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    Here's a link to their site, I'm sure they can describe most of the events better than I did.
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    The NFL is the National Forensics League, and is a league for high school students to compete in debate and speech competitions. This topic is primarily for the students in the NCFL, a smaller subset based on Diocese rather than school district, but other NCFL members can respond too. Generally these groups are smaller, and competition is (to me) more intense due to a knowledge of all you go against, and seeing the same people every time. I myself competed in Public Forum Debate, which is a style of debate with a team of two people, a first and second speaker competing against another team. The teams then engage in a series of crossfires and speeches. I really enjoyed PF, and wanted to talk to other NFL members.
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    It all began on a dark and dreary night on an RP forum. I was looking for a good sounding name for a character, and eventually put my first and baptismal names together, michael Dominic, and came up with Michael Domini.
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    Hello, I'm Michael obviously. I have an interest in radical politics especially in non-western societies, and how they either empower or weaken culture in areas that have them. I also have an interest in the health effects of drug use on your body and mind, being an ex-addict. I am in high school, and hope that there is some way that I can contribute to this website.
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