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  1. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    wow this stuffs getting crazy
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  2. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic What books are you reading now?   

    Im just half way through catch 22, for some reason it's one of the few books that makes me laugh out loud, ive never read anything like it before.

    Also i very much enjoyed the series of books 'the emperor' by Conn Iggolden. Im personnaly interested in the roman empire and the books really bring the battles to life tracking Julius Caesar through his life. Were these books really won me over was the way in which although being historically accurate managed to bring the human emotions through.. the betrayal by Brutus the commradarie of Mark Antony and the way they conquored the known world. Very good read!
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  3. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    sounds like something id be quite interested in learning more about.. for something to read, you got any good links?
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  4. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    Thanks Geoff what you said was kinda what i was trying to put forward, if God doesn't want or need for anything then what was the point in creating us?
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  5. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    So if no one told you about god and no one told you that if you followed the teachings then you wouldgo to heaven then you would never no any better. If i told a child not to be loud after 9 o'clock and if they wern't then a monster would get them... does that make the monster real? once someone tells you about God, isn't faith fundamentally the yearning of ones 'sole' to believe that these things are true... It makes us feel important that out of billions of planets God created life here. And if we are so unique why doesn't he pay us more attention.. A god who is omnipient has no use for anything does he? What is the point of us being here? (Gosh getting very deep now lol)
    I read this on another thread and found it making sense although forgive me as i can't remember who wrote it. But what is so good about faith? If God did give us a sign wouldn't more good be achieved by more believers?

    This is not supposed to be me having a go, these are just the things going through my head, i mean are we supposed to just have faith and be happy with that? Does faith stop bad people doing bad things?

    Also again thanks for the lovely welcomes and thanks Jules i will have a look at those sites and have a good old read
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  6. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    well you don't annoy me. i understand what you are saying... but part of me, the imaginative part would like more than just faith, something so we know he/she/it is there what it wants us to do... you know like on films where they see such wonderful things etc. lol sorry for sounding daft and nieve. But... don't get me wrong there are many beautiful things already in this world
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  7. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Movies i've seen...   

    films i have enjoyed watching recently are Sunshine, Solaris and The fountain. They are all thought prevoking films and i would highly recommend them all. They are all films that have left me feeling thoughtful and filled with a feeling of excitement. They are all a wonderful form of escapism. Sunshine has a basic story line where a crew on a space ship attempt to relight our dying sun (set far in the future). The interest arrises when they come accross the mysterious remains of the first ship sent on the same mision as theirs...

    Solaris is a film that just astounded me and really made me think. It is based on a book of the same name, there is a proper review of it somewhere on this site i belieave. And the fountain really is a strange one and all i can say is that anyone who realy likes thought provoking films should watch this one.
    anyone have ny other suggestions for films like that? i can't get enough of them, im thinking i might try that primer...
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  8. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Confusion... religion in general.   

    Thanks for the welcome . The way that you worded the big bang and the expansion is very interesting, i have never thought of it that way round, its things like that you don't get told when sudying the subject lol

    Im a little confused as to what you said about the bible, if people don't think it is literall then why don't some people agree with the theory of evolution, (i know there are some attempts at explaining why the theory of evolution may not be correct... it has always furstrated me for example that a good friend of mine does not believe in the theory of evolution)? It appears i think by what you were saying that differences between religions are solely human, with human problems and arguments... hmm all this thinking lol
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  9. asmorrey1 added a topic in Explore   

    Confusion... religion in general.
    As a young man with parents who are not religios i find myself at a point in my life where i am beginning to ask questions and ask about religion. As it stands i see myself as a scientist to be (studying physics at university), and am a little confused at religion.
    You see firstly i cannot personnaly believe in what the christians say (please forgive me if this seems rude i really don't have much knowledge these are just my thoughts) that *poof* god said there was light and there was etc. What about dinosaurs? If the bible teachings are true did he put those bones in the ground as a joke? If so why is this not in the bible? I can understand however that the bible has stories that can be taken even today and used for good (moral lessons etc.).
    With other religions (which i know little about) my only problem is that if one religion believes they are soley correct and another thinks the same... then who is right? Does that mean for example if i were muslim and it turned out at the end of days christianity was correct does that mean i would go to hell? With those kind of critisisms out of the way i will try and explain what i believe.
    The big bang, evolution, laws of physics. They all seem pretty certain to be true... if i say with x amount of force applied in the direction Y the results Z will occurr and it does... how can it be denied that science does not have the answers? However looking at the bigger picture there are so many things we do not know, if the universe is expanding.. what is it expanding into? Ok there was the big bang, but what about before that? What im trying to say is that i believe there is a 'god' but maybe just not in the conventional terms that current religions talk about (maybe religions just explained what they saw as best as they could) what if god created atoms, created the laws of physics... maybe we are no uncovering his work. Anyway enough of the blab im just very confused lol and wondered what other people thought on the issue...
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  10. asmorrey1 added a post in a topic Human Embryo Research   

    Im not quite sure on this topic myself. Personnaly i dont know how i would feel about a life being halted just to prolong my own, i don't know really. However i suppose it brings in to question when an embryo really becomes a life, and how is life defined in this situation. We don't even understand concioussness (spelt right? ) and from where it arises... i just don't think we understand enough yet to go dibbling and dabbling.
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