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  1. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic A Post of Concern   

    I want to say sorry first to anyone that I've talked to recently that has gotten upset by anything I've said; whatever it may have been. What I've said so far has been my opinion on different matters or merely posted for the point of discussion. I'm don't mean to troll and if that's what I've been doing I will try and stop. I didn't post for the purpose of getting people upset or trying to shut down the site as Scotty is now thinking of doing. If I've offended you or anything please tell me! I want this site to continue on, I love you all.
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  2. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    Davey, I'm not trying to say the Haitian people deserved what happened to them and their country. That isn't for me to say. I was just trying to state what I know about why the country of Haiti changed so much. Maybe I am wrong, but you would probably have to go and talk to the people yourself to determine whether they are wrong or not. That is the story I have for explaining what happened to the country to transform it to such an extent. There might be a different one but so far I have not heard it. I will however keep my ears and eyes open for different views.
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  3. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    First off, will someone please clarify for me when we stated that Haitians were being punished for their actions of the past by having natural disasters and such happen to their country?

    Bear with me please I'm going to try and write this calmly; I really do love you all and don't want to hurt you. Scotty, I'm really sorry about your sister. I don't know why she thought God was punishing her when she was dying. Personally I don't think God meant for her to see it that way. Some people die before others, and it's definitely not always fair who gets to lead a longer life and who doesn't.

    I'm going to try and clear up the Haiti issue here. To start let me say that I grew up on the Dominican Republic which is Haiti's neighbor (they are on the same island). I lived there for roughly 11 years of my life and the last 4 years I was there I lived along the Haitian border (literally 5 minutes drive away). (I didn't move to Canada till just over a year ago.) During the four years that I lived along the border in the last few you could start to see changes happen in the land. It went from being like a desert with almost no vegetation, rain about 2-4 months in the year with almost nothing inbetween, and small rivers, to a greener landscape with bigger rivers (some of the rivers close to my house started flooding their banks), and rain coming nearly every month. Why I'm telling you this probably doesn't make sense at the moment but let me explain.
    A few months after the big earthquake in Haiti, I started taking trips into the capital city of Port-au-Prince with my dad to see if we could do anything to help. So yes, Davey, I do know first hand you might say of some of the destruction caused there which I won't go into detail on. Whenever we went in we stayed with some Haitian friends of ours, and where asking a little about their history. What I shared before is what the Haitian people themselves told me and I have more than one source.
    When the Haitians were fighting for liberty from the French rule they were losing the war. So the leaders of the Haitian side made a pact with the devil and said that if they won the war they would serve him for 200 years. They won the war and therefore went about fulfilling their end of the bargain. Haiti turned from the 'jewel of the Caribbean' as stated by Columbus to a near wasteland. The pact ended in 2004 and that is when the weather began to change. I think lots of the flooding that went on was due to the fact that the land wasn't used to rain; all the soil got washed away because of it.
    In my opinion God has not been punishing Haiti but trying to get the people's attention. He wants them to follow him. After the earthquake there were two national prayer days called in Haiti that I know of. Two different days when Haitian people gathered in any park of other meeting area they could find to talk to God. I was in the country when the first one of these happened though I did not go to it.
    Does that clear anything up? I can continue this if I have to. Discussion is fine by me, please just understand what I am trying to tell you hear. I'm not trying to force anything on you or make an argument. I simply meant to answer Davey plea for an explanation.
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  4. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    Thanks for the viewpoint Michael. I agree with a lot of what you said.

    And to everyone else who has posted on here or is maybe thinking about it. What is the point about getting into a big debate/argument about this if it isn't true as so many of you claim? Just throwing that out there.
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  5. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    That is a good point. We are so used to receiving all of these things daily that we start taking them for granted; even things like rain. Haiti lost their rain for a long period of time because they promised to serve the devil for a hundred years if they won the war against the French. That time period ended just a few years ago and that is why now Haiti is getting rain. We should put our trust in God to provide for us.
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  6. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    In the beginning..... He made us adn gave us the world to live in. He didn't leave us without provisions or a means to survive; he gave us everything we needed.
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  7. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic 4 Questions   

    To answer the very first question I think it is our soul that goes to heaven. When Jesus is talking about people forsaking their family and everyone they know essentially, I think he means that he wants to be the first one in our life. He wants to be number one and be loved above everybody and everything else, that's why the Bible calls him jealous. He still wants us to love and respect other people he just wants to be above everything else in our lives.
    When he's talking about it being easier for the poor to get into heaven than the rich, I'm thinking he's meaning poor in spirit.Or humble instead of proud.

    That's what comes to mind when I read these questions.
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  8. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic 4 Questions   

    Peter, I have to admit you have some good questions here. I don't know where the Creator came from, what level of complexity he is, or if he has always existed. I would really like to know the answer to those questions myself actually. Just because I believe something doesn't mean that I don't have my own questions about it. If I didn't I would probably be in a heap of trouble.

    My life is temporary, I'm going to die someday of this I have few doubts. I think heaven will be forever. I don't really want to imagine it on Earth because of all the bad things that happen here almost daily. I'd prefer heaven not to involve rape, murder, abduction, etc.

    Alvira, my belief that Heaven where I'm going after death does not mean that it is supreme over all other ideas/beliefs. It's just what I think. And my thinking has been proven to be wrong before.

    I'm giving my answers to the questions. And listening to the answers others give. If what I believe is false I want to find what is true and go after that instead.
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  9. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic 4 Questions   

    I have been asked for my own answers to these questions and therefore I'm finally deciding to post them.
    1. I believe that the human race being one of, if not the most complex organism on the planet, could not attain that complexity just through evolving. Especially if that evolving was from nothing. I believe we have a Creator.
    2. I believe we function according to the way we were designed by our Creator.
    3. The major flaw in my view, and the one that is possibly the biggest debate constantly rotating, is what if there is no Creator? I want to believe the truth. So far my belief has made me happy and given me assurance in my life and where I will be going afterwards.
    4. I believe I will be going to heaven.

    I hope that all made sense to everyone. I am following this thread for the purpose of learning what other people think, not to force myself on others.
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  10. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic 4 Questions   

    It's really great to see everyone's different answers in here, makes me think.
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  11. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Oh? You are going to legally change it?
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  12. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Haha indeed! We have the most random conversations......
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  13. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    I loved you before.
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  14. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic How did you get here?   

    Heard about it from a my friend Alvira, went into the cafe met a few people and have been on ever since. This place is amazing keep it up!
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  15. PiecesofAeris added a post in a topic What books are you reading now?   

    I'm not reading much at the moment, mainly working on the Twilight series. I'll try and post about other books as I go.

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