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  1. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Peak Oil   

    Well, Kunstler's book certainly is interesting. I am acquainted with a retired chief scientist for the Department of Energy specializing in geology. Lately, we've talked about this issue at length. He doesn't agree with much of what the website portrayed in "life after the oil crash", but agrees that the problem is serious. One interesting thing he also mentioned was his opinion that the ANWAR drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge is setting the stage for much more proliferent drilling in the Arctic, where truly significant reservoirs of oil are thought to dwell. When i brought the Chevron notice to his attention, he suggested that the motivation is probably to alarm the public to such a degree that further proposals of drilling in the Arctic would be met with approval.

    In light of many of the consequences of modernity brought up in this thread, i almost feel like a pessimist in saying that i don't believe Kunstler's scenario will come to pass. What is truly disappointing is the political situation we are in with the Middle East. Had we not ignored Carter's speech over 20 years ago, we may not have had such a problem with terrorism as we do today.
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  2. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Enrst Mayr: What Evolution Is   

    Thanks for the excellent review. I've bought it, and am planning on reading it in a few days over the course of a 23 hour Greyhound trip.
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  3. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Charles Bukowski   

    I bought a book of poems by Bukowski called mockingbird wish me luck at an independent bookstore nearby. I made the bookseller's day by doing so, apparently. She was grinning ear-to-ear and started giving some high praise to Bukowski. I could see she was ready to start a full-blown conversation about poetry, but i sidled out the door before she found out how ignorant i am about it all. These are some depressing poems, david. I've read some Hemingway but he's never been my favorite... What parralels do you see between him and Bukowski?
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  4. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Cormac McCarthy   

    I'm sure i will be. I should be getting it through the mail shortly. Heh, checking the mail is one of my favorite things to do since finding this place.
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  5. Rembrandt added a post in a topic American Psycho reconsidered   

    Wonderful essay, Hugo. I just finished the book and was impressed by Ellis' writing on many levels. I like how you focus in on Bateman's character and show how his psychotic behavior is basically a problem of courage. I had come to the same conclusion by applying what i had learned from Adler, how...

    It's interesting what you said about how Bateman's defense is to find meaning in meaninglessness, relating to the modernist idea of the "death of God". You portray his struggle very nicely, which together with the quotes is quite convincing of your reading of AP as a tragedy.
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  6. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Kierkegaard   

    If i can find it (all my books are in storage), I will also be looking through Camus' essay, "Myth of Sisyphus" for his take on Kierkegaard, since i recall that it is the Fear and Trembling theme of a "leap of faith" that he discusses in it.
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  7. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Kierkegaard   

    I've now moved to the "Philosophical Fragments", which is a library book since my copy of Fear hasn't arrived yet through the mail. Once it arrives, i'll be happy to join in a reading of it.

    How about this quote from Sickness unto Death:

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  8. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Kierkegaard   

    Well, i'm working through Sickness Unto Death the second time through. It's really hard! The first couple of pages were mind-boggling, and i'm still having a hard time grasping what "the self is a relation that relates itself to itself or is the relation's relating itself to itself in the relation" means. Surprisingly, it seems that i can comprehend the rest of it to a fair degree (which, according to Kierkegaard, probably means i've missed the mark completely ). I've never read a more fascinating account of the human condition, and once i have some more of the murky areas cleared up in my mind, i'll let you know what i think.
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  9. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Movies i've seen...   

    That essay on House of Flying Daggers was excellent. I remember being impressed with the way the director showed the scene of the Imperial soldiers closing in on the resistance hideout toward the end and never came back to it; in effect telling us that the war isn't really what the film is about.

    I recently watched Color of Paradise, an incredibly beautiful Iranian film. It is about a blind boy who nevertheless sees life in the sense described in this thread. His widowed father, however, neglects him time and again in pursuit of his own worries and desires. The ending is one of the most tragic i've ever seen.
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  10. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Who wants to have a drink?   

    Sheesh, i keep forgetting that i'm old enough to order drinks now. What can you send me that would impress a girl and go well with chocolate? You have to hurry on this one...
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  11. Rembrandt added a post in a topic History Carnival   

    Nice work, Hugo!
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  12. Rembrandt added a topic in Explore   

    I'm planning on reading some Kierkegaard soon. I've heard a bit about his life and personality and am interested in getting to know some of his books. I'm not sure which book is best to start with; would anyone recommend Philosophical Fragments? Sorry if this is a sad thread, as i haven't read anything yet. I'll come back to this and add my impressions when i do.

    Aside from the other thread here, has anyone else read or heard about this guy?
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  13. Rembrandt added a post in a topic From the Grove   

    Well, I was going to accuse you of heightening my anticipation for Sansa chapters even further, but i got my Starks mixed up; it's Arya that i like best (after Dany). One of my favorite parts was when Arya was training under the Braavos swordmaster and had to hop around on one foot or chase cats all over the castle. Now i'm curious as to how long she'll keep up her prayers for vengeance. As for Sansa, I do like how her attitude has changed so much since the first book. Amen to what you said about Dany .
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  14. Rembrandt added a topic in Read   

    From the Grove
    Here's a quick rundown of some of the books i've been reading that are featured in the grove. I've been going at them at a fairly steady pace. It helps when you spend up to three hours daily on the bus.

    I just finished Business of Alchemy I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that i was expecting it to be mostly about alchemy. Becher was quite a fascinating individual. I also recently purchased History of Beauty through the site here, i believe, as well as the third book of George Martin's fantasy series. This has got to be one of my favorite fantasy series so far, topping Lord of the Rings even. The author is incredibly skillful at keeping you in suspense, and does things most writers don't do (like killing off main characters) to keep things unpredictable. The characters are full of personality; my favorite being Dany with Sansa Stark a close second. The books also feature some of the worst villains i've ever come across.

    Another interesting thing is that apparently George Marting got the idea for the series by imagining the opening scene with the wolf pups. Strange how the whole series grew out of that one short scene .

    I'm also slowing working my way through Rawls Theory of Justice. It's great stuff but i don't have much to say about it right now. Has anyone else been checking out any of the books from the Grove?
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  15. Rembrandt added a post in a topic Christianity and Evolution   

    Well, i suppose i ought to have something to say here. As a Catholic i know that we're encouraged to see the Adam and Eve story as an allegory and not take it literally at all. I don't see the myth as neccessarily wrong on an allegorical level though. If you read Daniel Quinn's Ishmael you will find an interesting interpretation of the Fall as the result of the agricultural revolution and the subsequent beginning of civilization. While i don't agree with him, i think there are true insights to gain from thinking about the Fall and other aspects of the myth.

    Personally, i think the Tree of Knowledge must play a big part in understanding the story, and maybe it has something to do with our ego. I'll look forward to hearing more about your interpretation.
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