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  1. madcelt added a comment on a blog entry Why history of Philosophy?   

    I am afraid I was being just a little lazy referring to quotations about xxxxxx.I have now done a little research and give for your consideration the following quotations:-For most contemporary philosophers Montaigne’s scepticism would be far too crude to accept.In its original form Descartes’ philosophy is now largely discredited.In its intended form Locke’s philosophy would not be accepted by contemporary philosophers.… there are problems with Berkeley’s philosophy. If we can only perceive ideas then how do we perceive the mind which must be accurately perceived in order to understand the status of ideas as described by Berkeley?Kant’s transcendental philosophy has now become eminently questionable, especially after recent philosophical speculation.Critics have been keen to point out the dangers of Rousseau’s philosophy.Existentialism is now a widely recognised movement. But according to the man who is mostly responsible for its promotion, Jean-Paul Sartre, it became too suceesful: ‘the word [Existentialism] is now so loosely applied to so many things that it no longer means anything at all’.
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  2. madcelt added a comment on a blog entry Why 'do' philosophy?   

    The Socrates reference probably was silly - as I mentioned I have come very late in life to philosophy and I think I might have been looking for an excuse not to have to start on that terrifying reading list
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  3. madcelt added a comment on a blog entry Why 'do' philosophy?   

    Thought the Greeks were as unfamiliar with irony as Americans
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  4. madcelt added a blog entry in Community Blog   

    Why 'do' philosophy?
    Come to think of it, didn’t one of those early Greek fellows say (more or less) that the more he thought about things the more he realised that he knew very little and I understand he is generally accepted as one of the wisest men who ever walked upon this earth. So what is to be gained from philosophising?
    You know what you know. So if you know why or how you know what you know, does that add significantly to what you know?
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  5. madcelt added a blog entry in Community Blog   

    Why history of Philosophy?
    Despite my advanced years, I am very new to (formal) philosophy. In the bit of recent 'dabbling' which I have done, I have come across statements like -

    Nowadays, of course, the ideas of xxxxxxx are considered erroneous ...


    The theories of xxxxxxx on mind/thought/belief/knowledge are no longer acceptable ...


    xxxxxxx's ideas are no longer considered to be valid

    What I am wondering is, in the light of these types of statements, is there a point in going into the History of Philosophy?
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