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    A beautiful church in Salzburg
    Just the thought that Amadé himself prayed here as a youngster. Oh! ))
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  2. Darshana added a post in a topic We appear to have lost the climate change "debate"   

    Except when we're talking about global warming we're not just talking about consequences to human life (which in itself is very diverse in its attitudes towards life - it does not limit itself to your pessimistic attitude here, in fact, I think there are a lot of people, the majority, who do consider life worthy of affirmation) but *all* life on earth. Even if it's true that human life isn't worth living, which again I don't think is true at all, what gives us the enormous privilege to decide the fate of all life on earth?

    A little something about your attitude concerning global warming. I've followed quite a lot of your discussions and videos on youtube and I'm starting to explore your contributions here, and you've always struck me as someone with a very severe morality (which I consider a good thing). Yet, when dealing with global warming, this with all due respect seems to go completely out of the window. If it is true that you care deeply about women's rights, about your children, about life in general, then why the disinterested attitude towards global warming? Is it because of the level of abstraction (degrees of temperature, ppm's of CO2 etc.)? A very serious and important MIT-study (Prinn et al.) came out in 2009, which is part of a large collection of studies and a long line of evidence which show that the IPCC-predictions, bad as they may be, are nowhere near grave enough. The study concluded that there is a 95% (!) chance we're heading at least 3,5 deg C by the end of this century. That would have nothing less than "biblical" consequences, probably leading to the collapse of civilization. There's even a 5% probability (which unfortunately isn't negligible) that we're heading for more than 7 deg C, which would certainly translate into a global mass-extinction, something similar to the P-Tr extinction event. By the way, these are temperature projections which stop at 2100, but note that the actual temperatures will continue to rise after that.

    We might as well say an asteroid is heading for earth. And yet, this doesn't seem to resonate with people.

    Why? Is it because of some dark fetish concerning our Armageddon or is it because we simply can't really believe what we know? Or something else?
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  3. Darshana added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Another DeadCanDance recommendation here

    This indeed looks like a very interesting forum!

    My name is Bart Hofsteder. On youtube I go by the user name of vanderbilt887, which is my mother's maiden name. Here I have chosen the user name Darshana, which is an Indian name meaning "philosophy". It seemed appropriate. The avatar depicts an Indian sculpture of Shiva, a true masterpiece.

    I have a wide variety of interests, including but certainly not limited to philosophy of science, of mind, political philosophy, both analytic and continental philosophy, literature, music (predominately classical), physics, biology, climate science, art and AI.

    My adventure with all of this began in the back garden of our old house in a little Dutch village called Exloo, in which I started exploring the world (and according to my mother where I was talking to the violas), and subsequently this expanded to the local forest, the village library, the night sky and the stars themselves. One could say a sense of wonder has always permeated every aspect of my existence. I am in large part an autodidact.

    I have a pretty busy job right now, but I'll try to be quite active on this forum.
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