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  1. Sugoi added a post in a topic Revolution in Spain   

    They talk about it in Democracy Now!
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  2. Sugoi added a post in a topic Revolution in Spain   

    Here is the manifesto of Real Democracy Now!

    However, this was just the beginning. Now the protests are being held by camps in many cities in Spain, and they are all autonomous, they make decissions in the assemblies

    Now, really, good night!
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  3. Sugoi added a post in a topic Revolution in Spain   

    Just a fast remark. Apparently all the foreing media are showing the protests as either a reaction to the crisis either a movement for the election. Of course the crisis has had a huge impact on this "explossion", but it is not actually the reason. Neither it was the election (reason why people are still protesting today and there's no intention to stop).

    The main reason why people have gathered together, is the current electoral law, which helps the biggest two parties and crashes the small ones, and for which everybodies vote doesn't count the same. For example, while IU is the third political force regarding votes and has 2 deputees in the parliament, PNV (Basque conservatives) has 6, with much less votes. Also, political parties which don't reach the 5% of the cotes get nothing. People are asking for participatory democracy, among other things.

    But I'll tell you more about it when I have more time

    Good night!
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  4. Sugoi added a post in a topic Linux   

    Thanks a lot guys for the help, it is really appreciated. I finally could solve my problem. I need to go now but I'll see you around this days, since I already have internet in my room!!!
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  5. Sugoi added a post in a topic Evil   

    What do you mean by "this notion of 'responsibility' is in the process of dying"? And "man (...) has taken the role of Prometheus upon himself"? Do you mean by the latter that its potential is too big?

    I am sorry, I couldn't understand this very well. Could you explain it another way... pleeeaase?   
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  6. Sugoi added a post in a topic Bonobo society- a goal for Homo sapiens   

    This arises a question... What price would you pay egalitarianism and world peace to become true? Would anyone have sex with a Bonobo for this aim?  

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  7. Sugoi added a post in a topic Write   

    I think it's a very good idea too

    As for privacy, maybe it would be a good idea to have two subforums in the CW forum, a public one and a private one, in case anyone wants to publish just in the forum. 

    I think this was commented before by David Cooper somewhere...

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  8. Sugoi added a post in a topic Exploring Suicide   

    And this is why I thought labels should be put away in this thread. I think we are discussing without defining what each of us understands by "pessimism" and "optimism" (I know I'm always making the same remark, but I think it's fundamental the terms to be clear in a discussion)... However I must add that I agree with Campanella. 

    I make a big difference between being a pessimist person and being a depressive person. In my opinion this two cannot be mixed. They both share a negative attitude towards life, but I'd say that while the pessimist thinks world and life are just crap in general terms, a depressive person thinks his own life is a crap: a pessimist can be happy because his starting point is bad, for him bad=normal (state of things), so why would he complain or feel sad about that? That's what he has, and he knows (believes) it cannot be better, so, why bother, just take the small and limited golden nuggets in it. I know some pessimists, and I swear they know how they find them. The depressive person is capable of seeing everyones life wonderful while judging his to be a hell, he isn't usually able to see any golden nugget in his shit life, and he convinces himself that every moment in his life is soooooo black (this can be a clinical symptom of depression). 

    A pessimist is a person who always expects the worse, so he's always prepared for bad news while gets surprise with good news, which is always a good feeling. An optimist,  is a person who always expects the best so it may be truth that his happiness, while optimism remains, is far more intense than of pessimist; but optimist is not usually prepared for bad news, for he always expects the best, if the worst come, he will probably feel overwhelmed, this sometimes leading to suicide. When a pen is in the table, there's always a possibility to fall to the floor; but if the pen is already in the floor, it won't ever go down. 

    I'm sure that Schopenhauer and Cioran's writings, for example, are much more useful avoiding suicide than self-help books are... What I think is that thinking about suicide in a rather cold way (and not when you've lost a kid or so) gets you prepare for the moment in which you feel overwhelmed by life, and maybe, having the control over your death ("I can kill myself whenever I want) becomes a reason to go on even being in real pain. In my opinion, suicide is rather impulsive than rational or premeditated (not meaning just thought before, but reflected before) and that's why I also think that an optimist (and therefor a person who probably doesn't thought much about suicide) is more likely to kill himself than a pessimist. 

    Anyway, I wouldn't say I'm a pessimist nor an optimist, I would say I'm a realist. This may sound a little bit as a cliche, but, if the glass has half the water it can contain, it's not half empty and it's not half full either, it is just at half (I ignore if this can be said in proper English but I think you know what I'm trying to say). Ok, sometimes I have rather pessimist attitudes over things and other times I expect good things to come but, generally I can know more or less what to expect regarding my everyday life. 

    You can be a pessimist, you can be an optimist... but you can also be none of them.

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  9. Sugoi added a post in a topic The contract has been broken   

    Completely agree with you. 

    You take risks when you start running a business just by yourself or with a (or some) friends. I think you transfer the risk to the employees in the very first moment that you have one. But of course, I may be wrong as I know nothing about economy and how crisis like this affects actually to the business itself (cause, frankly, I don't believe what they tell us in the news...).

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  10. Sugoi added a post in a topic Video Discussion: On Capital 'T' truth   

    There's a Spanish saying that claims: which is good, if breve, it's twice good ("lo bueno si breve, dos veces bueno)

    As for what you ask below the video, well, I'm not an expert in postmodernism, in fact, I know very little, but for what I know about Nietzschean philosophy (which is not much either, or at least not enough) I would say that it's not that there's not a thing-in-itself, or that we have no access to it, because in both cases we would be stating (direct or indirectly) the existence or non-existence of the thing-in-itself, but it's prior to such an affirmation: we just don't know whether there's such a thing as the thing-in-itself.  I'd say that the essential point in this view is not so much about the potential noumena but to clarify that what our cognitive maps show us as reality, is, indeed, reality, and not a copy, a distortion or whatever. 

    However, don't believe what I say on this subject, I'm not a reliable source. There's a huge possibility that I'm wrong 

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  11. Sugoi added a post in a topic Exploring Suicide   

    Oh! I forgot! When you talk about alienation as an important factor of suicide or suicidal behavior/thoughts, do you mean alienation in itself or the consciousness of being alienated?
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  12. Sugoi added a post in a topic Exploring Suicide   

    Rapidly and to not change the subject too much, I have to say I completely agree with you Geoff. There are many (physically possible) solutions to ecological disasters as well as ways to avoid another economic crisis, or to improve well-being (I mean after achieving it) in countries where people die of starvation or diseases everyday (to put some examples); but as you said, they are ideologically unwelcome, which makes them to be impossible... It is not a problem of viability but of power and will. 

    That said, and as we say in Spanish, "vamos por partes, como dijo Jack el destripador" (let's go step - part - by step - part, as Jack The Ripper said...). I think the sad clown and Chato made some important remarks that I'd like to comment (apart from thanking them). DCD and Geoff more personal reflections are very helpful in this "investigation" too.
    I've observed, quite surprised I must add, that there are lots of people here who have been there, still are or, at least, think about it pretty often. It's interesting and enriching to know how you feel and why you feel that way, and gives, at least to me, another point of view from which to see the whole painting. But precisely because of this, we should be careful in our reflections. For in this field, there's a very thin line between life and death, as hard as that may sound. It seems more careful to me to take distance from the subject to reflect than get emotionally involved, which I know seems a little contradictory, yet possible. What I mean is to reflect about one as if it was another person, and take a cold attitude facing pain, anguish and horror. I know, this is easy to say and hard to do; but isn't this the best way to explore, instead of just feel? (it may not be, however I think it's safer, but are not more than suggestions).

    I think it's better too not to use some tags. And I say so, on the one hand, because "optimist" and "pessimist" seem to be too ambiguous words to understand them properly, and on the other hand, because putting a tag to myself can provoke to believe I am something that maybe I'm not (and act theoretically in consecuence), while I am truly hidden under an ambiguous word. (I'm not very sure whether I explained myself here...). I used to say I was an optimistic person, I said this because I considered myself to be happy, maybe because I didn't feel like having the right to complain while others hardly survive. I haven't changed so much, but I know now I was kind of hiding to myself, that I had some personal conflict and contradiction that needed to be known (by me) and if not solved, at least thought. I think this can happen the other way too. If you believe you're a pessimist, you maintain a tendency to put your attention in the negative aspects of being, instead of seeing it all. (Note that, when a person is depressed tends not to see nor realize about the good aspects of her life - of course, to think about comitting suicide doesn't mean you're depressed). 

    I think you're right here, meaning is found in those interaction, but just there? I mean, can't an atheist lonely person, an hypothetical person that decides to live isolated from other for whatever reason give (or found) meaning to his life? Does his path inevitably lead him to comitt suicide? Or does the interaction with oneself count as intersubjective?
    I would say that even theist people give to their life meaning of multiaxial character, though the answers to big theoretical questions such as "why are we here" or "what for" will probably always contain God in them, practically, I doubt that is God which gives that real meaning that work as a life motor. That's of course just my perception... But what I want to point out is that, due to the multiaxial character of meaning, it seems to me quite improbable that all the bonds break down together. However, I've suffered what you described, and although that didn't lead me to think about suicide, I can understand how hard it can be. Ok. Now I understand the problem with meaning. BUT, I insist that this is due to a difficulty to see the whole picture. Imagine you're a monk and, for whatever reason, you stop believing in God's existence, so that's not a bond anymore, and your life seems to end there since you have offered everything to God. I can understand the anxiety, the anguish, the horror. If fact, I think it's inevitable. But we are philosophers (we like to think, reflect, discuss, so we are, and there's no discussion here.. lol xD), we have to be able to value the world that opens for our eyes. Heidegger said that man is a possibility being and, that the only possibility that he cannot avoid is death. So there you can find new meaning(s), exploring those possibilities, choosing, living. Maybe in this emptiness you're when rejecting God the easiest way to go is hedonism: just find pleasure. You will inevitably create binds with time and contact with the world, you'll have to work so you'll meet new people, and based on an hedonist attitude you can enjoy social activities where meet more new people. I think you could enjoy even your solitude, reading, listening to music, writing, masturbating... whatever! But maybe for a monk, there's been enough solitude for the moment

    You'll be given the opportunity to live just once (at least if you believe that there's nothing after dying). It's just casualty, but... isn't it amazing? Think everything you can do just because you are alive! The big difference between life and death is possibility. Life is the scenario and death is the only possibility that kills any other. If you take any choice in life, you can always change no matter how hard this could be; if you decide to end your life, that's it, there's no possibility left, it's over. And think that, you are going to die anyway, so why rush? Life's not so long as it seems to be, so, I think it's better to understand life as an scenario where you can act by trial and error, and where you can enjoy millions of trivial things and activities, rather than understand it like a torture, or horror. This anxiety is just a possibility too, and it could always be there, but it doesn't need to be the only present thing in ones life.
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  13. Sugoi added a post in a topic Exploring Suicide   

    I've never ally understood what the big deal is with the fact that existence is nonsense. So what? I mean, what do we eat more than what we need? Why do we drink soda or beer intead of water?

    To answer to the quote you used by Kung: "What sense does it make to take a single step, if the whole journey's absurd?" > Basically I would answer, why does the jouney has to have a sense, a meaning, an objective. What the journey is itself its own objecive, I walk because I want to walk, because I like walking, I enjoy walking, so, why souldI walk towards an aim? Las year I used to go walking from my town to my aunts, which is about two hours far (walking), and I used to go back home in the subway. Why did I do it? Just because the sights during the whole hike are wonderful, because I enjoy the breeze coming from the sea, etc. I tink I made my point. I really cannot see where the poblem is when you know existence is nothing more than that, just existence.

    Then, existence can be, roughly speaking, good or bad. And no, I'm not talking about having some difficulties in one's life but to hardly make it to mantain that existence. And while this is thus (?), I think we should try to make every existence, every living being's existence o at least every conscious being's exitence, as good as it can be, with had damage to others and blahblah blah... you know all that follows. Jus basic moals

    Just note that I'm not tryin to say it's absurd or stupid to feel horrified, exhausted when dealing with a meaningless being, exisence. I don't think it is, and I've felt that way many times; but I want to add the concept of joy, which makes the concept of meaning less important, I think.
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  14. Sugoi added a post in a topic Exploring Suicide   

    My roommate and I had a lot of talks about this very same topic. I always say, I don't mind dying tomorrow, since nothing will happen once I die. But I enjoy life too much to leave it voluntarily, I like living so, why should I stop it. Sometimes I feel guilty just because I can live, and I can do it properly (I mean I have a place to live, I'm healthy, I eat and I have much more joys than most people in the world), too well in fact. Not few thing happen in my life either taking my age into account, but hard times are there all the time, it's just part of life, and the difficulties of my life are part of me now, as future adversities will be in the future. I don't know if I deserve to live, but I'm alive, so I go on, and as I said, I like it: reading, listening to music, chatting, thinking, eating, drinking, watching the see, taking pics, just being with friends, kisses, sex, hugs, friendship, love, caresses, drugs, colors, laughs, moments, witty comments... there are so many things that stick me to life. 

    But it's late now, so probably I'll give a more extensive and explanatory answer tomorrow. 

    Good night to all of you.

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  15. Sugoi added a post in a topic A bad move in a game with developing chips   

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