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  1. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    I'm entirely comfortable with this statement. However, when I have had this discussion before it quickly turns out that people really "mean" an absolute truth, they expose this with their reaction to the idea of contradictory truths. I've seen this most in discussion about the justified true belief theory of knowledge, since knowledge clearly evolves over time.

    I suppose my point is, that beyond taking some metaphysical position that truth is somehow related to an accurate correspondence with reality (which we percieve, sometimes imperfectly) and that our use of the word "truth" represents something we think can be demonstrated in a compelling way, that further definition of truth is of limited value. At least, best not to start until the underpinning definition is clear.

    I am with you as far as that dimensions of truth line, though I'd not consider shared truths as objective, knowing how irrational group dynamics can be it would be safer to call the personal truths objective. And herein lies the problem of terminology again.
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  2. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    Might as well discard it, it devolves to telling us something about people's biases rather than about its actual correspondence with reality. As I've often noticed (and as is commonly observed of people) when someone is claiming the truth of something it is time to check their story.
    Hence I am inclined to see some truth in the deflationary theory of truth, rather than it's disproof which, as I mentioned earlier, I find uncompelling.

    As for going in the complexity (Kuhn's incommensurability raises it's ugly head) of scientific interpretations of what it is for a property to be green, I'm going to move to a little Wittgenstein, in that words mean what we use them to mean.
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  3. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    YadaYada, I find your proof uncompelling because your examples of truth fall into the true by definition category which is a most uninteresting category.
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  4. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    I agree
    Your examples didn't convey any meaning to me, so I am not sure how to alter them to convey the meaning you intended.
    I interpret the modifier "is true", as deflationary, in the more general sense of both of the examples you give.
    The reason for this is tied to the way I see "truth" used in other senses, such as the justified true belief version of knowledge. Because people always consider that there are things that they "know" yet at the same time they fail to recognise that as knowledge changes over time this creates the potential for truths which are contradictory, and people generally take the position that truths cannot be contradictory. The implication of this is that what they thought they knew, is (or was), in the light of more recent knowledge, not knowledge at all.

    To carry this problem a little further, we have to recognise that everything we know may be superceded by future knowledge in a similar way, this makes it difficult to call anything knowledge while one holds a view that knowledge must be truth and truths can never contradict.

    As a result of this, I consider that when someone says something is true, they usually mean that they believe in it really strongly, yet they also mean it in an absolute sense, and are frequently guilty of conflating these two distinct meanings of the term.

    So, in essense, I have given up on truth as an absolute, accept truths can be contradictory (and from person to person they are) and tend to consider the most useful way to talk about truth is in the deflationary sense. So, rather than saying something is true, just say I really really really strongly believe in this and it will convey a similar meaning, if you are like me, you will find this sufficiently absurd to be worth dropping the "but it's true" from your lexicon.
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  5. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

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  6. Jamie added a post in a topic Linux   

    WIndows windows windows on my main work computer for so long it's frustrating, however I have just made a major switch to Unbuntu Hardy Heron.

    Slackware on my server for the better part of 10 years. I seem to recall using version 4 (that may make a lie of the 10 year thing, but it will be close).

    The things that permit me to try a workstation with linux are openoffice and vmware. Admittedly I paid for a vmware license, but I wanted to make a real move and a half step (keeping some windows stuff in a working way) seemed like the way to go.

    Ubuntu is absolutely brilliant. The package management is excellent. Compiz is a little buggy for my liking, so I have it disabled.

    I am tempted to go to slackware on my laptop as well, but the maintenance cost (I'd be unable to resist the temptation to custom compile the kernel and other absurdly time wasting technical fun) is enormous.

    ETA: if you wan't to "learn" linux then perhaps Ubuntu is not the right choice. It does so much for you that if you broke it I suspect fixing it would be a challenge. I have also noticed a lot of the Ubuntu forum posts are aimed at, and produced by, less competent linux people. The kind who post, and expect people to try, commands like sudo rm -rf / (by the way DO NOT TRY THIS).
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  7. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    Your post makes a lot of sense.
    jedaisoul, it was large chunks of your posts that I was directing my comment toward. I could have been more specific at the time.

    If I may choose a specific example

    You start with a tautology "blue is a color" is true since blue is defined as a colour so the result is obvious. But in your defense that "blue is good" as neither true nor false your terms explode, no longer is it sufficient to deal with truth, we now have to understand what you mean by "inherently", "good" and "bad". It would very much appear that by adding yet more and more terminology, without care to the meaning, you run the risk of meaning nothing at all.
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  8. Jamie added a post in a topic The Dimensions of Truth   

    I am inclined to the deflationary theory of truth, in which it is recognised that the statement "snow is white" is not different from "it is true that snow is white" and which deflates much of the above commentary in a similar fashion.
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  9. Jamie added a post in a topic Computer science anyone?   

    6502 Assembly at school

    Never became a real programmer, just an engineer who needs programming tools occasionally.

    Perl these days (handy fast and capable of being a customised internet server app) or VBA in excel when I have to.

    I was entertained to read why the linux kernel will always be in C (never C++). Seems that one uses the language appropriate for the task.
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  10. Jamie added a post in a topic Themes? Firefox 3 beta   

    Thanks Hugo, I have submitted a page problem report through the FF "Report Broken Web Site" tool (funny how the name of the button presupposes blame) so perhaps they'll look at it too.

    Part of choosing to use a bleeding edge Ubuntu release is acceptance of teething problems ... so here I am (experiencing very few teething problems).
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  11. Jamie added a topic in Extend   

    Themes? Firefox 3 beta
    Very cool BTW but with FF3b5 (in Ubuntu - Hardy Heron) I can't read the text in the buttons or some of the forum descriptions. No doubt an FF3 issue, but is there somewhere I can select a different theme to view the forum in? I looked in options but couldn't find it.
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  12. Jamie added a topic in Influence   

    The program arrived here about 8 days ago (2nd program last night). I was reading a commentary of it in our daily rag this morning essentially describing the program as a shallow glorification of a vigilante serial killer.

    Having also watched The Iceman and the Psychiatrist I was struck by how carefully considered the overall persona of Dexter Morgan is.

    Watching from outside of the US, where reports on legal results in tend to be the absurd attention grabbing cases, its not difficult to see much deeper questions being asked by the show than a tagline of "shallow" would suggest.
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  13. Jamie added a post in a topic Oil's Peak or Bust   

    Seems one of those things some simple math can highlight.

    1/ There is x amount of oil available (say in terms of net energy recovered after the loss through processing - which is greater for shale oil)

    2/ Oil demand increases at y% per annum

    3/ Every year, deduct the increasing demand from the remainder

    An assumption, of course, that demand will continue to rise. Given the car production rate in China one would have to say that demand is not going to level off in the near future. Extrapolate this to other under-consumers (if an American consumer is the norm the world has some catching up to do) and the potential for increased demand is phenomenal.

    Another assumption is that the availability of oil is not astronomically larger than our consumption rate, pushing peak oil off into the comfortable distance (post our kids being dead).

    I haven't put numbers to any of these, I've sort of trusted that those who've highlighted the issue have. The basic concept makes too much sense to be able to ignore.
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  14. Jamie added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Thanks for the welcome
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  15. Jamie added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Hi all I'm Jamie (in real life as well)

    I'm a pragmatic soul, a practicing engineer, and have developed an interest in reading philosophy much later than my university stint.
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