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  1. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Birdman: A Critique of the Superhero Genre?   

    The anthropologist Edmund Carpenter described what occurred when he introduced mirrors for the first time to an isolated tribe:

    "After a first frightening reaction, they became paralyzed, covering their mouths and hiding their heads; they stood transfixed looking at their own images, only their stomach muscles betraying great tension."

    The wisdom of ignorance- indeed.

    Mental health is a mental disorder; admittedly, I myself avoid mirrors whenever I can. It's good for the forward march not to be too shockingly reminded of those better forgotten truths- I'm fatter than I internally represent myself to be, rapidly losing my hair, breaking down- entropy is real bitch.

    Riggan, his own Anton Chigurh- in a way he reminded me of Sheriff Bell, the story of a man dealing with himself in a world he struggles to understand; Bell dreamed of his father, conveying that classic reactionary eternalism, that the past is alive, desiring to therein find wisdom in traveling forward.

    Riggan doesn't even have a Twitter account, how in the hell could he possibly connect to the hyper-accelerating social world of Modernity- a mirror reflecting his own insignificance, and worse yet, the ever present temptation the vehicle of which to meaningfully engage with the world, is a past (Birdman) that, like Christ rejecting the temptations of the devil, he knows
    is mission destroying.

    Having exchanged the intimacy afforded mirror-less, creaturely animality, for the safe, telescopic praise of the masses, he desperately seeks connection.

    It's the encapsulation of the 'Modern experience' of alienation, metro vampiricism, social atomism, and identity crisis.

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  2. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    I must say, these last few posts are top notch in terms of comedic value. I'm here at work, and my fellow coworkers have given me odd looks from the seemingly random and intense bouts of laughter.

    Now that the thread has been officially derailed, there's much ground to cover.
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  3. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    Ah yes- story time. I love story time! I'll enjoy some time with my family on this fine day and join you in some good ole fashioned narrative telling.

    Family, certainly a civilizational building block- not particularly progressive though. What a shame. The Bolsheviks, those progressive warriors fighting the, of course, evil, reactionary czarist Russia, were never big fans. Model progressives.

    And did you know, fast forwarding to the modern totalitarianism of permission, Salon, the always sane and leftist, and by leftist, I mean, righteous, (though anyone with any sense knows the terms are synonymous) website recently posted a story about a brave woman who loves to sleep with married men- truly charming.

    And Gawker, the progressive, (righteous, I know, I know a redundancy) website posted an, in the author's words, "enlightening" and "incredible" story about a man who has sex with horses.

    The kind of stuff that warms the soul. Unfortunately, I must leave such heartwarming tales to, as evil reactionaries are prone to do, hang out with the siblings and kids.

    Of course, having kids is one of the least progressive things you can do these days- just see those post-industrialized countries in the West with plummeting fertility rates. Economists are predicting the necessity for a massive influx of immigrants (by the millions) to widen out the age base, historically pyramid like in structure. This is to be celebrated, without reservation, because- moar multiculturalism.
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  4. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    As with all things, particularly for those meta-epistemically pessimistically inclined, there are a range, sometimes to infinity, of possible stories in which to plug in the never self interpreting 'facts,' but as narratives go in the way of capturing the so called popular imagination, they're not all created equal.

    Scouring the darkness that is social media, I've seen some flatly insane contentions, like weeds growing from the soil that serves as the ground from which they emerge, but other than the perverse awe that can come from being privy to sheer and complete insanity, they're of little value.

    The red and blue narratives are gardens (with their own variants of weeds) very much at war with one another. Roughly:

    The blue narrative says "black lives matter," the obvious implication being, using the death of Michael Brown as exemplar, that in a context of structural racism, such as things are purported to be, black lives do not matter- at least not equally. Think of the pigs in Animal Farm. Officer Wilson was unjustified in killing Michael Brown and said killing was the product of either a miscalculation of the possibility for harm rooted in racism or racism simpliciter- reflecting larger racist trends. The riots were the fruit of black rage, being exhausted with social injustice and ill treatment.

    The red narrative says that Officer Wilson was perfectly justified in his actions. That he was the victim of a three hundred pound 'thug' who thought he could rob stores and threaten the life of a police officer with impunity. Rather than white racism, the problem is black social dysfunction- the killing of a black youth on the night of the riots, arson, and general destruction being an "I told you so" moment. The red narrative holds that the problem is less structural racism and more a unilateral exaggeration of the travails of blacks in America.

    There are much more to the narratives, but what is a bad sign, in my estimation, is the highly moralistic language of both sides- ideological negation tends towards the morphing of the adversary, whose existence and mode of life is to be tolerated, into the enemy, who warrants destruction.
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  5. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    As I see it, the "narrative" with the most veridical chops, if you will, was captured by Mencius Moldbug (who was commenting on the Arab Spring)-

    "Americans were bored and needed some better CNN. They wanted to see shit burn."

    (Hugo, I'll expound on your questions in the next post)
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  6. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    "Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism is its middle-aged lust." Jean Baudrillard

    Fasten up those seat belts boys and girls, the hyper-moralizing of the discursive template is unsustainable, and there's an excess of Viagra and lubrication out there. Fascism is learning to get an erection again, and my, like that unlit candle underneath the table, ie, the niceness of "civilized discourse," it's ready to show off its light once again.

    The Left/Right paradigm means nothing here.

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  7. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Ferguson   

    There is perhaps no force on earth more conducive to evil than in taking up the mantle of goodness- this is acutely true, without qualification, when time itself is appropriated, subjected to normativity. Reduced to its basic expression, this temporal/normative subjugation is the belief that:

    "History is on our side."

    Of course, one could replace "History" (capital H, history as telos) with "God" and the effect is roughly the same.

    Nihilism, giving up on "history as telos," and giving up on "good and evil" won't do any good- in the same breath Ray Brassier claims that his realism about truth entails nihilism is he condemning Israel- see what I mean? Call it a quirk of our monkey brains.

    Distance helps. But this is one of the most difficult things in the world to achieve. The reasons for this could fill volumes- the truth is, truth almost universally takes a back seat to survival and 'Man' is just that being which cannot merely survive.

    In the Ferguson case, the red and blue factions each have their narrative- social media analysis shows that the opposing factions have almost zero communication between them, that is, the narratives and the people embodying them, are further apart than ever, but the closeness of each, intra-narrative affirmatively is of such an interlocked, entwined nature, that this is where things get truly nasty.

    It's worse than I thought.
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  8. DeadCanDance added a topic in Influence   

    Power, particularly when unrestrained as entailed by a collapse of traditions or more generally some series of interpersonal moods, or conversely, heightened through ideological appropriation, is blunt force; delegitimization is more like a precision acid, insidious or effective in its ability to 'strike at the very heart of things.' Rarely does a state maintain its monopoly of force through power alone, but through an intricate and increasingly complex tapestry, a web of affirmations.
    That there exists a 'crisis of legitimacy' for what emerged out of, especially the Peace of Westphalia and World War One, ie the transition to the 'state' in its modern form in the West, is hardly news.
    So, no indictment from the grand jury- this is, of course, being plugged into a range of possible narratives- amidst the chaos (fires, gunshots, rioting, etc), what cuts across the narratives is a sinking, elated, or indifferent conviction that for ill or otherwise, this does not bode well for 'legitimacy.'
    What strikes me as perhaps the most ominous sign of things to come are reports of communities having hired private defense forces for the protection of their communities. Fourth-generation warfare in the states would be completely disastrous.
    In response to waning legitimacy, the state will, one could rightfully infer, militarize. In other words, to quote Leonard Cohen: "I've seen the future brother, it is murder."
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  9. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Interstellar: A Stellar Movie   

    Hey Camp, Land has posted a review of 'Interstellar' over at Outside in (; I cannot, for whatever reason, post a link, but I thought you might be interested.

    I think I'll take your advice and make a blog post out of a review, smoothing out what is posted here and adding some recently emerged musings on the film.
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  10. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic What books are you reading now?   

    I've been reading David Bentley Hart's "Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies."

    I'm not usually one for apologetics, but being at least fractionally familiar with Hart from the generally enjoyable blog "First Things," coupled with my general disdain for 'new atheism,' my interest was peaked.

    He's a good writer and this was immediately evident, not above being sarcastically antagonistic. Here's a sample- he's in the midst of giving an account of the cultural landscape:

    "As I write..."The God Delusion," an energetic attack on all religious belief, has just been released by Richard Dawkins, the zoologist and tireless tractarian, who, despite his embarrassing incapacity for philosophic reasoning, never fails to entrance his eager readers with his rhetorical recklessness.

    The journalist Christopher Hitchens, whose talent for intellectual caricature somewhat exceeds his mastery of consecutive logic, has just released "God Is Not Great," a book that raises the wild non sequitur almost to the level of dialectical method."

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  11. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Bullying of sexual/gender minorities   

    Lol. "Share my bigotry." Good god, you are a nasty little fellow, aren't you? Indeed, the site was ground zero for political debate- there were some 10,000 members; 'Twas thoroughly psychotic, to be sure, but a fun outlet. Some of the best politically philosophic discussions I've ever had took place there, but what concerned me, back when I gave a fuck what you thought of me, was the group generally, not my participation therein- a lot of trolls, stupidity, etc.

    That said, I would appreciate if you'd keep what I may have revealed to you in private, private...and I'll do the same.
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  12. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Bullying of sexual/gender minorities   

    Of course you suspect my being "disingenuous;" I would expect, particularly given your failed (and laughable) attempt to paint me as a "coward," nothing less.

    My attempt at explication is, of course, no match for your picture painting, narrative mongering- it seems it's paint by numbers for you.

    Importantly, you sent me a PM that was outstandingly loaded- it was obvious that you weren't interested in clarification, so I didn't bother to respond.

    Also, your attempt to further your narrative, at all costs, by highlighting I tweeted a quote from Francis P. Yockey was so infantile that it actually made me laugh aloud. So what? The Yockey quote is, which involves a lamentation over a certain aspect of Modernity, a sentiment you yourself have expressed time and time again.

    You're embarrassing yourself.

    As for the 'retweet' though I know you'll insist, regardless of my expounding, that it's proof I don a KKK robe on the weekends, I'll do so anyways.
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  13. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Bullying of sexual/gender minorities   

    To clarify on the WW2 post: An even mildly 'disinterested' (from immediate moral signaling) or thoughtful reading of the post would take note of a self distancing, of an epistemic ambivalence. It may be interpreted, without stretch of the imagination, as "pro Nazi;" attempting to self externalize, I myself may have so interpreted the post, but aware of the omnipresent darkly veil of limitation, I would be inclined to further seek the story (beyond the few characters before me) of the post prior to screaming "you pro Nazi limit shitlord!"

    What I meant to convey is far more banal than the frantic ridiculousness of Peculiar's moral narrative, as if I've suddenly developed an affinity for Hitler.

    Simply put, it's no longer obvious to me, as if some contention beyond question, as if some frivolous tautology, that the outcome, in terms of victory, of WW2 in the actual world order is 'better' than it might otherwise have been.

    The literature and interest, I've come to find, in alternate WW2 history is remarkably extensive and diverse.

    As is often the case, history is far more problematic than the popularized emergent narratives would lead one to believe.

    In reflecting on WW2 and alternate paths, I've just wondered, as expressed in the post, what the world might look like had the Axis 'won.' And even 'victory' here is problematic, as there are many possible paths that might have been traveled down post WW2.

    Some of the worst excesses of Mao might never have come to fruition. I wonder what the Middle East would look like today as against its current state- for example, I think an ethnocentrically Jewish state would still have been formed, but it wouldn't have been Israel. What would the world look like had America not become the superpower it went on to be- with a much more relatively isolationist (by today's standards) US? I think of the US led economic sanctions against Iraq back in the 90's that killed hundreds of thousands- one among a range of never to have been actualized possibilities.
    Undoubtedly, communism as the central ideological and actual challenger to liberalism in the last century would have died a quicker death...the Vietnam War probably never would have happened...

    Sieg hell naw to Peculiar's moral narrative mongering.

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  14. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Bullying of sexual/gender minorities   

    Just for the record, I did not delete the post/tweet on the WW2 alternate history to which Peculiar has linked: it's right there in my Twitter history for anyone to see.

    In Peculiar's rush to give that vicious element of his character full expression, (let it out Peculiar, suppression can be perfectly appropriate, but too much is not good for sanity), it seems his brain has stopped working entirely.

    And, I should say, Peculiar's "point" about a difference in tone here as opposed to Twitter is remarkably stale- does he mean to suggest that behavior, modes of communication and the veracity of propositional support needs be the same in all contexts? I might freely use the word "fuck" while in the company of friends, but wouldn't do so around my mother.

    Twitter's character limit is not exactly conducive to sustained analysis- and, for those interested in "events" (as Cioran uses the term) quite naturally trends towards a greater level of partisanship.

    So yes, I think it perfectly appropriate to more "genteel" here.
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  15. DeadCanDance added a post in a topic Bullying of sexual/gender minorities   

    It cannot be said of Peculiar that he's intellectually challenged or cognitively otherly-abled or whatever currently socially approved word or phrase meaning to signify dumbness is. I have not ever doubted and do not doubt this now.

    Such being the case, I'm perplexed, almost aghast at his most recent post: there must be some causal explanation for such a blatant display of a lack of comprehension, of the fervor to plug in, as it were, statements into a moral narrative where no such narrative, in the twisted structure he would hammer it into, exists.

    What I've suspected about Peculiar is, unfortunately, being given witness to: in point of contact with an "other," he decides, unconsciously or otherwise, what the terms, if you will, of contact will be preemptively, and squeezes this through the mesh of a static cognitive horizon.

    Though our friendship may be over, I hope Peculiar will spare me his "nastiness;" I've seen this side of the man- it's skillful and vicious...and I'm a sensitive person.

    On second thought- let it out sir. There was a time when being called a 'horrible person' by you would have cut deeply indeed, but recognizing that such repudiations come as easily to you as a fish swimming in the water, it has a way of blunting the effect- par for the course, as they say.

    Anyways, I should be able to have the knots of the latest post untied and respond this evening- I'm no Houdini here, and time moves more slowly down here in the land of "inbreds."
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