonomy of evil sometime

    Slightly agitated

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  4. Pgalaxy added a blog entry in The Couch   

    Back to basics
    In the early days, blogs were called weblogs, and were used by developers to annotate and share
    notes about their coding. They turned out to be a massive hit, and became a way of people to share
    all sorts of things

    In my life I must have started dozens of blogs, in relation to work, projects, teaching, community building etc
    But never kept up with any of them, after a post or two the thing would die, other priorities would take place

    And I really don't have that much time for writing, even less time for making sense or being accurate

    Two reasons why I am starting a blog here today - unsure as to its faith, but so are most things in life

    1) I need a place to start annotating and possibly sharing many of random thoughts that come to mind, before they leave me,
    so that I can attempt an analysis of and how they are intertwined with my to do list. There must be a connection between all the
    things that I think about, and my daily life, and sometimes i cant see it.
    I seem to live a life which is divided into different threads, and I know that somewhere there is a logic that
    binds them all, but I am not aware of it other than in occasional satori moments, maybe a systematic annotation will help me
    observe what's going on

    2) I am fascinated (and sometimes disturbed) by the complexity of the mind in generally, what i see is lots of different
    people inside myself, which is scary. I am convinced that every thought, and every act, every word, is an act of discovery
    and learning about the world, and most importantly, about how we relate to the world. So this blog aims to be an experiential account of whatever happens to be on my mind on the day, its not about any particular topic, or agenda, I am not going to try to keep this blog to keep anyone entertained. However feel free to interact whatever way

    I am not going to try to make sense, nor to be accomplished.

    I seem to notice that POL is underdoing a posting crisis, btw - is that so? In a strange way that would be good I think
    maybe he is just rebuilding his index of constructs I am sure there must be still a lot of thinking going on in his head, which i would like to hear about.

    A true diary of my life experience is likely to be of too personal nature to be shared, I really keep my most private thoughts so hidden even from myself, but a diary of my most superficial layers of my consciousness should be possible.

    I am not promising anything worth reading, starting from my to do list for today.

    I am not sure how this blogging platform works, so it will be some trial and error before I find out how to make use of this medium

    Thanks TGL- maybe this time I can turn into a proper unintentional blogger
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  5. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Status?   

    I think i was adding a comment to a reply or to a comment that I had posted already iin the chocolate cake thread, (it should be visible now that I have pressed the right button)
    I suspect the system may have recognised me as the poster of the previous comment I was trying to comment on (it was a commen on the comment)
    I ll take a screenshot if it happens again
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  6. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Status?   

    I posted the comment below to the wrong section (as a comment to the Kuhn's essay (thanks Campanella for that one btw)

    is there a bug thread?
    Hugo, not sure where to report the following BUG
    I was writing a comment to a post I think (or a comment to a reply)
    and on the top right hand corner there was a button 'add entry'
    I thought that was the command for posting and the following msg came up

    An Error Occurred

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    [#106168] You are not authorised to use this feature

    Useful Links

    * Forgotten Password Recovery
    * Register a new account
    * Our help documentation
    * Contact the forums administrator
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  7. Pgalaxy added a comment on a blog entry Promoting TGL via social networks   

    i am conscious that I have multiple identities, multiple personalitiesObviously I make bold statements, occasionally play different roles in my posts etcI am conscious that some anonymity here has been good, cause I have been able to lower the guard and to saythings from a personal pov that I would not normally let out to anyone, because there are not that manypeople that I trust enough with very personal information (certain personal experiences for examples, or beliefs)Having an explicit SN connection with TGL may change my ability to express myself freely about certain issuesbut i do think that promoting TGL is more important. Unless, i create a double TGL personality for myself,let me think. in the meanitme, well done, all cool
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  8. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Welcome to the new TGL   

    Thanks for the new forum which looks great
    I need to get used to it a bit, find my way around a bit
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  9. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Please read: Moving this site   

    Twitter? whats tgl twitter account?

    could not find any

    ---------- Post added at 01:55 ---------- Previous post was at 01:54 ----------

    whats the fee? would you like us to make a contribution?
    couple of units of currency of choice?

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  10. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Idea: Fitch's paradox of knowability   

    Thanks Rexia

    I appreciate the simplification of the problem - I think I understand
    so what you are asking, really, is whether Fitch's Paradox makes sense
    (or rather, is it logicallly valid?)

    So the question is:
    are all unknown truths knowable?
    not all truths are knowable

    maybe we need to define the values of


    I think its safe to assume different levels of knowledge exists, and maybe even different levels of truths, so to dig deeper we may have to start refining our language for this analysis (need help with that)

    perfect knowledge (whereby all truths are knowable and known)
    does not belong to the world as we know it, although through different
    stages of enlightenment some glimpse of it may be attainable


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  11. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Idea: Fitch's paradox of knowability   

    Thanks Parsec

    I read with interest the paper you point to

    at some point it says

    I think the malady referred to is widespread: we look at the constructs of our mind as if they were the reality we are observing. So the paradox is in the mind of the beholder, so to speak - its the product of a subjective observation/perception.


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  12. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Idea: Fitch's paradox of knowability   


    I can tell you what makes or does not make sense *to me*

    I'd say the sense stops here for me

    I think if you take into account what you have added later

    then, there is no contradiction:

    all truths are knowable,
    but not all truths are known

    not sure if thats what Stanford says though...

    let me know if I am getting something wrong


    If knowledge entails truth, then
    (6) There is a known truth and there is an unknown truth (from 4).
    (7) Contradiction! We therefore deny (4):
    (8) It is false that (there is a known truth and it is known that there is an unknown truth).
    (9) (8) is a theorem and all theorems are necessary.
    (10) It is necessarily false that (there is a known truth and it is known that there is an unknown truth).
    (11) A necessarily false proposition is impossible.
    (12) It is impossible that there is a known truth and it is known that there is an unknown truth.
    (13) It is impossible that it is known that there is an unknown truth.
    (14) It is not knowable that there is an unknown truth.

    Now compare (3) and (14):

    It is knowable that there is an unknown truth.
    It is not knowable that there is an unknown truth.

    (15) Contradiction! We therefore deny (2):
    (16) It is false that there is an unknown truth.
    (17) All truths are known.


    (18) All truths are knowable entails that all truths are known.

    ---------- Post added at 08:30 ---------- Previous post was at 08:28 ----------

    This above is a proof-theoretic approach to the knowability paradox.

    Not knowable and unknown- If a proposition is not knowable, it seems to follow that it is unknown. If a proposition is not knowable, it *cannot* be known, or it is impossible to be known. As a consequence, that proposition is also unknown.

    But if a proposition is unknown, it doesn’t follow that it is not knowable. For it might be the case that an unknown proposition is knowable. For example, it is unknown to us that a spider lurks in the corner of the room. But it is not unknowable that a spider lurks in the corner of the room.

    Knowable and known- Just as “not knowable” and “unknown” mean differently, “knowable” and “known” mean differently. If a proposition is knowable, this by no means implies that it is known. But if a proposition is known, then it seems to mean also that it is knowable. For a proposition has to be knowable before it can be known.

    Another thing- The main difference between a proposition that is unknowable and a proposition that is unknown is that one proposition is necessarily so. If a proposition is unknowable, then it is necessarily unknown.
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  13. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Research, Learning, TGL   


    I have half a dozen mind blowing research projects (aside from my own Phd) that may interest some here

    So what I would probably like to have (read this as a requirement perhaps)
    is a page in a section where i can outline with a sentence or two, or so, what I have in mind, and where others can decide to jump on board

    Also, have come aross half a dozen great people who may do good interviews

    Plus -got an idea for an article

    I ll be happy for rigorous review/editing from peers before stuff is made live, so perhaps a place where only community members can chip in, before the output becomes public

    Let me know how to go about it (other than emailing Hugo privately to discuss the above, or any subset thereof)

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  14. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Advertising at TGL   

    found this thread when searching for something else

    also me thinks is no issue, provided the earnings justfy the trouble, I d suggest to test adverts and again after one year or so evaluate performance and reconsider

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  15. Pgalaxy added a post in a topic Idea: Fitch's paradox of knowability   

    Rexia, thanks for raising the paradox, it is indeed very interesting

    i am not sure I am following the argment completely (yet)

    I am probably not sophisticated enough, and I admit I
    cling to simplicity and naivety of views

    I dont think i can accept either statement above, they both seem
    paradoxical in themselves - remind me, where do you get 1) and 2) from?

    i also need to understand if
    not knowable and
    unknown are the same, or equivalent, or different in any way
    (please address)

    additionally, I think there may be something missing from such a formulation, for example, the individual knower point of view

    all truths are knowable (but not at the same time, by the same person due to cognitive limitations, right?)

    so there is a temporal issue - and time is a bit controversial ....

    Also I reminded myself of some ancient postulates

    whereby knowing is the product/function of the intellect, so basically
    the unknown is what the intellect can't see due to its limitations

    (btw mysticism is a recategorization of prearistotelic scientific knowledge)

    and thanks for the precious links.... cool stuff....

    I will not be offended if my remarks are missing the point, and if you have no particular comment to add, but any explanation of where you come from
    would be appreciated

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