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  1. Karlsvogna added a topic in Explore   

    Cosmopolitanism of Kant, and the Facebook.
    Greetings sire, and the ladies.

    A brief introduction of myself might seem necessary for this topic, though I will not provide this information now, because I do not think that's useful. Although I will just give one "a priori", for all the people who will read these questions and expand my knowledge with theirs, and that "a priori" is; as necessary to talk about here, I have read two essays of Immanuel Kant; first; "Answering the Question : What is Enlightenment?" [beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?] and "Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View", which gave me a brief idea about Kant's "Cosmopolitan world" and his views towards "Enlightenment" of humankind.

    So, let's begin;

    If we consider ourselves as a stage which has to be passed to reach the real Age of Enlightenment, as Kant described, an Enlightenment which will happen after the unity of humanity, to form a Cosmopolitan state (or view), doesn't it mean, we have some duties we have to do, even though we are unable how they will effect the process of Enlightenment?

    Secondly, Kant says, we have to preserve the individual cultures, such as national cultures, which includes, as you will give right to me, the language, ethical differences, even cooking, eating and talking habits, and dances and yet many more, how we will create a Cosmopolitan state (or have the Cosmopolitan view)? So, what will be the "glue" to stick us altogether? The value has to be given to human? Or, the economical reasons, the necessity of being good with each other, for trade? Or, something too different than all these, something like, a religious need like, we are coming from the same God, or same "mind"?

    Thirdly, nowadays, we are living in an Information Age, doubtlessly, we even took more way than the Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, access to knowledge is easy, even though we are not using it efficiently, or correct me If I'm wrong but, nearly more than seventy percent of people who have access to such privilege, don't use it, so where are we, as whole; the human-race, leading to? Instead of this privilege, we are commenting on our friends' photos, with making an agreement to violate each other's privacy, and giving right to third person to violate our own privacy, like happening in Facebook, where do we want to go?
    Or, simply, am I missing something, like; does Facebook create this Cosmopolitanism, with including millions, with passing the information (even our privacy, please careful here) to all other just in time, people creating a unity under facebook?
    Because as I see, from Facebook, and maybe after the age of computers, or maybe even televisions, we began to lose our national cultures; dances, cooking, eating and talking habits, we began to hear; "oh, that's cool, mate!" and many of these everywhere, even in Indonesia, even in Norway, or more. Am I wrong, when saying, we are losing our national (or regional) cultures, which Kant said, these different cultures are a "must" to create the Cosmopolitan state (or view...), am I? If I'm not, If you're thinking alike me, will the Enlightenment continue after all these; probably that will, as Kant wrote, but will It need a complete destruction of the minds of today? Like violating privacy? So, will there be anything left from us, or will we taken back to Middle Age, and began from there once again?

    I'm confused.
    Enlightenment, Cosmopolitanism and Facebook. To reach a complete Enlightenment, we have to reach Cosmopolitanism first, that's obviously clear, though Facebook, or "social networking", so that, "unlimited sociality", that "unlimited right to violate the one's privacy", especially this last one, won't it take us to Nineteen Eighty-Four's Oceania, instead of a complete Enlightenment..?


    Please, share all your thought about this case, Cosmopolitanism, Facebook, Kant, or Nineteen Eighty-Four, whichever you want to comment on, will be so much appreciated... Pardon me, for my confusing and ugly English, I hope you will get the point of all I said...
    Thank you!

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  2. Karlsvogna added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   


    I'm Karlsvogna (surely a nickname only). As much of the people around here I'm interested in philosophy, history and literature.
    I'm planning to study philosophy in university next year, so until that day I'm reading as much as I can; from Herakleitos to Orwell.

    I have read some essays which was giving a brief introduction to philosophy and ethics here and I found, the Galilean Library, quite serious which means worth of discussing my ideas and ask my questions openly.

    As I said, I'm new to philosophy, new to life, new to questions. I don't know nearly anything, as It's underlined by most of the important figures of history; from Socrates, til Carl Sagan.

    My mother-language is not English, that's why If I made a mistake, please forgive me...
    I hope to be useful in website.

    Thank you.
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  3. Karlsvogna added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    I was searching the about theology and philosophy (actually mainly -isms) in Wikipedia and site directed me to Galilean Library.
    I read some manuscripts and essays and began to think It's a serious forum where I can continue learning, where I can discuss my ideas with people, to test my and others ideas, to find week points and work on them with help of people of Galilean Library members.

    I think, even the design of the website shows to people, It's serious website with serious topics and users, which is sometimes the first priority for knowledge, while most of the internet users only spend their time with unnecessary activities, I wanted to be here, to find people thinking like me.

    Thank you.
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