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  1. Stummel added a post in a topic Norway, Double Standards, and the Dangers of Simplistic Thinking   

    I know this is a bit off-topic for the current discussion, but I think it's really interesting that this story wasn't more widely reported. That fact could possibly be grouped under double-standards. Much of the media must be very confused by it all, a Christian fundamentalist terrorist and a heroic lesbian couple.
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  2. Stummel added a post in a topic Norway, Double Standards, and the Dangers of Simplistic Thinking   

    That is very true, the left and the right are both trying to sell ideas at the cost of the other side and people are starting to feel left out of the battle all together I think.
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  3. Stummel added a post in a topic Norway, Double Standards, and the Dangers of Simplistic Thinking   

    Welcome Roquentin!

    It is really interesting to hear a Norwegian opinion on this, so thank you. The only thing I wanted to add though is that the sentiments you describe a lot of Norwegians feeling at the moment of not being heard or the fear of being accused of racism are definitely not just a Norwegian phenomenon. I would even say the shift to the political right in much of Europe in the past few years has been an indication of this, certainly in the UK. In Germany, especially with its history coupled with large numbers of migrants, a politician recently published a book in which he decried the failure of assimilation and of German immigration policies. There was a public outcry and he was commonly referred to as a racist in much of the media, but seemed to have a lot of popular support. I can't say I sympathise with any of these sentiments though, and I don't even think they make much sense, as the current status quo in both the UK and Germany still very much views foreigners, and in particular Muslims, as second class citizens or backwards, and the main cultural influence is still very much Western. There seems to be a whole lot of paranoia and rhetoric attached to the fears of the right, and for that I have little understanding.
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  4. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    Any opinions on the season finale? The show seems to be picking up a bit, and I am most surprised to hear from people who haven't read any of the books that they love this show. All in all, they still moved along too fast for my liking, there are still too many unnecessary prostitute scenes to sex it up, but the characters are a little better developed.
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  5. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    Apart from Drogo finally talking, I am really very tired of the drawn out sex scenes involving all the prostitutes they can find. They are just using up valuable time which could be used to develop characters more, not cheapen the whole thing by using sex to sell the show. Very disappointing.
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  6. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    I actually liked last episode a bit better, though I agree that Theon and his prostitute was a bit odd and almost a waste of space for the show.
    I still think Drogo comes across like a stupid brute, and am almost sad Viserys is gone, as he was played quite well.
    There is way too much gore and nudity and not enough explanation of character relations, but I suppose that is what most TV is about. They didn't really explain the Eyrie or the ill son very well, and if I hadn't read the book I would have been completely mystified as to how Cat blamed Tyrion for her son's attacks or why her sister was willing to kill him. As it is, I think the show really requires some Cliff's notes for all those who haven't read the books.
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  7. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    I didn't realise there are only 5 more episodes - that is utterly ridiculous. I've felt form the beginning that they are rushing it, and it really hurts the programme. Also agree about Cat, the casting is off I think. And where is Drogo? Is the audience supposed to buy that him and Dany truly fell in love because she insisted on being on top, and that is the end of the development of their relationship?
    I do however think that Sam is well played so far.
    The most ridiculous part of the entire season so far though has to be the exchange between Tyrion and a full-bearded 30-year old actor supposed to be 13/14 year old Rob stark, in which Tyrion calls him "Boy" and Rob Stark rebuffs him. It almost made me laugh if I hadn't found it so cringe-worthy.
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  8. Stummel added a post in a topic Using Digits   

    Thank you AllBlue I used a pattern I found that was sort of similar, but had those box pleats instead of the gathered waist. I did make it for myself and have worn it, but it is a little too big, even though I altered the pattern to make it smaller. It is very comfortable though. I bought the fabric because it looks very much like the fabric Horrockses used for their dresses in the 1950's, and found the pattern after. I'm currently making a baby quilt for a friend, and after that have some more dresses planned.
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  9. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    Can't we just make this the Game of Thrones general thread? Otherwise we'll have dozens in no time. I get confused easily...
    Oh, and I can't concentrate on Daenerys because of the silly eyebrows.
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  10. Stummel added a post in a topic Osama Bin Laden is Dead   

    I am member of another forum which consists of mainly women, and they have a thread on the killing. Everything else I have read pales in comparison. Most of the posters announce gleefully that he deserved to die or "had it coming", plan bbq's to celebrate, at which they want to serve fish caught in the pacific ocean, and that the Navy Seals were merely defending themselves from an armed Osama who probably had bombs strapped to himself in his own house. They called me naive when I tried to suggest that there are ethical and political implications, and seem to actually believe that there is no question of legality or ethics, since "this was war" and civilian ethics or morals don't apply there. Apparently he also deserved no human rights or decency. I actually give up, in the face of such widespread nonsense. I'm just really, really sad, and despairing of humanity.
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  11. Stummel added a post in a topic Game of Thrones episode 2   

    So...what is the consensus on episode 3? I actually thought it was getting a bit better, but overall I still don't really care about any of the characters particularly and still think it would be difficult to make out of one hasn't read the books.
    Drogo still seems like a huge oaf, but Arya is getting more interesting. The scenes at the wall would make no sense to me at all if I had no background knowledge and so far I find neither Ned Stark, nor Jon Snow or Tyrion that stimulating.
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  12. Stummel added a post in a topic Osama Bin Laden is Dead   

    I am continuously amazed how many people online have decided that he "deserved to die" in such a manner, and that "justice has been served". This is exactly the same rhetoric used by some Western-hating preachers, and killing a man because he killed others is so hypocritical.
    I guess we don't really need courts, judges, and international laws, because apparently your average Joe on the street knows exactly what justice is and how it should be executed. How relieved I am that lots of those people celebrating an assassination by their government also own guns...
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  13. Stummel added a post in a topic Osama Bin Laden is Dead   

    Freudian slip?
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  14. Stummel added a post in a topic U.S. Assassins get their man   

    "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night of already devoid stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr

    The whole thing is just so hypocritical and I am at a loss for words about world-wide reactions and celebrations.
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  15. Stummel added a post in a topic Using Digits   

    I recently made a dress from a 1950's pattern and modelled after this Horrockses dress:

    My version:

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