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  1. Kushna Mufeed added a post in a topic Reading the Bible   

    Well, if there were only two humans to begin with, incest among their children was the only way to continue the race.
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  2. Kushna Mufeed added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    "Kushna" is a nonsensical word, among a series of nonsensical words, my friends and I became obsessed with and subsequently named ourselves after in the eighth grade. "Mufeed" is an Arabic word, meaning "useful", a nickname my parents have given me in recent years. Put them together and you get "Kushna Mufeed", my pen-name that I will hopefully publish my writings under.
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  3. Kushna Mufeed added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    Well, I was talking to someone on DreamViews chat that in two days, no one had criticised a piece I had written. He told me to come here and it would get criticised for sure.
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  4. Kushna Mufeed added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Wazza! Not much to say. I was referred to this site by a member of Dream Views.
    I write, mainly fantasy, and have been spending quite some time developing a fantasy world to set stories in. I'm mainly interested in posting some of my writings for criticism, but I hope to get involved in other areas of the site as well.
    This looks like a really promising community. I'm glad to be here. least I hope I will be.
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