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    Learning, teaching, education and the likes
    I greatly respect this forum, I frequent to read your replies and discussions. However, I want to preface this entry with a warning, I am not scholarly, I'm only a homeschooling parent seeking guidance. If I'm in the wrong place, say so.

    I began homeschooling my young sons this year. When we made this choice I kind of assumed I would get some negative feedback from their father (ex-husband) and his public school teacher wife. I have, to the point that it's made me doubt my decision and worry about putting the boys in the middle of such a battle. I began homeschooling using some curriculum and doing unit studies. It was very hard to pretend school at home and motivate my kids. It wasn't enjoyable for me and I know it wasn't for them. Since I know some families that unschool, I got some books and went to a meet-up to see what it was all about. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks and it fits really well with our family and my kids have a lot less stress about 'school'. We don't have a designated school time, learning can take place anytime. This has done some great things like cause my oldest son to inquire on his own initiative and I guide him to find the answers. My youngest loves piano, dancing and building. It's let us focus on these unlike a curriculum would.

    The reason I'm stating all this is because I've been getting posts like this from their step-mom:

    I'd like to explore this. Do children need teachers like she describes? Is it more important in the long run that children are able to be who they are or that they were taught who to be?

    What are some good resources to learn about pedagogy? I've read Montessori, Gatto and Illich, along with many contemporaries.
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