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  1. Tachyon added a post in a topic God's free will   

    yeah, but did pythagoras's god have freewill to make right angled triangles or is euclidean geometry an unavoidable consequence of the physics of the universe?
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  2. Tachyon added a post in a topic God's free will   

    TheBeast: That reads a lot like the Descarte quote in Meursault's post and seems to primarily address the existence of god rather than the particular attribute of freewill which was your original topic.
    If your answer is to invent a god and apply whatever attributes you like and then say that because you attribute said attributes they must be so, otherwise you couldn't attribute them, the whole excersize seems rather pointless. This argument was nicely summed up by Omar Khayyam:

    Myself when young did eagerly frequent
    Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument
    About it and about: but evermore
    Came out by the same Door as in I went.

    Khayyam went on to recommend wine as a cure; personally I prefer science and harbour great hopes for the Large Hadron Collider and the Square Kilometer Array - he never had either of those to salt the discussion.
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  3. Tachyon added a post in a topic The Present is not a Snapshot   

    If several events occupy the same frame in space-time how can they differ at all? Not only how from the perspective of alternate frames of reference, but, ontologically? Surely they are ontologically indistinguishable - unified as a single event.
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  4. Tachyon added a post in a topic God's free will   

    I don't see that Descarte and the proof of the existence of the supreme being have much to do with the thread in which, existence is assumed in order to discuss the freewill of said supreme being.
    Sure, the thread may fail although not of the grounds of the existence of god but rather on the impossibility of saying anything about an alternate over-universe (Godverse) or ultimate mode of existence, in terms of this universe.

    Also, how does:

    ...Whatever I clearly and distinctly perceive...

    have anything to do with reality? Isn't that creating a god in your own image with whatever attributes you want to clearly and distinctly perceive that it has there-by negating it's existence?

    Does "a supreme being existing eternally, by virtue of its own power", necessarily assume (exist,eternally) an arrow for time without which action/process/freewill is not possible but with which, the supreme being becomes embedded in it's god-present and, much like us mere mortals, has a past and a future, in which case it cannot be omniscient because freewill requires a future that will allow decisions not known in the present?
    Omniscience and freewill are incompatible, for, one who is omniscient has no arrow for time and one who has freewill cannot be omniscient.
    TSB can be omniscient with regards to this universe only if it has freewill, is embedded in god-time and is the second smallest russian doll in an infinite series.
    Other than that the Godverse has to have natural laws which we cannot fathom: i.e. spherical time.
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  5. Tachyon added a post in a topic God's free will   

    It also means that god sees all time because he is outside looking in and for him, our time is irrelevant - this has profound freewill implications - not his, ours. Not only, but also, he cannot have freewill in our understanding of it because he doesn't have time as we do (time is a subset of god) - if he doesn't have time, he can't do anything. This is why I say that god (if) must exist in a totally different realm in which spacetime is embedded and we cannot prove or rationalize anything about it. We can conjecture: In order to create a universe the godverse (who created the place where god lives?) must have something akin to time because creating a universe is an act. We suppose that god can act and must therefore have a before and after; he can be omnipotent in regards to this universe but not in the godverse because he is contained in godtime and anything contained is not ultimate. It ends up being an infinity of russian dolls which is absurd. So either the godverse is god in which case he has no time and can't do anything including create our universe or the concept of god is incomprehensible in this universe. If god can act he isn't omnipotent because he is contained in the space in which he acts.
    I'm sure we could bang the foregoing into better shape...
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  6. Tachyon added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Tachyon - a theoretical particle that travels faster than light - the faster it goes the less energetic it is. I called my sharpie Tachyon but that was wishful thinking - we still come last just about every time we race. Sailing is a friendly sport; if you sail badly enough for long enough they give you first on handicap if you finish on the same day as the other boats - a typical race being around two hours duration.
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  7. Tachyon added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    I ride bikes - road and mtb, I sail an Australian lightweight sharpie, I did a couple of Ironmans, I paint pictures and do design work for a surf company.
    I think Australia is the best place on the planet and NZ is second best. I think God may or may not exist. I don't mind keeping mormans or JWs chatting till they are more than ready to leave.
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  8. Tachyon added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    googled "...can a necessary being exist totally polluted with the possible?" Umberto Eco
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  9. Tachyon added a post in a topic God's free will   

    I got to this thread via the Umberto Eco quote, however, that seems to be slightly off the subject of the freedom of God (albeit interesting).
    1. God cannot exist as a subset of the universe - space-time: The creator cannot also be the created, nor can the container be the contained.
    2. God cannot be the universe - that would imply a steady state universe or time before the big bang (unless God came into existence at the big bang - but that gets circular).
    3. If God exists, it must be in a realm beyond space-time which is meaningless in terms of anything that can be discussed concretely within the universe.
    Therefore, if God exists, He can do whatever He likes (total freedom) because nothing He does needs to obey any laws of logic or physics.
    So, if God exists separate from the universe and interacts with the universe (prayers, miracles), some inexplicable gain/loss of entropy should be detectable whenever such interaction occurs; increase in the local rate of entropy for prayer, decrease for miracles. Does this mean that it is possible to build a God detector?
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  10. Tachyon added a post in a topic Any runners?   

    Yes, running is nearly as dull as swimming - both turn an hour into half a day. I much prefer to run when its cloudy with light showers than sunny because sunny in Western Australia usually means baking hot. I have just done my second (and probably last) Ironman which involved up to 20 hours a week of swim-bike-run training. Now I am cycling, mountain biking and sailing. The MTB really helps with the road riding, nothing seems to help much with sailing, running smashes your knees and swimming fills your ears with water.
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