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    I love music. I love to sing and I love to dance. I'm from African heritage so I enjoy music that is african based (ie. hip-hop, r&b, soul). I also like any kind of pop or music that makes you move. That kind of music is purely for my enjoyment and doesnt touch my heart at all or my beliefs. The music that does touch my heart and my beliefs would be alternative rock, like Switchfoot, Mute Math, and any other bands.

    I basically can bear with anything except for country, heavy metal, or punk rock.

    the heaviest I can get is 30 Seconds To Mars. haha.
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    thank you.
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    I was in 5th grade, and we were coming back from a trip to Spain. Then we all decided to give each other nicknames. My friend got the nickname "pipoca" which means popcorn in portuguese. She carried on the nickname for awhile. I always thought it was the coolest nickname ever and I loved the fact that she spelled it with a "k" hehe. So as I was thinking up an email name for myself at the age of 9 I decided to go for pipocamel. I had asked her previously if I could use it and she didnt mind. "pipoca" for the nickname and "mel" is the last part of my real name. When I joined to the boards, I signed in as pipokaluvsswitchfoot13 and people decided to call me Pip. so...that's the story.
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    I googled "philsosophy for beginners" and then I found the website. And through the website I found these boards.
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    hey everyone!

    I'm Pip (no that's not my real name..hehe). I've always been one to ask a lot of questions. Ever since I was young. I grew up in a conservative Christian home so those questions werent always answered or were ignored. I didn't take it personally though. About 3 years ago I became a Switchfoot fan, and joined their messageboards. Switchfoot has got to be the best band ever. hehe. They encouraged me to think. They have a What Do You Believe section and that is where I started thinking outside the box a little bit. I actually thought that I would be drawn farther and farther away from my faith but no, I've just been drawn farther away from the system that is Christianity. But Jesus is still my hero. I've been kind of dead on the philsosophy I decided to learn some more from your website and here I am.

    Please bear with me if I dont quite understand things. I'm pretty young and naive.

    Hope to have a good time though!

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