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  1. Philosophy added a post in a topic New School Year 2005-2006   

    Wonderful atmosphere for me, too, seeing friends of mine...
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  2. Philosophy added a post in a topic Say hello to the lurkers   

    I have a question for lurkers (but since they're lurkers, the members could try to answer): Why are you hoping that this site will fail? Or is it just Hugo's supposition?
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  3. Philosophy added a post in a topic Say hello to the lurkers   

    Lurkers read and do not post,
    For they wish only to reference
    Not to participate.
    'Tis their way of doing.

    Lurkers read and do not post,
    But we the posters want
    Them to post.
    Hence the encouragement from us
    'Tis our way of doing.

    Lurkes read and do not post,
    But that irritates us
    And hence they should post
    Or else their names shall be deleted
    'Tis The Statutes' way of doing.

    One of my supposition is that they do not wish to participate, but rather they only want to use the site as some sort of reference source. One of the reference sources may be the Introduction to Philosophy series that Hugo wrote. Another may be the Aphorisms of Witty.

    An interesting point of view.
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  4. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   

    Is that so? Boys become more street-wise and less well academically? In my experience, one of my greatest academic opponents at school is a boy, of fine nature, whose parents are divorced. He ain't no mature, to tell the truth. He ain't no street-wise, to tell more truth. But one thing one knows for certainty is that he is academic-wise...

    Thanks, TheBeast... *TheBeast doesn't know that I go out, too...And in summer, I do travel, so I have some social life, to tell the truth*

    Ok, today I've used too many "to tell the truth" phrases...
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  5. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   

    Ok, questions, but you're asking me so allow me to answer you.

    "What do you know about large families?"
    --I know that they have many kids, many things to be worried about, attention for kids divided (instead of putting total attention into one or two kids, one would have to divide it amongst, say, 7 kids)
    "And the distribution of love?"
    --Divided love
    "Where are your arguments coming from?"
    --Ach, perhaps from thinking and using the Cartesian "good sense". Does one necessarily need to experience something to be able to write about it? (there, you told me to ask question! )
    " Why do you feel so comfortable speaking broadly about them (hint: you shouldnt)?"
    --"you shouldn't" is just your opinion (indeed ) but as I said to davidm, the "essay" (in quotation marks because some may not consider it one) is used to stimulate further thoughts. Although, as davidm said, the tone of the essay assumed that its matter be true, but I did not claim it so. Your opinion has 50% chance of being right, so perhaps you're right perhaps you're wrong in saying "you shouldn't"...

    I wonder, what if at the beginning I took stance on large families instead of advocating that adults should choose to have as few children as possible so that they can raise their kids better? This is a sincere advice, but somehow, it is misunderstood as an evil omen . What if at the beginning I said that, "to be happy, one must have as many kids as possible, even though one has to work one's very stressful best to raise them all". Your choice, to say the truth. If you would like to have 17 kids in your house, the stress will be much greater than having just, say, 3 kids. Don't tell me that this is not true! More kids = more stress, one can imagine. Kids aren't machines, and they're hard to raise! In fact they are more evil than my cats themselves!
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  6. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   

    Ach, that's a mistake...Take out the "certainly", we have "perhaps", and perhaps "perhaps" alone would've done better.
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  7. Philosophy added a post in a topic Categorization of Belief, Rationality, and Knowledge   

    Perhaps he would like to show us how interesting these notes are? In my humble opinion, I think that not all threads should have merits for argumentation. Instead, one could post lectures on here so that others can learn or question the lectures posted!
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  8. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   


    I wonder why you always think that I talk in a haughty fashion? Certainly perhaps you interpret far too beyond the limitation of interpretation, for I do not mean to be such? I suppose next time I will only give explanations, for there is no more argument I can satisfactorily give on here.

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  9. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   

    *sigh*I didn't intend this to be offensive. Let us do it again:

    Assertion: Kids in large families do not get as much attention and love from parents as those in smaller families.
    Support 1(tried my best): That is because in large families, parents are constantly worried about money, so that they can support your children.
    Support 2(tried by best): The time they spend to work and take care of other things around the house takes away the time they should spend with the children.

    *sigh* what is this: [sympathy]However, this is not to say that the parents in large families do not love their children; they simply do not have enough time and energy to take good care of them. [/sympathy]

    Dear Hugo,

    All arguments must leave traits to be exploited. No single argument, to tell the truth, can be so perfect and objective that it contains no fallacies, no traits, no nothing. In fact, writing gives way to further argument. Every single fact can be bended to the arguer's wish. For example, the fact that you said this "essay" may be "offensive" is an argument. A nice argument, even, but it wounds the essayist. But this cannot be avoided: arguers wound each other. That is something that needs tolerance, that is all, in argumentation. There has been, and should be, no elitism intended howsoever, not in the least intention was plotted.

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  10. Philosophy added a post in a topic Glossopoeisis   

    Older Chinese is based on what? Surely glossopoesis is the origin of languages, for the very first chinese words were created through the process of glossopoeisis by ancient conlangers!

    As for inventing the whole myth, I'm sure most conlangers can invent that too, just like Tolkien. You know, inventing languages is amongst the most creative things in the world!
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  11. Philosophy added a post in a topic Having Many Kids: An Essay   

    Hmm, you're probably right! My OP essay seems to be quite affirmative and to deny all the different opinions, but I didn't intend for it to do so.
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  12. Philosophy added a post in a topic Glossopoeisis   

    unsupported assertion...

    Do not tell me that Chinese is based on English...
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  13. Philosophy added a post in a topic Glossopoeisis   

    Hmm, this is an interesting perspective! I know Tolkien had been inventing languages since he was a kid! Perhaps you are right, he wrote his novels to make other people learn his glossopoeises! Tolkien's so evil!
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  14. Philosophy added a post in a topic New School Year 2005-2006   

    During summer, no. But during school year, yes. Because I never want to mess up any of my scholastic year, never.

    I'm afraid if you continue to stay up late like this during school year your brain cells will be all annihilated. You know, there is no way to get more brain cells when you get older. The # of brain cells you have is fixed!
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  15. Philosophy added a post in a topic New School Year 2005-2006   

    That terrifies me...Just take my advice sincerely and you'll see yourself acing all subjects in school during this new scholastic year 2005-2006!

    Goal for you:
    +Develop a normal sleeping pattern.
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