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  1. Neophyte added a post in a topic Real communism   

    ????Well seems to me i'm the only one who's heard of it! It is a very interesting case study. Other non-marxist attempts i dont know least not practical attempts though i'm sure my political science textbook said something about their being other experiments throughout history.

    At any rate far a significant number of "unconventional" attempts at governement have been made throughout. At least for the student, they are interesting case studies and can help to develop vision
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  2. Neophyte added a post in a topic Character, deontology, and consequentialism   

    Virtue ethics is more of a method for enforcing ethics IMO and hence cannot be contrasted with deontology and consequentialism. According to my translation of Nicomachean Ethics, the greeks placed a high value on society and would have been shocked by the very notion of Individualism. Exile was a fate worse than death. Hence the blurring betwen Politic and Ethic, and the resultant virtue ethics which does not really draw a rigid distinction between the two.

    On deontology, there was something in kierkegaard that caught my attention, something to the effect of that it is ones realtionship with the universal that determines the ethics one follows and it is not the ethic that defines the relationship with the universal. Fear and trembling was excruciatingly difficult and i dont know jack about Hegel but that seems to me a fairly interesting argument for deontology (at least from a religious point of view).

    On consequntialism, check out
    viz. the part on definition, which exposes its simplicity.
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  3. Neophyte added a topic in Explore   

    Should we bother living at all?
    As Albert Camus puts it, the only true philosophical. I'm curious, what do you guys think? Does reason vindicate murder?

    Personally i make an appeal to general agnosticism. If life appears meaningless, it may be because our comprehension of things is too imperfect. After thousands of years of philosophy and science, if we all we have unearthed are more and more questions...perhaps we are simply extremely imperfect beings incapable of comprehending the purpose of life? Philosophy et all, IMO is still usefull because although we cannot know what ultimate value is, we can perhaps know what it is not.
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  4. Neophyte added a topic in Influence   

    Real communism
    Communism has become synonymous with marxism but it is by no means exclusive to it. I think as an eventual ideal it may have some worth. The Jewish Kibbutz experiment ( ) seems to me a much more sincere attempt at the ideal, but i've never heard the slightest mention of it anywhere. Have any of you ever heard of it, or have stumbled across some esoteric bit of knowledge?
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  5. Neophyte added a post in a topic The Three Colours Trilogy   

    Come to think of it, it's more of a personal thing.

    Blue seemed to deal with what berlin would call positive freedom. Perhaps i'm numb in the head, but i didnt get the whole point of blue until the second viewing.

    White's main theme seemed to me to show how meritocracy is a flawed ideal. Meritocracy fails to account for inheritance. Karol's dysfunction is a case in point.

    The shortcomings of meritocracy and the problem of positive freedom are thing i've been grappling with for a long while. To see them presented again was nothing new to me. I can very easily relate to above.

    The Decalogue was pithy and concise, something like the stories of borges, and i suppose that is what i liked about it. My favorite episode has to be the first part. I have two interpretations of it. The computer seemed to come alive, didnt it when it turned on itself. Perhaps it was god interfering and messing up the calculations. A very Yahweh-ish thing to do. Smite the unbelivers!

    The other one is that the guy didnt make any mistakes in the calculation but that he could not anticipate all factors. It shows that science and reason are hitherto incomplete and ultimately not much better than religion as explanations of life
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  6. Neophyte added a post in a topic Is philosophy dead?   

    As a discipline, philosophy may not be much promising, but i think it holds considerable value for the individual. Philosophy is a check on everything else, science, religion etc. The grandaddy of them all. Everything begins with choice (unless you're a determinist) and choice cannot be mad without reasoning. To have not beheld philosophy is to have lived as a mere cipher. I think Philosophy must no longer remain the exclusive domain of academics, it should be imparted to everyone. Philosophy should be as essential as work. Quite an ideal, but that is what in a better world would be the role of philosophy.
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  7. Neophyte added a post in a topic The online version of philosophical investigations   

    ah damn...well ought i read the tractatus first. Wittgenstein seems to have nullified it with PI, does it have much value?
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  8. Neophyte added a topic in Site   

    The online version of philosophical investigations
    Is the Galilean library's version of Wittgentstein's Philosophical Investigations the complete version or are there more than 100 aphorisms?
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  9. Neophyte added a post in a topic The Three Colours Trilogy   

    Call me crazy but i was a bit disappointed after watching Three Colours. The Decalogue was far superior from a philosophical point of view IMO. The three colors was indeed superb from the perspective of filmmaking. The acting, the angles and kieslowskis subtleties and all...but intellectually i was left somewhat wanting. Kieslowksi didnt explore new philosophical ground. "Red" is exempt from my criticism though. Blue was too inaccessible the first time around. I didnt pick up the cool stuff until watching them the second time. "Retroactive thinking", kieslowski called in the commentary...i dont know for someone with a memory like mine..
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  10. Neophyte added a post in a topic A Rational critique of Rationality   

    It just occurred to me that reason in its present form cannot be completely extricated from emotion/instinct/passion. Reason cannot provide concrete reasons for why life is preferable to suicide, why should filial bonds be honored, or why is happiness desirable. The oppose these notions seems counter-intuitive. And at the heart of all agreement lies implicit assumptions concerning the aforementioned. No one prefers death to life under normal circumstances. No one would unduly deprive another of his happiness. What is the basis for all these assumptions? Emotion, or whatever you may call it! Hence until philosophy reaches its highest pinnacle, reason and rationality will always be subordinate to passion.
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  11. Neophyte added a post in a topic A Rational critique of Rationality   

    hugo, by meta reason i mean a reason of reason. Criticizing rationality from without seems impossible, but perhaps reason can attack itself.
    And as for brands of reason, it just occured to me what are the characteristics of the western brand of reason and the alternatives to it. If one cites Islamist and confucian modes of thinkings as other brands of reason, the classification to me seems ultimately futile as they can ultimately be reconciled. If they cannot it seemly means that passion/instinct is being intertwined with reason

    Anyway what are possible the alternatives to reason? Instinct maybe one.
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  12. Neophyte added a post in a topic A Rational critique of Rationality   

    So, basically is reason/rationality just another perspective of looking at things? A king of framework that ultimately cannot be contrasted with and held superior to dogma? Also is meta-reason then impossible?
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  13. Neophyte added a post in a topic Berkeley and the ontology of secondary qualities   

    Volodin, you're probably right; there are'nt any clear cut answers (like any other philosophical issue). I supposed its enough to have realized this problem. I'll get back to this topic in a while, and cite the book in order to shed more light on my counter-argument.
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  14. Neophyte added a topic in Explore   

    Berkeley and the ontology of secondary qualities
    1. I was reading Three dialogues b/w hylas and polinuous, and started to wonder whether qualities and attributes such as color, extension, solidity would be ontological entities in themselves or just a kind of conceptual framework for understanding the world through our senses. My metaphysics is horrid, so someone help me out here!

    2. Berkely's argument for the predominance of the mind is that the qualities and attributes are fickle rather than absolute. For instance an object may be percieved as being circular or oval from different perspectives. Would I be to correct If I were to rejoinder by saying: While circles may be percieved as ovals they can never be percieved as say triangles or squares. So the variation in terms of perception occurs within boundaries. The existence of these parameters therfore invalidates berkley's argument and can be used as a reasonable proposotion for afirming reality.
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  15. Neophyte added a post in a topic How did you get interested in philosophy?   

    As far as i can remember i was always interested in religion. In islamic schools, they have since the third grade a subject "islamiat" on the fundamentals of islam. I can remember having a keen interest in the subject since the very beggining. As i grew i began to question religious dogmas but still any other option than islam was to me a dead option. It was an encounter with an athiest over the internet that finally got me thinking. And for i while i started calling myself an athiest too. An year or so elapsed, and i chanced upon the republic. I met plato when i was too immature to understand even a word of what he said but i began to see the limits of my knowledge. Philosophy since it deals with the fundamental questions seemed indispensible to me, and still does regardless of its ultimate futility. And now it has come to pass that i am still undecided on the question of religion. But philosophy i venerate for having freed me from the shallow, meaningless and self-contradictory lifestyle of the masses.
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