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  1. Diogenes added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    I was known as The Beastmaster 15-20 years ago. But my physique more closely resembled a large hairy beast than Marc Singer.
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  2. Diogenes added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Hello, my long lost lamp. Without you I have been lost in the dark.

    Unfortunately I have only an extremely cursory knowledge of philosophy and philosophers. And rather than a true Cynic like my namesake, I'm more aligned with Stoicism.
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  3. Diogenes added a post in a topic What technology do you use?   

    I live in "Green Country", Northeast Oklahoma, where the grass grows six inches a week if it gets any rain at all. There are 24 trees over 5" in diameter inside my yard fence, including several 50 foot tall oak trees and a number of 30-40 foot tall hickory and black walnut trees. Outside the fence but still on the property there are hundreds of trees, including a 65 foot cottonwood and a 60 foot pecan tree. The region lives up to it's nickname. It also takes quite a bit of labor to keep nature from completely taking over. And some relatively crude labor-saving technology.
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  4. Diogenes added a post in a topic What technology do you use?   

    I agree on chainsaws. But a sharp chain is hard to beat. Last year a 50' tall hickory tree blew over onto the wooden tub that I live in. I had sold my trusty Homelite chainsaw to the barnbuilder just a few months before. So, I went out to the local MegaHomeundGarden store about bought a McCulloch 20" and proceeded to whack away at that hickory giant. It was entirely too much work. It almost seemed like I was having to saw it by hand with a noisy motor running distraction. The grass on that side of the tub still hasn't recovered from being deluged by my voluminous perspiration.

    I did manage to get the tree off my tub that day, but decided to get the chain sharpened before completing the monumental task, a task only tackled after I discovered the insurance deductable for "wind damage" was 1% of the valuation of my tub. The next day, armed with a newly sharpened chain, I went about the task of cutting the tree into fireplace-sized pieces. That thing went through that hickory, one of the hardest of hardwoods, like it was melted butter. What a difference a sharp edge makes.
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  5. Diogenes added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

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  6. Diogenes added a post in a topic What technology do you use?   

    My Kubota is a BX1500, a 15 horsepower 600cc 2-cylinder diesel, the smallest real tractor they make. It has a front-end loader, a 48" mid-mounted mower, a three-point hitch for attachments, and mid- and rear PTOs. It is four wheel drive with power steering and pedal-controlled hydrostatic drive, making it fun and easy to use. I have yet to encounter anything that I needed it to do that it wouldn't do, from moving a 20 inch diameter hickory log to pushing over trees as large as 3 inches in diameter to moving dirt and gravel, not to mention mowing several acres. It's so cool, I wish I had bought one years ago.
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  7. Diogenes added a post in a topic What is it like or would be like to be a parent?   

    I'll put it like I put it to a friend of mine that asked me the question because he and his wife were considering having children: if you are happy with your life now, like sleeping in on days off, in fact, even getting sleep, or staying up late and partying with your friends, doing what you want when you want, don't have children because if you do, everything about your life will change when you do. That is completely true if you care about them at all. You will change nearly everything about yourself, what care about, what you do, who you hang out with, and how you behave for them.
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  8. Diogenes added a post in a topic What technology do you use?   

    What technology do I use? A sharpened stick. I like them better than dull rounded sticks. They poke and provoke much more efficiently.

    Actually, I'm somewhat a Luddite. I only have 3 computers at home, one of them is a bit out of date, a five year old Gateway 700 MHz, but it is so stripped of proprietary software it is often the fastest of the three. One for my daughter, one for my wife, and one for me alone. Yippee!

    I just did an upgrade on my lawncare equipment, a Kubota diesel tractor. It mows the tall weeds and grass without even slowing down. Grrrr!
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  9. Diogenes added a post in a topic Sweet, Juicy, Fresh Ripe Peaches   

    What about apples? They store them in huge climate-controlled warehouses in Washington state. All you can buy at the grocers are last year's crop, or maybe even the previous year's crop. That's why I love the New Zealand apples that I only find in season, which is opposite of the northern hemisphere's season.
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  10. Diogenes added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    They may not know it, but a few members here wrote me suggesting I'd be welcome here. So, here I am.
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  11. Diogenes added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Sometimes I feel like Diogenes of Sinope, seeking one honest man (or woman) [to be friends with].
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  12. Diogenes added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    I am Diogenes, a citizen of no nation or state. I wander about looking for one honest man. I'm also half-crazed and apt to expose myself at the slightest provocation. Just a warning. Some of you may know me by other names at different fora, but for now I choose to keep that to myself, only revealing myself to that one honest person.
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