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    The Everday of Humanity: a philosophical outlook

    I would like to introduce a science fiction book I've written. It is free to get on Amazon for the next five days:

    It is not a novel (no characters, no plot), but not an academic treatise either. It is an encyclopedia of a (future?) world: an alphabetic list of articles - customs, inventions, words, ideas, fears and joys. Perhaps it is best described as a utopia, though it tries hard to avoid any kind of self-conceited soapiness. Every concept is born, raised, cherished, attacked and dismissed from all thinkable angles.

    It is densely written, full of weird notions, idiosyncratic vocabulary, and cross-links. It takes some effort to read into, but I think it rewards the reader. I spent five years on it and I enjoyed writing it immensely.

    Some of the topics it touches:
    Poetry, and art in general
    Low-level social organization
    Perhaps most importantly, it explores existential motivation: the already-looming issue of how and why be productively happy (or be at all!) once the social imperative of status-seeking becomes as weakened and optional as, before it, were the concerns of material survival. I can't claim to even approach the answer for this one, but at least I was able to formulate the question.

    I will be happy to discuss anything you find interesting. Thanks for your time!
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  2. Kai Teorn added a comment on a blog entry Aroused by a Cartoon? Part II   

    There's a biological theory of handicap ( that tries to explain such cases. Basically the reasoning goes, if she was able to survive and mature with such serious obstructions to the basic life functions (breathing and eating), she must possess really outstanding vitality to outbalance these handicaps, and therefore I want to produce my offspring with her. It doesn't work for eyes, however, perhaps because we don't perceive seeing as the same kind of boring-but-necessary biological necessity as breathing or eating; seeing is exciting, so for eyes it's "the more the merrier"; similarly, large animal-like ears are common in "cosplay".
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