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  1. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Is Daenerys the Villain of Game of Thrones?   

    There's a long Reddit discussion of this here, with an interesting take on the Others. Do you think Martin (or the TV series) will follow your argument all the way to the end or instead end up favouring one or more characters (for example, Tyrion)?
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  2. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2016 NFL Playoffs - Conference Championship Picks   

    I read that Brady was hit more times (20, I think) than any other quarterback since 2006. That's on the O line and no one could expect to put together any kind of offense in those conditions. Still, if the extra point had not been missed, the game would've gone to overtime with the momentum with the Patriots, so I'm not sure if this amounts to being out-coached. Manning missed open throws all day and should've put the game beyond New England; that would be my concern if I was a Denver fan who had just seen the Panthers put 49 on the second-best team in the league this year.
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  3. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2016 NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round   

    This game is just unbelievable so far.
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  4. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic New Year's Resolutions   

    I am similarly cynical of resolutions, but last year I worked so many hours that this year I am determined to make more time to pursue other things. I am going to take up an evening class and book days off for research and writing up, plus spend more time at home. I did have a plan to stop getting up at 0500 to find space for exercise, but that already failed in week one.
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  5. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 14 Picks   

    How about those Panthers, though?
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  6. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic "Does Fascism lurk around the corner for the US?"   

    I assume you have in mind here some form of dual duty: to not be a burden on others if this can be avoided, as well as to contribute to achieving a better state rather than moving to another. Like Michael, though, I am not sure what the imperative could be to have to do either.
    To take the latter first: suppose, for example, that I have dual nationality. I may decide that I prefer to live in B rather than A, so I move to B. Since I have the legal right to do so, I doubt that anyone would claim that I ought to stay in A to contribute to social or other problems rather than give up on them and move to B where I can of course do the same. Even if I stay in A and have no legal status in B, it would not follow that I am obliged to address social ills unless there exists some imperative to do so, regardless of problems elsewhere. Perhaps we could argue that such an imperative always exists by virtue of being a citizen, but we can probably agree that not everyone acts in accordance with this. In that case, why should we hold the refugee to a different standard?
    What changes if A is Syria and I am at risk of death if I stay? I probably have no legal right to move to B, but this lack is typically an accident of birth rather than a moral shortcoming. If I should stay in Syria and fight, why should everyone not stay where they were born and work to improve their community? This hypothetical imperative probably holds at a micro level also: why should I be allowed to leave the village of my birth to pursue opportunities in a city rather than stay to contribute to the development of the village?
    On the former implied duty, this seems to rest on an empirical case: if I am a net contributor to my new home, I am not being a burden. I think it is fair to say that immigrants are standardly held to be net contributors from the available research, so the threat is instead couched in terms of the potential dilution of national (or even local) identity and the overwhelming of social services by refugees who do not eventually become citizens.
    On this view, though, the latter is addressed by the net contribution, so the problem is with identity. However, identity is fluid and, in the earlier hypothetical case, no one questions my having a dual identity and taking the legally guaranteed opportunity to develop one at the expense of the other. We can perhaps say that this works at an individual level, but that too many people moving at the same time will threaten the stability of the identity at question; yet it is difficult to see why this concern outweighs, say, the threat to life that a refugee faces. More importantly, I think we use identity as a means of delegitimising the movement of people, so that immigration to the US from Ireland due to famine is culturally enriching in a way that the movement of Syrians somehow cannot be.
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  7. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 13 Picks   

    I have my Saints t-shirt with me, but I may need to wear something else to cover it up. I am expecting a massacre. 
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  8. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Language (and Thought) Expansion   

    It seems to me that you are pointing towards Habermas's distinction between strategic action and communicative action, or else I am minded to think that - given Angela's initial reference to Habermas - she read you that way. The stereotype is a shortcut to success, in the sense of the strategic focus on achieving this regardless of the development of understanding, whereas a communicative act is supposed to result in understanding and rely on mutuality of (communicative) intent. The problem with pointing to Lydon's writing as 'more mind-opening' is that it is not obvious why his intent is communicative rather than strategic, unless we beg the question or assume that there is some correlation between clarity of writing and purity of aims. It is not really analogous, but if we think of Galileo using Italian (Tuscan) instead of Latin to appeal to a wider audience, we could say that this was a strategic act dressed up as a communicative one, or else that it was actually both. This is then why the appeal to Lydon is too simplistic, I think.
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  9. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 10 Picks   

    The defense is just hopeless. Unless something changes, the Saints can only win shoot-outs in which the opposition can't stop Brees. At this rate, the Panthers will stomp all over them (again) and I will need a Carolina t-shirt for the game.  
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  10. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 10 Picks   

    The Saints have a defense? 
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  11. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 10 Picks   

    I'll take the Cardinals, the Bills and the Raiders; otherwise I concur. I think Brees will torch the Taunt by a lot more than 3, though.
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  12. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 9 Picks   

    I'm also picking the Panthers and the Raiders this week.
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  13. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 8 Picks   

    It'll be interesting to see how the Patriots try to account for the Denver defense later in the season.   Maybe the Giants and Saints could start by realising that football actually involves defense at all?
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  14. Hugo Holbling added a topic in Read   

    This work, edited by Peter McCormick, is a compendium of papers by Nelson Goodman, Hilary Putnam, Israel Scheffler and C.G. Hempel and represents a tour de force of writing on the questions of realism, anti-realism and irrealism, along with attendant issues such as relativism, absolutism and pluralism. The title is a nod in the direction of Goodmans famous remark that because all representations are human constructions, it follows in some sense that the stars are made by us. Rather than dismiss this prima facie the contributors all agree that Goodmans work is so powerful that it deserves careful attention to rebut, if such were possible.

    The first paper consists of extracts from Goodmans works, most notably Ways of Worldmaking and Fact, Fiction and Forecast, the latter described by Putnam as one of the few books that every serious student of philosophy in our time has to have read and with good reason, given the influence it has had. I shall pass over this for the most part because anyone who proposes to pronounce on the subjects considered needs to have read Goodmans oeuvre if he or she wishes to be taken seriously, but it is worth noting a section wherein Goodman explains the difference as he sees it between his irrealism and the ideas of mystics:
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  15. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 6 Picks   

    I'm going to pick the Panthers and the Jaguars.
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  16. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 5 Picks   

    Why, o why, did I pick the Saints?  
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  17. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 5 Picks   

    I'm also struggling to bet against your picks, but I'll take Jacksonville with Michael and also say that the Saints will beat the Eagles, or rather the Eagles will beat themselves.
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  18. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 4 Picks   

    Of the remaining games, I'm going to say: Bengals, Jets, Colts, Bills, Panthers, Eagles, Raiders, Falcons, Chargers, Packers, Cardinals, Broncos, Cowboys and Seahawks.
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  19. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic 2015 NFL Week 3 Picks   

    How 'bout them Patriots? More importantly, where is the defense in NOLA? It's that side of the ball that has all the issues.
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  20. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Explaining Donald Trump   

    Is it fair to say that the post-Empire narrative happens to suit people in dominant social positions? I am thinking here of a form of the propaganda model in which the inclusion of Trump functions to demonstrate that US politics is based on vigorous argument and even challenges the traditional order, when in fact it is just as narrowly circumscribed as ever. In the UK the main opposition party has elected as leader a man who ostensibly espouses policies that lots of people agree with (for example, nationalising the railways) and, at any rate, represent more divergent ideas than is traditional in politics of recent times (although in fact more in line with macroeconomic theory), but he is being vilified by the media. I wonder if the latter is more of a challenge than Trump or not?
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  21. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    The status update issue is now resolved.
    Greg: Where is the follow content option that is not working?
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  22. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    The status update problem has been reported to the software company and is under investigation.
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  23. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    The status update issues are apparently a bug that I'm trying to fix, or may be addressed by the next software update. (Apparently this is going to drag all activity under one notification system.) The preview post button is gone because the reply box is now WYSIWYG...
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  24. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Death   

    I'd like to suggest that you add a few books by W.G. Sebald to your list of books, especially The Rings of Saturn and Austerlitz. In the manner of Sebald's work, I think your attempt to understand death is best approached obliquely, especially with your faith already having given you a direct answer, so to speak.
    From a philosophical perspective, what do you think of this section of Wittgenstein's Tractatus?

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  25. Hugo Holbling added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    Click on the envelope in the top right, then 'go to my inbox', then on the cog icon next to 'My Conversations'. You can then select 'empty'.
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