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  1. Scotty added a post in a topic Tarot   

    I will give an anecdote.  
    When I was a kid, we had a tarot card pack in our "junk" drawer (everybody has one of those right?  Where little things just show up?) and so I decided to give it a try.  It was my "Chariots of the Gods" era, the Uri Geller spoon bending era, and so anything alien or supernatural seemed possible (I was 8).  
    I started reading on how to use the cards, there was a little instruction book in the pack.  I don't remember any details now, but I remember the cards being purple on the back with a circle with a witch and a cauldron with smoke swirling up, all in silhouette.  Odd how I remember.  Images are much stronger for me.
    I told my Mom or she noticed I was using them and she said "Be careful, people take that very seriously."
    But nothing I did seemed to make any sense.  It seemed that I was doomed to die at every turn.  So I gave that up as too depressing.
    My next foray was into palm reading, which said I had a really long life, so I liked that one better.
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  2. Scotty added a post in a topic Movies i've seen...   

    I subtracted 5 from your numbers assuming you were doing 1 out of 10, now they make more sense.
    Although how you could rate Chappie above a 0 is beyond me!
    Birdman 4.5
    Kingsman 3.0
    Ex-Machina 4.0
    Chappie 2.0
    Avengers Age of Ultron 3.0
    Mad Max Fury Road 4.0
    Ant Man 2.5
    Jurrasic World 3.0
    Inside Out 3.5
    Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 3.5
    The Martian 4.0
    Tomorrowland 1.5
    Terminator Genysis 1.5
    American Sniper 1.0
    Man from UNCLE 1.5
    American Ultra 1.0
    Focus 2.0
    Maleficent 1.0
    Exodus Gods and Kings 1.0
    Star Wars TFA: 2.5
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  3. Scotty added a post in a topic 2016 NFL Playoffs - Wildcard Weekend   

    I just assumed the loss was do to a cold foot.
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  4. Scotty added a post in a topic Creation of Life   

    Almost old enough to be saddened by the Santa Revelation?  Or is that much older?  When is that normally done?  2-3?  5-7?
    Michael would know, I am sure of it, time of best Santa Revelation.
    Maybe I should write a story, "The Santa Revelation" for those of us who don't know exactly how to tell kids the sad truth, Santa only drinks Coca Cola.
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  5. Scotty added a comment on a blog entry Victimology   

    I am sorry to hear about any abuse you have taken.  It is far too common that women are abused, and it just seems that no matter how much it is brought to the forefront, it is very common to accuse the victim. 
    Although I can't speak from my own experience of abuse, I can speak to what my wife has gone through.
    Besides physical abuse, the most damaging for her is the mental abuse, and that quote above is exactly what she has gone through.  She doubted herself, and still does.
    All she really wants is a family, and wants the love of her mother and sister.  No amount of "you can't expect love from a crazy person" she still pines over this.  It is especially difficult at the holidays.
    Over time it has gotten better for her, with years and years of therapy (which I have been in on ).
    I am not sure if she will ever get over this, so what I can suggest when dealing with it, is that it helps to talk and get it out.
    If you want to private chat, you are welcome to start a conversation with me.
    Or come up with some other things in this thread and I will do my best with the years of therapy under my belt.
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  6. Scotty added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Very nice to have you back.
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  7. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

     We can of course write a space opera.  Or at least a spacey story.
    More comments on TFA, no tractor beam, I was expecting it and didn't get it.  They copied so much of the first movie, why when they escaped in the Tie Fighter they didn't get tractor beamed as it were (I might have missed a reference though).
    Abrams does not like OSHA standards, there are never any guard rails anywhere.  At least sometimes in the original Star Wars they had railings!
    Star Trek had zero railings too, and looked like the inside of a steam ship.  The flying Titanic.
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  8. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Seemed like it was for die-hard fans for the most part, but again attempting for the lowest common denominator.  Can't have a complex plot, (or any plot) otherwise people might get confused as to who is good and who is bad and who is playing Obi-Wan this time.
    The more I think about it, the worse it is, but that is just me I guess.  If it wasn't exactly the combination of the original movies, I guess I would think it was better, but it was just pandering.  Oh well, why I worry about these things I don't know, just want something good I suppose.
    I really hope you aren't saying that a high Cinemascore or box office records means it is a good movie?
    I am sure it is more to do with marketing and brand loyalty, and director blindness.
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  9. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    Okay, I watched it accidentally on purpose.
    Well, to say it was an exact copy of the first movie wouldn't be totally fair, but it basically was.
    The plot "twists" were telegraphed at least an hour before they happened (in fact I figured them out before I even saw the movie, so 6 months before, that was how obvious they were, no really, I am not kidding).   Pretty much a boring movie.
    They used the same sort of stupidity of experience they did in Star Trek.  I think it is the writers problem because they always have to make their characters better than anybody else's.  It was exactly the same as Star Trek, just with less cocky because their wasn't a cocky involved this time.
    I suppose die-hard fans that can only live with the original story will love it.  The dialog was okay, I will give it that.  Acceptable dialog and acting.
    So if I rated it, probably a C to C+ for a movie in general, as an original Star Wars movie?  F.
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  10. Scotty added a post in a topic Yo! Star Wars!   

    As an original fan, the music being the strongest part in my mind that drew the story together, I expect little.
    Of course maybe this explains it best.
    (besides Hardware Wars: which I saw on 8mm film in class)
    In fact I almost got the license plate QQQQ2, in reference to Hardware Wars.  Plus, there has never been a version that had the lines in it I remembered after they see the SteamTrooper, Fluke asks Augie "How did you do that?" and Augie goes "I have power over weak minds" and Fluke says "I have power over weak minds."  No idea why that was removed!
    Okay, enough of that.
    I expect it will be a record breaker, I have few doubts.  I am sure the reviews will be great and it will be the best Star Wars ever.
    Except I doubt it on a few levels. It is possible JJ (a hack I believe) will do okay, but his lack of ability to convey a story without grandiose effects that are only there to wow you and serve no purpose, leaves me doubting the final product.  With the tendency for the movies to have to reference the old movies by using lines or characters from the original "I have a bad feeling about this", gets really, really, really, extremely old and annoying.  I expect a ton of that, and forced familiarity instead of subtle. 
    We will see though, I actually expect it to be better than the last three by a long shot, I don't think you can screw up that badly, but it is possible.  JJ can direct people when given an opportunity, but if the story lacks it will come out in spades.
    Possibly Laurence Kasdan can make a good story with this.  If so and it isn't all spectacle than I will be pretty happy with that.
    But, I won't go see it in the theaters unless somebody pays for me to see it, which was the case with the last two movies as Phantom Menace (which I went to a first showing at midnight..oddly I just realized somebody paid for that too).
    My annoyance level with the marketing is pretty high, too much merchandise already but I shouldn't expect less from Disney.  
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  11. Scotty added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    Actually you are probably right, that was something I was wondering when looking at the old data in the database and where the posts truncated, but I haven't had time to actually figure out exactly what posts are affected.  It will probably take importing the old database before the upgrade and then doing queries on post sizes from one to the other.  
    The good news is that I have all of the data, and it is all backed up, so nothing is really lost, but being able to recover it is a different matter.
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  12. Scotty added a post in a topic Site update problesm   

    Well, I grabbed a database dump from 2014 (because I save the database every day and just went back as far as I had) and restored it locally and took a look and of course yes, data is horribly missing.
    I don't know exactly what to do about it, I manually edited the "Starmaking" thread and pasted what was in the database from 2014, it didn't paste well, but I was just making a test to see how the data looks in the database after I did that.
    I will try to figure more out, but if I have to figure out which data is missing compared to an old database it could take me months of work to figure out.  I will see if the lovely people who wrote this software have anything to try to fix this.
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  13. Scotty added a post in a topic Explaining Donald Trump   

    I couldn't help but put this quote of from Huckabee from last nights "debate" which was really just trying to get what I called "click bait" on the TV.  I couldn't follow his logic at all,  but I am sure somewhere that makes sense.
    Huckabee: "We made accommodation to the Fort Hood shooter to let him grow a beard. We made accommodations to the detainees at Gitmo — I’ve been to Gitmo, and I’ve seen the accommodations that we made to the Muslim detainees who killed Americans.
    You’re telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected Democrat county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky? What else is it other than the criminalization of her faith and the exaltation of the faith of everyone else who might be a Fort Hood shooter or a detainee at Gitmo?"
    Doesn't this distill down to: "If you are allowed to grow a beard because of your religion when you are in jail, you can also deny rights to people because of your religion if you want, regardless of any laws, when you aren't in jail."
    Because growing a beard denies your face the right of shaving.
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  14. Scotty added a post in a topic Big Charity   

    Did I ever tell you how awesome you are?

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  15. Scotty added a post in a topic Big Charity   

    Wow, that is quite a trailer, have to watch that one. Why does everything seem to be a conspiracy these days?
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