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  • Real name: Michael R. Jefferis
  • Interests: Like to read, walk, bicycle, surf the waves of the Internet; love music -- most stuff written during the last 1000 years. Not fond of rap and R&B. I hated every philosophy class I tried in Extension. Odd, that.
  • About me: Happily retired social services worker - that is, grateful to be out of the workforce. More to the point, thrilled to not have to deal with anal retentive bosses and fellow workers. What drives one crazy? It's not the clients, it's the staff.

    I fan the flames of discontent when I get a chance. If you can't fan the flames of discontent, at least don't join the fire department.

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  1. 123xyz added a post in a topic Is Christian Anarchism an oxymoron?   

    I don't care, in this context, whether anyone is Christian or not, or what they think being Christian means. Yes there are varieties of anarchism, some of which are roosts for crazies, and some (for instance, anarco-syndicalism) which fit in well with other revolutionary strands. But the thing is, you don't have to choose between Christianity OR anarchism OR socialism OR what have you.

    For one thing, the revolution isn't going to spring out of the wood work and catch you by surprise. You won't have to abruptly choose one over the other. People won't change after the revolution: The revolution will happen when people have changed. If you want to incorporate Christian practice and faith into the disestablishment of the state and the corporation, the redistribution of wealth, the socialization of production and distribution, the decentralization of social decision making -- and so on, go right ahead. A revolution which can't tolerate people of faith (whatever that faith is) is going to be too narrowly dogmatic. I wouldn't want to live there.

    There is a streak of wildness in a variety of religious experiences, and that is true of Christianity. (Its a streak: The early church congealed and became institutionalized fairly soon -- and it needed to, of course. Wildness very quickly became a problem, like it does in all organized movements, and it doesn't take long.)

    One can read religious texts, like Jesus, and derive inspiration to become a radical. Your first and most forceful opposition in this style of reading the Gospels will not come from the anarchists or communists, it will come from the church. So, you might have to dispense with parts of the church. Feel free.
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    This was supposed to go in with the other introductions. It didn't Didn't see any other way of opening a text box. Maybe a moderator would be so kind as to put it there.

    I am now "older." Not "old" yet, but getting there: 64. Definitely wiser. I look forward to Medicare. It's good to get older, otherwise one is dead. I'm a gay man, but that seems to be amounting to less and less as time goes on. I used to be single, then I was not. Our 30 year relationship ended in death from cancer. Such things happen. I miss Bob. I'm about as much a radical leftist as I am a faggot. I don't do much about it anymore. I would, but so little is happening these days on the left.

    I chose a neutral handle, 123xyz. &@#$ would have been more neutral, but it's hard to pronounce. I could have included my name, but there are probably hundreds of Michael or Mike, and it gets confusing.

    I'm from Minnesota and have lived here pretty much always. Bad idea. One should get out more. Michele Bachmann does not represent me in Congress, merciful god. I wouldn't be altogether unhappy if a truck ran over her and Tim Pawlenty at the same time. On the other hand, she might make a good presidential candidate for the Republicans. She doesn't think so, but in fact she is both stupid and a lunatic. And mean, at heart. Tim Pawlenty is mostly just mean. And he's a traitor to his working class - iron mining - roots.

    I've passed 3200 posts on another philosophy forum, not that that means much.
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