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  1. AlfredIV added an answer to a question Stories that used to be here?   

    Ah yes, that's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
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  2. AlfredIV added an answer to a question Stories that used to be here?   

    Thank you for responding! I'm not sure if it was a work by davidm, though it very well could be.

    Given the volume of work in that forum, I'll be a little bit more specific: it involved three or four characters, if I remember around collegiate age. One of the four, a girl, was constantly one-upping another guy's intellectual blunders. It was like a play--very dialogue-driven. There was minimal presence of a narrator... either a little or none. The interaction of the characters was very Socratic in nature, which served to present a lot of the ideas to the reader.
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    Stories that used to be here?
    I used to post on this site back in 2006, and when I did there was a person who posted thought-provoking stories based around science and philosophy. I've searched this forum for a while but I can't remember who they were by, what they were called or if they're even still here. Does anyone know?
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