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    I guess this post won't work either - I keep getting "Oops This links seems to be broken"

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    Well, since it seemed to work this time, I wanted to recommend this book highly. I guess the terms "science" and "scientific" are wholely honorific, dispensed at one's whim, but this history reminds us how old "science" - as as sincere search for systematic knowledge - is (Maths is the only Classical knowledge still taught in all state schools), and how much further it still has to run. The odd angles of the book only serve to get us thinking harder about the whole enterprise, especially as it seems at the moment to be in danger of entering into a mannerist or totalitarian phase.
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    ...many moons ago, when I was trying to get my first user name for an email address, I seemed always to home in on one used by some other person somewhere in the universe. Two local saints came to my rescue in the end. The rest is history, though I have to confess not as interesting as the Fall of Constantinople.
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    Through Epistmelinks blog search, I think
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    Hello, I was mightily impressed by the quality of contributions to this site - but have no hope of matching them. Still, I am following up a few ideas that have been troubling me for a few years and have been struck by some some lines in the forums. I'm a bit like Matthew Arnold in reverse - I hear the long withdrawing roar of a lifelong, naive overbelief in science and am trying to square some circles without the giving up on reason or resorting to any mumbo jumbo. I found the various contributions on the current fundamental confusions in the sciences - physics, cosmology and biology - very gripping and the detailed examination of ontologies refreshingly un-continental (though I need to read them again).
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