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    Thanks Hugo, I'd be happy to.

    Giving a brief summery of deconstruction is neigh impossible for a few reasons. First of all, it is very, very complex. Secondly, it is intentionally nebulous (which allows it to be employed in a multitude of different fields including philosophy, literature, politics, ethics, art, and history). Lastly, it is self referential (i.e. deconstruction is inherently applicable to everything, including itself). This means that its definition is in constant flux.

    An extreme over simplification would be to say that deconstruction is a textual strategy that makes the text's biases and preconceptions visible (I'm using the term 'text' here in the loosest possible sense -- basically it can be anything that you want to deconstruct. Everything from political theory, to fictional novels, to tv shows, to songs, to history, etc etc etc). Once those hierarchical biases ('x' is better than 'y', or 'a' is a precursor to 'b,' etc) are apparent it allows you to overcome them by finding examples of where the opposite holds true.

    Far from destroying the work, it allows you to read it in a multitude of new ways.

    . . . So that's about a 20th of what's in the essay. And by essay I mean a video based poem with a strong aural component containing mostly other people's words (put into a new order, of course). You can read an actual real essay analyzing the piece directly following the video.

    I hope that helps wet your appetite . . . though it probably didn't clarify much .

    ~Paolo Unger Dvorchik
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    Deconstruction Essay / Artwork
    Hello everyone,

    I just finished a theory based artwork that I thought might interest some of you. It's an essay on deconstruction that simultaneously deconstructs the very notion of an essay (I know that sounds somewhat convoluted). There is a pretty in depth explanation/analysis directly following the piece. You can find it here: Deconstruction Essay.

    Any critiques or general comments on the essay/artwork would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    -- Paolo Unger Dvorchik

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