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  1. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Oil's Peak or Bust   

    David (and others), have you seen this chart?

    It's a comparison of the various biofuels, their effectiveness, greenhouse gas emissions, use of resources, etc. The currently-used ones, corn, soybeans, etc, aren't as "good" as some of the others under development. This chart lists algae as the best.

    One I don't see, or don't think I do, that I've heard about is cellulosic fuel - from the inedible parts of plants. OK, it is there - under two types: switchgrass and wood residue.

    However, I don't see another alternative. I was listening to a call-in talk show recently on the subject, and one woman caller held forth on the possibility of sweet potatoes, claiming they had the highest potential output of any crop. Have you heard anything on this? Wiki has nothing.
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  2. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Thanks for the warm welcome backs!

    PoL, yes I like the new look. It still takes just as long for pages to load for me, though - this site was always slow for some reason.

    David, yes, my life is currently irony-rich, isn't it? Our company just turned the governor on our truck from 65 mph max down to 62 as a fuel-saving measure. I actually kind of like it there; the pressure's off, this is as fast as it goes!

    We kept our apartment for a few months, then put the very few things we wanted to keep into a mini-storage place and let everything else go. We live in the truck. Still paying off a mountain of debt, but hope to be debt-free within another year or two. Then, we're going to buy a piece of property somewhere in the Pacific Northwest - the Olympic Peninsula in Washington is our current favorite; put a house of some sort on it, and retire to grow vegetables. And a milk cow. And chickens. And homebrew and homemade wine. The point is, we hope to be back OUT of the trucking business and fairly self-suffiencient BEFORE the sh*t really hits the fan.

    And maybe some alpacas, Michael. Have you ever seen any? Much smaller, infinitely cuter cousins to your llamas. (Since we have no place to keep them, and I don't think they'd fit into the truck, I guess you'll just have to keep on keeping them. Sorry!)

    From Clines Corners, New Mexico (I40 east of Albuquerque)
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  3. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Internet drama   

    I've never been one to hold a grudge for a long time myself (message to my sister: I'm only kidding about the candy bar incident when we were kids! honest!) so I don't really understand people who do.

    But I think there's a lot to be said about the anonymity factor as a contributor to the intensity of the drama as it happens. (There's that famous internet cartoon of Normal Guy + Anonymity = Jerk.) I'd be willing to bet that the resulting intensity just feeds the grudges of those who tend to bear them.

    (And I didn't say a word about any other communities, did I? )
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  4. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Sheeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    When WAS I last here, Hugo?

    I joined TGL quite a while ago, but had to give it up a couple years back when real life began to take over, and severely limited the amount of time I could spend online. Since then, I've undergone a MAJOR lifestyle change: I gave up my desk job, got my CDL (Commercial Driver's License), and joined Mr Barefoot on the road! We are now a team, driving for a very large trucking company in the US. We go from coast to coast, mostly - average length for a trip is about 1500 miles.

    I still don't have a LOT of time to spend online, but I plan to return to this, one of my most favorite haunts, as often as I can. No promises, though.

    Hugo, thanks a million for not deactivating my account!

    I'm going to try to remember to end each post with my current position: Salt Lake City, Utah
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  5. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Thought for the day.   

    The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.

    Terry Pratchett
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  6. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Is atheism a leap of faith?   

    Many people differentiate between strong/hard/positive atheism and weak/soft/negative atheism (pick which set of adjectives you like best) this way:

    Strong atheism (of which I count myself one) is the positive belief that god does not exist.

    Weak atheism (of which I think you are one) is merely the lack of belief that god does exist. It goes hand-in-hand with the statement: "I don't believe in any god I've heard of so far, but there may be one out there that I haven't heard of that does exist".

    But I don't think it's exactly a leap of faith. For me, it's simply that in my 46 years, I've never seen any good evidence that any god does exist, so I'm comfortable with saying that none do. Absence of evidence, where evidence would be expected to be found, for me, is enough evidence of absense. YMMV. (Your Mileage May Vary) (I also like to put it this way: if god does exist, he's never bothered to make himself known to me, and I'm returning the favor.)
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  7. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Thought for the day.   

    As soon as the rush is over, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.
    I worked for it.
    I earned it.
    And nobody is going to deprive me of it!!

    Old 70's-era pop poster, usually found hanging on teenager's walls right next to the one that said "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!"
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  8. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic And Where I'VE Been   

    Ooooooooooh how CUTE!!!! I want the pickup version!
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  9. Barefoot Bree added a topic in Community   

    And Where I'VE Been
    (With apologies to PoL for borrowing his fine thread title.)

    Some of you are aware that for the past few years I've been working from home, and was even able to take my job with me across country last November.

    Sadly, that is no longer my situation. Due to some serious setbacks in the company I work for (lost several large accounts), the boss cut my hours back to a mere fraction of "full time". He was about to let me go altogether, but I talked him into letting me keep the main activity I'm responsible for, and do it part time in whatever few hours it takes. The last two-week time sheet had a grand total of 8.5 hours.

    Therefore, I had to go back into the real world and find a real job. I fell into a position in the company my husband works for now. It's a good job; the only drawbacks are the stupid commute (25 miles right into and through the heart of downtown) and the fact that hubby and I are on opposite shifts, with just one car between us. Makes for some interesting shuffles. I can take public transport if needed, but it's almost 2 hours (bus/train/bus) each way. Bother that.

    So, this is a long rambling way of saying I'm not going to be able to be around here much for the foreseeable future. I'll keep popping in when I can, but it's likely to be only once a week or so.

    Hugo, perhaps you might want to revoke my Tavern Wench status, since I won't be able to stay on top of the forum. Not that there's ever been anything for me to do, anyway. I do love this pleasant, polite, intelligent forum. (Well, most of the time, anyway. But I'm never involved in that kind of forum administration, anyway. Which is fine with me.)
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  10. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic ARRGHH! I mean ARRGHHRAY!   

    Oh, my goodness, you poor tortured creature. I did misunderstand, my apologies. Obviously having your favorite cricket/lacrosse/what is that sport again? team crumble before your very eyes is infinitely more traumatizing than my poor misadventure.
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  11. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic ARRGHH! I mean ARRGHHRAY!   

    At least you didn't have to take yourself out for your birthday dinner because all your friends are on conflicting shifts, get served the wrong item and have to send it back, then break the key in the lock of your car door and have to call back to the air base, contact a coworker, convince him to go to your dorm room and convince the dorm monitor to let him into your room, get your spare key, drive 25 miles into town to meet you, coax the key fragment out of the frozen lock, and drive back to a lonely evening with a book. In Alaska. In February. At twenty below. (Luckily, I could wait inside the restaurant.) For my twenty-first birthday.

    Beat that!
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  12. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic ARRGHH! I mean ARRGHHRAY!   

    Oh, darn it, I'm late. Hope your day was as carefree and sunny as the best day you've ever had.
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  13. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Problems with the Studi?   

    Do you have any idea how often the Studi is even looked at (i.e., traffic reports)? If you could compare that to other blog sites, or the traffic on other areas of TGL, or best of all, if you could get click-through statistics from the Studi to those other parts, you might get a better idea of the Studi's utility.
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  14. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Criticising other sites   

    This may be a bit simplistic, or perhaps it can shine a bit of light on a murky area.

    A good rule of thumb I've seen successfully applied in many areas is this: concentrate on the issue(s), not the personality(ies).

    I see no reason why a discussion begun on another site could not be continued here, as long as the above focus is maintained. Systematically clarifying one's viewpoint or argument to (hopefully) combat strawmen erected (and burned) on some blog seems fine to me, but not stooping to return insults or hurl one's own sly assesment of the blogger's character. This would work especially well in cases where if one attempted this in replies on the blog site, they would be ignored, trashed, or edited out.

    Our "no insults" rule works perfectly well, and I see no reason to relax it. Discussing issues, but not personalities, arising elsewhere does not seem to me to be circumventing the "no trashing other sites" rule, which also works well.

    I vote we continue on the high road.
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  15. Barefoot Bree added a post in a topic Vacations - what would the perfect one be?   

    My perfect vacation is one I never have to come back from.

    I would love to take a year and just travel - slowly. With one companion with the same outlook, not necessarily exactly the same tastes, but who would as willing to accompany me on the things he finds less interesting as I would back. We'd take our time, leisurely making our way across Europe (to start with, then the rest of the world), taking in whatever museums, castles, restaurants, cathedrals, cafes, concerts, spas, festivals, restaurants, etc etc catch our fancy. Did I mention restaurants? We'd have lots and lots of down time, too, just wandering about, sitting in cafes or on beaches, meeting people and talking. We'd travel by boat, train, or donkey cart - staying off of airplanes unless it was absolutely necessary. We'd stay in small pensiones and hotels, with an occasional splurge in a big fancy resort.

    And I'd never ever want to stop....
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